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Should I Get A New Phone Or Replace The Battery? (Best Advice- 2022)

should i get a new phone or replace the battery

Is your phone becoming less reliable because the battery life is failing? 

A phone which keeps dying or doesn’t function properly can cause an annoying disruption to everyday life.  

Nowadays, we use our phones in almost every aspect; from finding answers online and making purchases, to navigating with GPS, our phones need to be working for us through the day and night.

However, if you’re currently pondering, “Should I get a new phone or replace the battery?” There are definitely many things that you need to consider.

The best course of action depends upon the current condition of your phone. 

If there are no other issues with your device apart from the battery health, then a simple battery replacement at a legitimate repair shop will definitely be cheaper than buying a new phone. 

However, if you have noticed other major or minor issues with your phone which don’t involve the battery, then you may want to consider purchasing a new phone.

Buying a new phone obviously costs more money than simply replacing a battery. 

Nevertheless, if you have already changed the battery on your device previously or have been using your phone for over two years, it may be time to consider buying a new model.

Read below for more detailed tips and hints surrounding getting a new phone, replacing your battery, and what you should consider in each process! 

Arguments For: Getting A New Phone

Arguments For: Getting A New Phone

Most people will naturally elect for the option of changing a phone’s battery first because it is much cheaper and easier to do. 

However, it may not be the best idea if the phone’s faulty performance is what has ruined the lithium ion battery in the first place! 

If this is the case, it will only be a matter of time before the new battery starts losing its original capacity too quickly as well.

It may be better and more effective in the long run to buy a new phone in certain situations, rather than replace the battery.

If your present phone is outdated, this is an excellent time to consider whether the time has finally come to change it. 

Replacing the battery of an obsolete phone is not advisable in the long run! 

Outdated phones probably won’t get the latest software updates for much longer, or are already missing some key beneficial features present in more modern versions. 

If you’re no longer receiving software updates, you will miss out on any improvements that your phone manufacturer provides.

It’s important to determine whether changing the battery will only solve a portion of the issues you are currently experiencing with your phone, whether they’re problems with the screen, keyboard, buttons, or other software/hardware components.

It could be that some applications no longer function properly at all! Whatever it is, buying a new phone may be a better option than replacing the battery of a faulty device. 

There are also certain malicious programs that can drain the battery levels of your phone.

If you think that your Android phone may have been infected by a virus, consider having a phone repair technician take a look at your device. 

If there are viruses detected which cannot be removed completely on an older phone, it’s probably easiest just to dump the device and pick up a new one.

Finally, are those attractive features that first compelled you to buy the phone fast declining? 

Features such as camera quality, size, and operating system can all attract people to buy certain phone models. 

If your phone has lost its key features and has functionality issues, it may be best to upgrade to a new device that fits your requirements and desires. 

Of course, changing your phone regardless of the situation costs money. 

However, if you can afford to pick up a new device, it may be the best option financially in the long-term. 

After all, replacing your battery won’t do much if the phone is already compromised!

You may end up paying for the cost of a new battery and still find yourself needing to buy a completely new phone in the near future anyway.

Arguments For: Changing The Battery

Arguments For Changing The Battery

Most smartphone batteries will last for at least two years’ worth of charge cycles before you need to replace them. 

The typical experience is that batteries work efficiently in the first year, but as the phone ages the battery’s efficiency also begins to decline. 

When this happens, your Android or iPhone’s battery may start to drain quicker. This is a normal occurrence, and you do not necessarily have to change the battery at this point. 

However, if your phone battery doesn’t last up to eight hours after charging your phone fully, then it may be time to start considering replacing it.

If you use your phone excessively through playing highly intensive games, or are often on video calls, your battery will of course drain faster!

That by itself doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a battery problem. Nevertheless, if your phone keeps dying quicker than you can reasonably expect- especially after a full charge– maybe it’s time for you to replace the battery.

