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Why Does My Phone Change Settings On Its Own? (SOLVED! 2024)

It’s always a worry when phones take matters into their own- err, screen- and start to do things unprompted.

In the past, we’ve looked at the reasons why a mobile device might take a random screenshot or hang up a call after 4 hours on its own.

Now, you’ve found this article wondering:

“Why does my phone change settings on its own?”

Default settings come hand in hand with new updates.

In some cases, updates that have new security features will affect other settings on your device. In turn, these updates might make your phone act like it has a mind of its own!

Your privacy settings can also limit the features of newer updates, making it seem as if your settings have been changed.

In this article, we’re going to take a quick and concise look at the different types of settings that are commonly changed by a phone’s system!

Security And Privacy Settings

Parents often worry about the control and access phones can bring to their children.

With this in mind, many operating systems have parental restrictions. These restrictions can require passcodes, face identification, and restrictions surrounding the changing of settings.

You can review app permissions in your “General Settings” and assess the settings for each app. This option may differ between phones (iPhone, Microsoft, or Android).

There are also default security modes and firewalls that restrict certain features of your phone. This is meant to help users who are not tech-savvy remain protected from malware.

One of these security restrictions can include an inability to download any files off browsers, or to require a passcode.

New Security Updates

phone security

New security updates are not a common occurrence, and are almost always joined with an update log for users to see changes.

Security updates are meant to protect users from any malicious malware that may corrupt your device or slow down your phone. These updates can affect some previous settings.

Updated Appearances

Updates can alter the entire appearance of your phone.

An example of one of these was the iOS 15 update, in which users were generally happy to embrace the changes to their app’s images and folders.

This update allowed users to view their phones and craft the aesthetics to their liking.

However, some users were unaware of the changes- and when they viewed the new settings, they worried that their device had gone rogue!

There will always be updated patch notes available at your device’s general settings or in the “About phone” description. There, you can monitor any changes that your operating system has made.

App ‘Modifications’

samsung phone screen

It is common for apps to ask for permission to access features such as location, photos, contacts, and more.

It is VITAL to be careful what permissions you allow for your apps.

Some apps may have terms and conditions that claim ownership rights to posted content, or allow them to sell your information to third parties.

Some apps can also change settings through these permissions.

This can definitely seem extremely frightening. However if you are worried, you can always restrict an app’s permissions in your phone’s settings.

iPhone users may be accustomed to this with the rollout of IOS 14’s security permissions that require apps to ask users for access to other information of your phone outside their app.

In this, you can choose to allow either permanent or “Just once” access.

It is also crucial to be mindful of why an app may be asking to access your settings and be very careful if you download apps from third-party sites.

Third-party sites include app installations off of browsers or other internet services, and are not vetted by the App or Google Play Stores!


Should I download an app from my internet browser?

different browsers

Downloading an app from an internet browser can be dangerous, depending on the conditions of the download and what exactly you are downloading.

Avoid downloading files from third-party sites, as these can often include viruses or malware that allow others access to your information.

iPhone users know the pain of apps not being available on the “App Store” all too well.

As a result, many users will then turn to find the installation file from Safari. The danger is that you can quite easily download malware or a virus through these means!

The Google Play Store is more accepting of small app developers, and so there is a wider range of apps for Android phones.

Will my settings delete my personal information?

The only reason your data may be wiped from your phone is if your phone was factory reset. A factory reset puts your phone back to its default settings and clears all cache data.

You can however accidentally delete your information from an app if you clear your cache data for your apps.

Why is my phone typing by itself?

person typing on phone

A frequent problem for users who have cracked their phones is for their LED screens to misinterpret dust for fingerprints. This can then lead to your phone randomly typing or ‘tapping.’

The best solution is to take your phone in for repair. To properly repair a cracked screen, you will also need to fix the LED underneath. This is because when the screen is cracked, the LED becomes damaged as well.

In Summary

Your phone is subject to changes that you and your operating system make to it.

Keep in mind that new updates can change settings! There will always be a list of changes in the “About phone” or “Updates” section found in your phone’s Settings menu.

If you are worried about viruses or malware affecting your Apple or Android device, take your phone to a trained technician so that they can take a look or assist you in factory resetting your phone.

Do you know how to stay safe on your smartphone? Keep yourself protected with our Comprehensive A-Z Of Smartphone Security right HERE!

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