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Can I Use A Samsung Charger For An LG Phone? (Find Out!)

can i use a samsung charger for an lg phone

You’re in a pinch.

With a 1% battery notification flashing before your eyes, you search the office frantically for that life-saving power source.

Everywhere you look, it’s Samsung-branded. Go figure.

In your desperation, you wonder, “Can I use a Samsung charger for an LG phone?”

Good news: The short answer is yes.

You can use a Samsung charger for an LG phone- as long as both models have the same type of charging port.

Since most of the latest phones use a USB Type-C charger, you shouldn’t have any trouble with using one charger in place of another.

With that said, you do need to pay attention to the wattage mentioned on the charger. If the adapter has more mAh than the phone battery, it could potentially cause damage to the battery while charging.

Also, if you have an LG phone from the G6 onwards,  you’ll probably be aware that Qi wireless charging is supported. That means that these phones can be charged via the Qi mat of a Samsung phone, and are also compatible with the Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Stand.

What Kind Of Charger Does An LG Phone Use?

What Kind Of Charger Does An LG Phone Use

USB (Universal Serial Bus) chargers come with three porting types (A, B, or C ports), and each one is designed in a way that it cannot be substituted for another.

Of the three, USB-C is the most widely utilized and is considered a universal design.

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF)- responsible for developing all of the USB ports- created the USB-C as a universal solution. Most electronic devices such as external hard drives and laptops all come with USB-C ports.

Modern-day smartphones also commonly have a USB-C port for charging, connecting to headphones, and sharing data between phone and computer/laptop.

LG phones are no exception when it comes to this aspect.

The main advantage of using a USB-C cable and port is that it is capable of transmitting data and power through the same cable.

For example, when you connect a USB-C cable between a smartphone and a laptop or computer, you can charge the phone and transfer data between the devices all at the same time.

At first glance, the USB-C port looks a lot like the USB mini port. In fact, they often get confused and are frequently regarded as the same port.

However, that couldn’t be further from the case. The biggest difference between the USB-C and USB mini ports is the existence of the ‘right way’ to plug the connector.

For the USB-C port, it’s always the ‘right way up; there’s no need at all to frustratingly flip the connector multiple times!

Finally, as I’ve already mentioned above as well, some LG phones support wireless charging. The latest models are compatible with Qi mats and accept fast charging through wireless chargers, so that’s another power supply avenue available to users.

Do Samsung Chargers Work On LG Phones?

Do Samsung Chargers Work On LG Phones

Yes, most Samsung chargers work perfectly well with LG phones and won’t cause any side effects or damage.

Charging cables for both brands are USB-A to USB-C, where the former goes into the adapter’s port and the latter is plugged into the phone.

However, the safety of the charger is subject to the voltage and amperage requirements of the specific phone.

You need to pay special attention to the voltage specified on the charger and to the one recommended for your LG phone.

The charger, as such, isn’t a battery charger but more a regulated DC power supply that outputs fixed voltage.

If your phone battery requires 5V input for charging, a charger provides around 3.7 to 4.2 V to minimize the risk of current flow fluctuations or a higher than necessary power supply.

This ensures that the phone charges safely when it is connected to a charger that is compatible with the battery’s requirements.

However, if you use a charger with 6V output when the battery can accept only 5V output, you are sending more power than what’s necessary.

Unfortunately, this won’t fast-charge or supercharge the phone. Instead, it’ll only damage the battery- and perhaps even the phone’s internal circuitry.

Another point to remember is to not use a Fast Charger or Turbo Charger with your LG cell phone unless it has been designed specifically to accept fast charging.

This is because Samsung phones are designed for fast charging, but you’ll have to cross-check your LG model to confirm that it is capable of this function as well.

Wireless Charging Compatibility

Wireless Charging Compatibility

It is commonly known that wireless charging is faster than wired charging. While this is true in many cases, the rule is applicable really only when you use the recommended charger for the phone.

For example, using Samsung’s wireless charger with LG phones will allow the device to charge just fine, but fast charging will only be available when the Samsung charger is used with a Samsung device.

The following LG models are compatible with Samsung’s Qi charger:

  • V60 ThinQ 5G
  • V50 ThinQ 5G
  • V30
  • Velvet
  • G8 ThinQ
  • G7 ThinQ
  • G6 (US version)
  • G4
  • G3

Do All Android Phones Use the Same Charger?

Do All Android Phones Use the Same Charger

No, they don’t.

While it might seem logical, Android phones don’t all use the same charger.

Even though the majority of the latest models come with USB-C charging ports, there’s no guarantee that you can use a single charger for all of them.

It is therefore vital to use the charger provided in the box by the manufacturer.

While it may be convenient to use a charger that belongs to another phone, it can damage the device if you plug in one that is incompatible. It’s important to be aware that just because it fits the port doesn’t make the charger compatible.

The following aspects need to be considered:

Input Volts

This changes based on the country you live in. A charger designed for 110V input will trip the circuit breaker if you plug it in a port that supplies 220V.

Output Volts

This varies based on the phone. A charger with 3V output cannot charge a phone that requires 4.2V.

If the charger is used it will charge the phone more slowly and cause the battery to heat up- resulting in permanent damage. Similarly, the damage will take place when you use a 5V charger for a 4.2V phone.

Output Amperage

This is the max current a phone can take from a charger. A phone with a 700mA requirement can use a charger that provides up to 1A. The phone will take only as much as it requires.

However, if you use a charger with only 500mA with the same phone, it’ll again charge the phone more slowly, heat up the battery, and cause lasting damage.

Related Questions

Related Questions

How can I test if my phone is fast charging?

Not all phones show a notification or a message when fast charging.

However, it is possible to use other methods such as third-party apps to find out your phone’s fast-charging capabilities.

Ampere is a third-party app that can provide comprehensive details about a phone’s charging status. Another method is to use a Power Meter, a USB device that measures charging speed in real-time.

What types of phone chargers are there?

There are five types of wired USB chargers and three types of wireless chargers in the market.

The wired models are:
USB Type-A
USB Type-B
USB Type-C
USB Mini
USB Micro

Wireless chargers are:
Qi (standard)
Near-field Magnetic Resonance Coupling
Radio Frequency

In Summary

You can usually use a Samsung charger with LG phones- as long as the voltage and ampere requirements match. Both Samsung and LG phones use USB-C chargers (considered a universal model) so should be able to connect just fine.

Moreover, LG phones are also compatible with Samsung’s Qi wireless fast chargers. However, fast charging will not be effective when the Samsung charging mat is used with LG phones.

Using an incompatible charger with your phone can damage the battery and the phone’s circuits. In severe cases, it can also lead to fire hazards.

Therefore, while it may be convenient to use any charger that’s lying around, we always recommend that you use the charger that came with your phone!

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