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Do Phone Chargers Die? (Facts Revealed! 2024)

do phone chargers die

We have become so dependent on smartphones to help us with our daily activities that it’s a total nightmare for most people to discover that their charger has stopped working.

The moment we realize our electrical lifeline is gone, we immediately begin dreading the moment our smartphone battery is going to run out.

But what causes a phone charger to stop working suddenly?

Do phone chargers die?

Phone chargers can indeed ‘die’, and the reasons for their demise can include factors such as:

  • Age and general wear and tear
  • Inferior build quality
  • Improper maintenance
  • Excessive number of charge cycles

There is a great deal of online talk about the performance of phone chargers- likely because the charger is an essential mobile accessory that determines whether a smartphone can be used for a long time!

Without a working phone charger, we’d be unable to maintain contact with friends, colleagues, or family when the battery level inevitably runs out.

In this article, we have answers to some of the most heated discussions where it pertains to phone chargers and just how long these crucial smartphone accessories tend to last!

How Long Do Phone Chargers Last?

Let’s begin by clearing up the questions of whether phone chargers have a specific time limit of usage.

The truth is that every type of equipment that is connected to technology unfortunately has a limited lifespan.

As a seasoned smartphone user, you will be well aware that we cannot use the same mobile phone forever. At some point- usually due to several contributing factors- you will need to replace your phone.

The same goes for a phone charger as well.

However, the frequency at which you change your phone charger depends on the quality of the product you are using, and how you handle it.

Generally, if you want a phone charger that lasts the longest amount of time, it’s best to choose a model sold by your phone’s manufacturer.

When it comes to chargers made by third-party companies, there are both excellent and low-quality chargers available on the market.

Chargers that are rated as having exceptional build can probably last for several years when used correctly. On the other hand, a low-quality phone charger might last for only a few weeks or less.

Generally, you will receive the level of product you pay for!

Even when the main charging unit may still be working, the connections and cable can stop functioning due to the low-quality materials used to create them.

Therefore it’s definitely recommended that you only use genuine or high quality phone chargers when possible.

They can last for several years, giving you value for money and ensuring that your phone’s battery isn’t damaged by a rogue product!

Do Phone Chargers Go Bad?

Do Phone Chargers Go Bad

Yes, phone chargers can die due to several factors.

In this section, we’ll go through a few of the other factors that can cause a charger to die over time- as well as clue you in on which part of the charger wears out especially quickly.

(We’re using the term ‘die’ to  refer to the point at which a phone battery can no longer charge a phone. This happens when the battery cannot store electrical energy in its cells anymore. No phone chargers were harmed in the making of this article.)

So, what can cause phone chargers to stop working?

It really depends on a variety of factors we’ve mentioned a bit earlier, such as a charger’s quality or the way you use it.

In addition to the poor quality of a product, another common issue is dust or dirt that can clog up the essential connectors in the charger.

Any debris that is stuck on tiny crevices can prevent essential components from connecting properly- resulting in a charger that no longer works.

Power fluctuations can also ruin your phone charger by literally shorting out the device. Consequently, it will stop functioning as it’s supposed to!

Additionally, removing and plugging a phone charger too many times in a short period can also damage it. This usually happens when too many people in one household share one phone charger.

Chargers generally have fragile cables that don’t withstand wear and tear too well. Therefore, if you repeatedly twist the cable during use, it may reach a breaking point pretty quickly.

So, from what we’ve discussed in this section, some of the best ways to keep your charger working as long as possible is by handling it carefully, keeping it away from dirt and dust, and making sure that it’s not shared by too many people!

How Do I Know If My Charger Is Damaged?

How Do I Know If My Charger Is Damaged

A damaged or broken phone charger can pose significant safety risks to users. 

To prevent this hazardous situation, we’ve listed some warning signs below which will let you know if your charger is damaged and needs to be changed.

It may be difficult to know if your charger needs to be replaced by just looking at it, as there may not always be obvious signs of damage on the device.

However, one of the first things to look out for are clues such as frayed segments or ends of the cable.

The cable can become frayed from constant use, and it happens even more quickly if multiple people use the phone charger. They’re a clear indication that you should consider changing your phone charger ASAP.

Also look out for signs such as folds near the ends of the cable, which indicate that the wires inside might be bent.

A loose connection is another way to determine whether your charger is damaged. This happens when the connection between your device and the connectors of the charger is not secure due to being worn out.

In any situation, the easiest way to check whether a phone charger is working is by checking it with multiple devices.

This is something that always works, and is an easy initial troubleshooting technique you can safely carry out without any professional expertise.

When Do You Need to Replace Phone Chargers?

When Do You Need to Replace Phone Chargers

A phone charger is an essential component when it comes to using smartphones. A charger keeps your phone functioning, and brings it back to life when the battery runs out.

Due to its importance, many companies now manufacture third-party replacement chargers and make them available online.

