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My Phone Battery Charges Too Fast! Why? (SOLVED-2024)

my phone battery charges too fast

“My phone battery charges too fast! Why?!”

Though it’s not the most common complaint, there are various potential reasons as to why your phone battery may be charging very quickly.

Reasons for a battery charging very quickly include:

  • A new phone or charger– It is completely normal for your phone battery to charge more quickly if either your phone or charger is newly purchased.

  • A charger with a higher voltage rating– have you purchased a charger which has a higher voltage than your previous model?

  • Have you perhaps activated a fast charging feature on your phone?

The above are all common reasons that you should keep in mind when experiencing strange instances of fast charging.

On the other hand, it is also possible that your phone may start to charge too fast if the battery life is dwindling or has other issues.

As such, there can be some valid cause for worry if you have an older phone which has suddenly begun to charge very quickly.

When your battery charges too quickly and drains at almost the same speed, that may be a warning sign indicating there is a serious fault with your device.

It could mean that your phone battery is badly damaged and in need of replacement.

Below, we will take a detailed look at the possible reasons for your phone all of a sudden charging very quickly.

You’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the possible causes of this issue, so that you can identify what the problem may be with your own device.

If your phone battery is suddenly charging rapidly, it is of utmost importance for your device’s safety to diagnose and fix the problem ASAP before your phone begins to exhibit any other troubling symptoms!

Why is My Phone Charging so Fast?

Why is My Phone Charging so Fast

If your phone is charging so quickly to the point that it surprises or even worries you, it’s actually quite possible that you may have simply enabled fast charging without realizing it!

Other than that, you will find other possible reasons why your phone battery is charging too fast below:

1. Airplane Mode Activated

If you notice that your phone is charging fast, you should check if Airplane Mode is turned on.

Turning on Airplane Mode means that your Wifi and mobile data won’t work (it also turns off the cell signals).

What that means is that your battery can charge faster since your phone doesn’t need to work as hard as it usually does when those features are running full-time!

2. Switching Off Your Phone Before Charging

Switching Off Your Phone Before Charging

If you turn off your phone before charging it, this will mean there are no apps running in the background on the device during the charging process.

Since there are no battery-draining features turned on at all, your phone gets to keep every bit of juice it receives!

As a result, the battery will charge faster than it normally would when the phone is switched on.

If you have recently begun turning your phone off when charging, this could be the reason it is suddenly charging faster.

3. Using Wall Sockets

Your phone charger is more powerful when it is plugged directly into a wall socket.

When you use a charger connected to a wall socket, it will usually charge faster than if you are using a secondary device as a source of power.

Compared to cable charging with your computer or car charger, you will notice a considerable increase in the charging speed when you connect your adapter directly to a power outlet!

4. High-quality Charging Cable

When you first bought your phone, it most likely came with a brand new charger which provided excellent charging performance.

However, your charger’s performance may eventually start to reduce due to wear and tear over time. When this happens, you may need to buy a new charger to continue enjoying fast charging speeds.

If you buy a charger with a high-quality cable, your phone will begin charging with more speed.

Whether you purchase a high-speed cable or a regular cable, a high-quality model will always outperform a cheaper, basic option.

5. The Fast Charging Feature is Turned On

The most recent smartphone models come with a pretty handy fast-charging function. There is a significant likelihood that this feature may be turned on by default.

If you were not aware of this feature or that it has automatically been enabled, you may be confused as to why your phone is charging so quickly!

You can easily check your phone settings and turn the feature off if you are not comfortable with the charging speed.

6. Damaged Battery

Bad batteries are known to charge quicker than those that are functioning normally. At the same time, they also drain at a very fast rate!

If you plug in your phone when the battery is at 25%, a damaged battery could go from that to 80% in less than 15 minutes.

However, when you stop charging, it could then go back to zero in less than an hour.

If this is the case with your device, it is best to change the faulty battery if you suspect this is the reason for this extra fast charging and loss of power.

7. Fast Charging at Lower Temperatures

Fast Charging at Lower Temperatures

Your phone battery will charge more efficiently at room temperature.

Smartphones come with lithium-ion batteries, which do not perform well in extreme heat but may charge very quickly at low-temperature levels.

A markedly low temperature will distort the battery’s cell composition, causing a change in the charging flow when you plug into a wall socket or other power source.

Is It Bad That My Phone Charges Fast?

It is not necessarily a bad thing if your phone charges quickly- unless of course, it’s a sign that your battery is starting to develop a fault!

If you find that the rapid charging is due to a special charging feature, then just try to relax and enjoy the benefits.

Your phone manufacturer understands the issues that may come with fast charging your battery every time, and has definitely put measures into the system to regulate and correct any problems.

One problem with phones designed for fast charging is the heat they emit when plugged into a power source.

High temperatures are not good for your phone battery, as it can reduce their lifespan and cause operational damage in the long run.

Faulty fast charging on your phone may not have any immediate detrimental impact, but eventually, your battery may die much sooner than those that charge normally.

Your smartphone battery will charge according to its circuit capacity. This is one of the ways phone manufacturers use to optimize battery health.

Your phone will fast charge and generate heat until it reaches a certain percentage of charged battery.

Following that, it will charge more slowly until the battery is at full capacity. Your phone will then begin charging slower in order to reduce heat emission (which we’ve already established isn’t great for the health of the battery).

How Do I Stop Fast Charging?

How Do I Stop Fast Charging

As discussed above, fast charging is usually nothing to worry about unless it is deriving from a fault in the device or charger.

However, if you would prefer to stop your phone battery from fast charging, there are a few things you can do.

The first thing to do is to disable any fast charging feature on your phone.

This feature may be active by default, and up to this point, you may have had no idea it was even switched on!

To disable the feature, follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings on your phone and find the Battery option, where you will see everything that relates to battery management.

  • Disable the Fast Charging option.

If you cannot find the fast charging option in your settings then your device probably doesn’t have this feature.

This means your phone is fast charging for another reason that you will now need to identify.

Another way to stop your phone from fast charging is to make sure that you do not allow your phone battery to drain completely.

It is best to keep your phone battery level above 10% before charging. 

This is because a phone will consume more power to recharge the battery if its level is too low at the time of charging.

Subsequently, this drawing of more power will cause the phone to charge quicker to make up the power deficit.

Finally, you should avoid using incompatible or cheap chargers.

Despite there being literally millions of chargers available on the market at all sorts of price points, only the genuine branded one that comes with your phone is completely ideal for charging it.

However, if you have to get another one, try to find and buy a good-quality charger that will work for your phone brand.

When you buy and use cheaper and incompatible charging models, they may charge your phone battery more quickly than usual- but can also cause more harm overall.

In Conclusion

If you have been wondering, “Why does my phone battery charge so fast?”, there is usually no need to worry (except when you have an older phone or have discovered an obvious fault!).

In the majority of cases, a phone battery charging quickly is a feature of your device which is there purely for the user’s benefit.

Your phone needs an adequate level of power to function optimally. As such, it is perfectly okay to let your phone charge quickly!

Fast charging ensures that you can use your phone easily and quickly whenever you need it, so that you’re never left without your all-important device.

Just like us, smartphones consist of pretty complex anatomy. Take a close look HERE at all the vital components that make up a modern-day smartphone!

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