Replacing your phone battery will probably cost you a lot less money when compared to the cost of buying a new device. 

The phone brand and model usually determine the battery’s price, so some models will be more expensive than others.

However, the days when all you needed to do when replacing your phone battery was to get a new one of the same type and brand and change it yourself are rapidly disappearing. 

These days, you will find that most phones have inbuilt and not removable batteries. 

That means you cannot just open the case and replace the battery manually yourself without voiding your warranty! 

If you do force the phone casing loose, you may end up causing significant damage to the device. At that point, you will find yourself having to replace the entire phone! 

Therefore, it’s best to allow professional phone technicians or an authorized service such as the Apple Store to handle the task of replacing inbuilt batteries. 

An additional advantage to this is that they may not charge you extra for the replacement services when you purchase the battery from them!

How to Know When Your Phone’s Battery Is Ready for Replacement

How to Know When Your Phone's Battery Is Ready for Replacement

Here are some ways to know if you should go ahead to replace your phone’s battery:

Quick Discharge

When you charge your battery to maximum capacity, how many hours does it last before you need to charge it again? 

A good, healthy battery should last around eight hours from the last complete charge. 

Your battery can drain more quickly depending on what you do with your phone. 

For instance, some mobile applications will use more power than others. Additionally, using mobile data and hotspots will drain your battery faster. 

Aside from these situations, if you find your phone always dies on you even if you’ve barely used it- it may be time to change the battery. 

The Battery Is Never Fully Charged 

The Battery Is Never Fully Charged 

Ever plug in your phone to charge- and even after eight to ten hours later, the charging still isn’t complete? 

That is a classic sign of a weak battery. 

To test the battery’s capacity to store power, allow your phone to drain completely and then charge it until it is full. 

Provided your phone charger isn’t faulty, a good battery should charge fully in around four to six hours.

Therefore, if your phone takes too long to charge or if the battery charging is never complete, that may be your clue to replace it ASAP!

Hot Or Swollen Batteries

Regardless of how much you may ignore it, you really shouldn’t dismiss the following sign. 

It’s possible for your phone battery to still work quite well even when it’s hot or swollen. However, it’s still a problem that should be addressed quickly. 

Using a swollen battery indefinitely may become harmful to your phone, and a hot or swollen battery is also a potential safety hazard due to the (albeit small) risk of explosion. 

If your phone has a hot or swollen battery, it’s a clear sign that it’s done with its life cycle and needs replacement. If you notice this, change the battery as soon as you can! 

Reduced Battery Health

Reduced Battery Health

You will find that some phones can show the current health status of the battery. 

Go to the settings on your phone to find out whether your device has this feature as well. If the battery health is less than 50%, then it’s already a weak battery and will only get worse from there. 

Try to replace the battery before it reaches 10% capacity to avoid the battery suddenly dying on you, as this may leave you stranded without service.

Aging Phone

The battery won’t be as effective as it once was when your phone inches over that two year old mark. This is normal! 

There’s no rule saying that you have to wait until the battery gives out before replacing it. Change the battery, continue enjoying your phone to its max potential!

In Conclusion

Getting a new phone is not cheap, yet replacing the battery may not be a lasting solution. 

Nevertheless, you may find yourself having to make a choice between these two options- it’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place! 

Your final decision all depends on what you want, and the current state of your device. 

If your phone doesn’t function properly and all you can afford right now is to replace the battery, then you should go ahead down that route. Only look into a new phone once you feel more financially stable.

Getting a new phone is the most certain method of dealing with any problems you are having with your current device. 

If you find yourself continually frustrated and inconvenienced by your phone’s functionality, it’s time to act!

If you have been struggling with the question “Should I get a new phone or replace the battery?” Hopefully the points we have discussed in the article above can help you to make the best decision.

Just like us, smartphones consist of a pretty complex anatomy. Take a close look HERE at all the vital components that make up a modern-day smartphone!

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