Therefore, it’s a pretty easy task to purchase a new charger, even if the original manufacturer doesn’t ship a charger with a new phone (looking at you, Apple).

Reckless handling or overuse by multiple people can result in damage to the charger- just like any other electronic accessory.

If your charger is damaged, you really have two choices: Fix it, or purchase a new phone charger!

Here are some pointers to help you decide:

Charger No Longer Charges Your Phone’s Battery

This is the most common sign of a fault you will notice while using a charger.

It’s pretty futile to own a charger that can no longer charge your phone’s battery.

In these situations, the only thing to do is to replace it with a new one! When you do, be sure to check that the new charger you have bought meets the amp requirements of your phone.

Damaged Charger Parts (Such As An USB Port)

This is unlikely to happen unless you often remove the cable from the adapter to use it somewhere else.

Constantly moving the charger’s components around may eventually ruin the charger’s USB port by creating a loose connection.

You may be able to fix this by purchasing and using a new cable.

However, this hack still might fail if the new cable cannot establish a secure and stable connection.

If that’s the case, your phone will no longer be able to be charged, and it’d be best to buy a whole new charger at this point.

Slow Charging Speed

A faulty or broken charging cable can be a primary reason behind slow charging.

If the cable you are using is new or is in good condition, then the charging speed will fall to the performance of your charger.

If you observe that your phone’s battery is charging more slowly than expected, try using another adapter (if you have one) to check whether the cable or adapter is the issue.

If another cable works, that means you need a new phone charger. If it doesn’t, that means you just need a new cable!

In any case, you may want to consider replacing your charger if you have been using it for too long as the charging efficiency is bound to decrease as time goes by.

How To Troubleshoot A Phone Charger When You Notice Faults

How To Troubleshoot A Phone Charger When You Notice Faults

Chargers, like many other mobile accessories, do not last forever.

They are one of the consistent expenses you may want to budget for as a mobile phone user. However, not all faults need to end with replacing your phone charger.

Some contend that manufacturers intentionally provide low-quality cables which are lower cost and allow them to sell the chargers more cheaply.

If this is true, it’s both good and bad.

After all, cheap chargers can provide temporary relief for people who cannot afford more expensive products.

However, if you buy these products expecting to use them for a long time, you’ll only be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Here are some steps that you can take to clarify whether your phone charger is working or not:

Step 1: Plug your phone charger into a power source. If it has an indicator light it should illuminate, showing that electric current is passing successfully through the charger. If there is no indicator light on the charger, try the next step.

Step 2: Connect the phone to the charger. You can see whether the charger is working on your phone’s battery meter. If this doesn’t work, take the next step.

Step 3: Plug the cable into another device to check if the power source is working. Once again, ensure that the phone is connected correctly to the charger to see if it is working.

Step 4: If your charger is still not charging your phone or other phones, that means you now have to repair or replace it with a new charger.

How Do You Fix A Charger That Won’t Charge? 

How Do You Fix A Charger That Won’t Charge

While it is always preferable to replace your damaged charger, sometimes there are ways you can fix it.

Please note that fixing a phone charger may only be a temporary solution, allowing your charger to last a little longer. Try out the tips below to fix your phone charger:

Fixing Bent Prongs

Step 1: Carefully examine the damaged end of the charger.

Step 2: Use a tweezer to grab one of the ends of the damaged prong. Try to straighten each prong that is bent by pulling it. Repeat this until the prong straightens and can enter into the charging port.

Step 3: Check if the charger is working by plugging it into the device. If you still find it difficult to plug the prong into your device, you will have another go at straightening the bent prong.

Fixing A Broken Wire

Fixing A Broken Wire

Step 1: If the cord is frayed, cut it using a pair of scissors. Please ensure that there are no stray wires and frayed insulation wrapped around the cut.

Step 2: Next, strip an inch of insulation from both sides of the cut to clearly view the wires.

Step 3: Twist the wires together from each side of the cut. Match the colors of the wires on one side to the corresponding wires on the other side of the cut. Following that, wrap the exposed wires using electrical tape.

Overused or damaged gadgets can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. However, sometimes, it is possible to fix minor faults such as those detailed above.

In Conclusion

A phone charger has a big influence over how long you can use your smartphone throughout the day- you’ll find yourself severely limited without a good, working charger!

As long as you use a good-quality cable and charger from a reputable brand, you will be able to ensure your phone’s optimal battery health and life.

If at all possible financially, we’d advise you not to compromise by purchasing a low-quality charger when your current unit dies. Instead, invest the money and buy a top-quality charger that will last longer and save you money in the long run.

Now that we have shed more light on the question, “Do phone chargers die?” You’ll be prepared to act quickly when it happens!

Always keep a lookout for the best places to buy genuine, high-quality chargers, so that you can order one quickly if your charger dies without warning.

Chargers are one of them. Want to know what the other 14 Most Essential Smartphone Accessories are this year? Click HERE to find out!

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