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Is Hangouts A Dating App? Hot Questions Answered!

is hangouts a dating app

Is Hangouts a dating app? 

The answer to that: It can be. 

With Google Hangouts, you can interact and connect with new people.

 Google Hangouts is one of Google’s communication platforms designed to allow users to send messages online and make video calls and phone calls. 

You can also use Google Hangouts to host your online meetings and web conferences. This online service integrates other Google services like Google Talk and Google Voice.

While it started out as a messaging app, Google Hangouts has evolved over the years and developed dating features which allow singles to easily connect with other single people looking to date. 

Is Google Hangouts A Dating App?

Is Google Hangouts A Dating App
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You will not find Google Hangouts in the “dating and relationships” category on the Google Play or App Store. 

Officially, it is merely a communication tool and messaging app pioneered by the Alphabet company. 

However, Google Hangouts has grown to become known as a platform where people can meet and date.

So, if you are single and in the market for making a romantic connection, you may want to consider hopping onto Google Hangouts to connect with other single people.

Google Hangouts’ modern features allow you to engage, communicate and arrange dates quickly.

You can also use the video call feature to have conversations with others and see people face to face.

How To Use Google Hangout For Dating?

How To Use Google Hangout For Dating
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Before you can use Google Hangouts, you will have to have a Google+ account.

You can join Google+ by following these few simple steps:

  • Update your Google account and create a public profile
  • Add people and pages to your network.
  • Create a personal profile with your personal information so people can easily find and know more about you.
  • Locate Hangout on Google+ at the left-hand sidebar.
  • Now that you have access to Hangout, you can invite people and connect with them.
  • Add people to your Hangout by inviting them.

Is Hangouts A Cheating App?

Is Hangouts A Cheating App
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There is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether Hangout is a cheating app.

This is because Hangout, like every social platform, is subjective to the aims and personal experiences of individuals.

So, certain people’s understanding and use of the platform does not define the site’s integrity in the dating world.

Many people will attest that social media has been a blessing in the modern world and revolutionized and improved our way of life.

However, we can also all agree it has made certain social vices a lot easier and accessible at the same time.

The way the app is used is all subject to personal opinions and experiences.

So, you should not write off Hangouts as a cheating app based upon some bad apples, but consider it rather as an app meant to connect with well-meaning people.

Why Do People Use Hangouts?

Faster Communication

Faster Communication
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There is absolutely no shortage of communication platforms and apps, but only a few are effective and stand out in the market.

Google Hangouts is one of these prominent and practical communication tools which most people online are familiar with. 

It allows you to connect with others through text, video, and phone calls. You can also create groups with people of similar interests. 

Google Hangouts’ unique connectivity features will enable you to quickly and easily connect with others via Wi-Fi. 

It’s Affordable

Have you been looking for a cheap communication platform which will allow you to communicate quickly and effectively with your colleagues and workers? 

In that case, Google Hangouts may be the perfect choice for you. It has a live broadcast function that can help you communicate with people far and wide, so it can be perfect for contacting your remote colleagues. 

Google Hangouts can also aid you in creating marketing strategies to promote your business. 

It is entirely free and has low international rates, so you can make video calls and send texts to people across the globe for a minimal cost. 

If you have a large workforce and struggle to collaborate on projects due to the inconvenience of communicating with large numbers, Google Hangout has a free-to-access feature so you can team up on projects easily. 

All you need is a device that has a microphone and a webcam!

Easy To Use

If you have a smartphone, you will find it versatile and easy to use Google Hangouts. 

You can quickly chat with others by searching for their names or email address, as well as create a group efficiently simply by clicking the plus icon. 

Additionally, if you are part of a group and want to share your favorite photos with other members, simply tap the photos icon at the bottom right!

Similarly, if you want to video call a friend, all you need to do is tap the video call button. You can also share links, photos, or text while you are in a video call. 

Finally, there is also a screen share option so you can let others see what you currently are working on. 


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The use of many communication apps is based around using your laptop. Google Hangout is very mobile-friendly and available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Additionally, Google Hangout includes free video-conferencing software, which you can easily access with a personal Google account.

Google Hangouts Scams, And How They Happen

If you have been in the online space long enough, you will have become aware that, unfortunately, there are scammers on the web actively looking for their next victim. 

And unfortunately, Google Hangouts has become a hotspot for illegal activity such as romance scams. So, always remember to be vigilant! 

Romance Scams in Google Hangouts

In most of these cases, a scammer meets the unsuspecting victim on other social media platforms such as Facebook. 

After several days or weeks of “befriending and falling in love” with them, they then invite the victim to chat privately on Google Hangouts. 

If they successfully get someone to chat on Google Hangout, phase two begins. 

Phase two starts with trying to gain their victim’s confidence and trust even more. 

When that has been established, they begin asking for small favors. After some time, they will build up to asking for bigger and bigger favors like money to “help a sick relative” or to “start a business”. 

Once they have received the money, they will disappear and move on to their next victim.

Other types of Google Hangout scams

1. Job Interview Scams

In this scam, job scammers reach out to unsuspecting victims and inform them about a job opportunity they supposedly applied for. 

They will ask them to hop on Google Hangouts for a quick interview through a video call.

However, instead of the video chat, they will send a text telling the person more about the position. 

Then, they promise to send some money to buy supplies that will be needed for the job. These supplies can include chairs, computers, and other office supplies. They will ‘send’ a fake check to cash in order to purchase these items from a fake website. 

Since the counterfeit cheque arrives later, the idea is that the victim will have already used their own money to buy these “items” from the fake website and lost their personal funds to these scammers. 

So, be on the lookout for companies or individuals from companies you don’t remember applying for positions with, or who refuse to conduct an interview on a video call!

2. Premium Girls Scams

These are a very common type of scam using various internet apps and sites which also have a presence on Google Hangouts. 

The premium girls scam involves “call girls” who pose as single women interested in getting to know you. 

They will start engaging with you on social media and later suggest moving the conversations to Google Hangouts. 

When they successfully get you to move to this app, things will escalate. Your conversations will turn adult, and the girl will request money if you want them to send you nude pictures and videos. 

Once you send the money, they will block you and disappear.

How To Avoid Google Hangouts Scams

Here are some tips to help you avoid Google Hangouts scams:

  • If you notice any suspicious or unusual activities on the app, report the individual and account immediately.
  • Do not send inappropriate videos and images to strangers online.
  • Never give money to or receive money from anyone who has approached you on the internet.
  • Make sure you have a video call with someone to verify who they say they are, and research their identity thoroughly before getting too serious with them.
  • One red flag of a scammer or fake company is if they refuse to do at least one video or phone interview with you.
  • Before accepting an offered position, do some thorough internet research on any individual or company offering you a job (especially work-from-home opportunities).

In Summary

So, is Hangouts a dating app? 

Well, it really depends on how you use it. 

Google Hangouts is one of the numerous communication tools that can double as a platform for singles to meet potential partners.

The features allow for quick, easy interactions. It also has singles groups, which are large pools of users which you can join to find people with similar interests. 

It is a cheaper alternative when compared to some of the other communication tools on the market, and it is easy to use and accessible on both your laptop and phone. 

If you want to meet other singles looking for love, a great place to find your future partner could be Google Hangouts. 

Are you interested in meeting people on Google Hangouts? Then, you shouldn’t let the fear of scammers dissuade you (but do be careful). You just might find your soulmate!

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