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Meet the Mobile Tech Addicts

While we can’t boast of knowing absolutely everything, we can assure you that we ARE addicted to everything in the world of mobile tech. Our team of 4 has got every conceivable angle covered! (Psst…Click on our pictures below to learn more about each of us)


All-things-Apple Enthusiast
Android Authority
Cloud and Software Specialist
Gadget Genius


Chief Editor

Topics We Cover

Welcome. You’ve made it to the final level of your quest to decipher your mobile smart devices. We have crafted, word-by-word, an abundance of guides (hundreds of articles- and increasing daily!) to help our loyal readers conquer some of the world’s most confounding tech issues. At Mobile Tech Addicts, we cover: 

Goals Of Our Site

We aim to provide you with the absolute best and most up-to-date info when it comes to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile tech gadgets. We will guide you through the oft-confusing miasma of technical mumbo-jumbo, arriving at the crystal-clear, fact-checked destination that you have been searching for! Whether it’s Android, iOS, or Microsoft Windows, our goal is to:




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Android Authority

The Android Yang to Jimmy’s Apple Yin, Feei helps to prevent this website from becoming an absolute Apple-strewn mess. Loyal (to a fault, some may say), reserved, studious- Feei will be here churning out Android-related How-To’s and recommendations on a regular basis like the absolute machine that he is. Having owned and tinkered with Android phones from a very young age, there’s few who know the in’s-and-out’s of the Google-owned operating system like Feei does.


All-things-Apple Enthusiast

Once upon a time, Jimmy thought that he would be an Android lifer. But one fortuitous day, he acquired an Apple iPhone X- and that was that. Now, he spends his days in sunny New Zealand as the self-proclaimed “World’s Biggest Apple advocate”, keeping up-to-date on the latest news from AAPL Inc. and searching for the best solutions to various iOS issues. Whether it be the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook- he’s got them all covered! In his spare time, Jimmy loves to take family trips around the country, run around with his many dogs, and play a game or two of basketball when opportunity allows.


Cloud and Software Specialist

The most technically-learned of our team (no easy feat), Eric’s a true force to be reckoned with when it comes to software, software engineering, and cloud systems. With an Engineer’s Degree from the University of Auckland in Software Engineering, Eric’s day job for the past half-decade has been as a Technical Developer/Lead for companies such as Fletcher Building, Datacom, and OSF Digital. The proud owner of 12 Salesforce Certificates, Eric enjoys racing quad bikes and downing Korean all-you-can-eat BBQs when he can finally peel himself away from his computer screen.


Gadget Genius

The lucky last member of our plucky tech team, Larry loves getting his hands on the latest gadgets and hardware on the market. Whether that be drones, gaming laptops, cameras, or VR sets, Larry is often one of the first in our far-away land to experience cutting-edge and premium devices due to his job at one of the oldest and largest mobile retail stores in the country. He’s also passionate about web design and coding, so you may see a few articles here and there on those topics! The geekiest of our group, you’ll find Larry lounging in the living room on a lazy Sunday afternoon playing games on Steam or watching the latest anime episode.


Chief Editor

Based in the Philippines, Ed is our main editor. As a self-proclaimed grammar nut, Ed spends a good chunk of his days making sure our articles are nice and clean. In most of his free time, Ed enjoys spending quality time with his wife and three kids. They do everything from binge-watching shows, have movie marathons, playing video games, all while indulging in whatever delicious food they can get their hands on. Also a self-proclaimed sports and numbers guy, Ed loves following the NBA and MLB, and analyzing whatever data he finds interesting!

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