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How To Know How Many Contacts You Have On Your iPhone Or Android (Exact Steps!)

Knowing how many contacts you have on your phone can provide many practical advantages.

For example, it’s extremely useful if networking is important for your job.

Having too many contacts can also lead to your phone memory being depleted faster than anticipated.

Almost all phones have features that will allow you to establish how many contacts you have on your device.

Welcome to our Comprehensive Guide on How To Know How Many Contacts You Have On Your iPhone or Android!

In short: To find out how many contacts you have on your phone, you will first have to go to the “Contacts” app on your device.

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and it should show the total number of contacts you have!

Pretty simple, eh?

With some phone models, the number might be displayed at the very top left/right of the page instead.

If your phone does not display the contact lists or number properly, then there could be something wrong with the memory card or your phone’s internal memory.

How Do I See How Many Contacts I Have On Android Phones?

android messaging applictions

If you want to see how many contacts you have on your Android phone, just follow these steps:

  • Open your “Contacts” app

  • And simply swipe down to show your contact count

  • On other Android devices, it may be shown inside the search box.

Your Android phone will individually display the number of contacts you have for every account or storage system, such as an SD card or internal phone memory.

If you’re saving the numbers onto your SIM card, it is possible that you could eventually run out of space as SIM cards usually have a limit of 500 contacts.

In case you’re worried about the number of contacts that can be saved on the phone, you can also use another device such as a computer to save your contacts and then sync them to your phone via the Cloud.

If you’re using Google Contacts in order to save your numbers, it has a total limit of 25,000 contacts with 20 MB of total space allotted to all of them.

I don’t know about you, but I’d wager that 25,000 contacts is plenty for most people!

Below, we’ll talk about some other ways in which you can access your contacts.

How To Find Google Contacts

Type in your browser, and it will take you directly to your Gmail contacts section (if you’re currently logged in).

Here, you’ll be able to locate and open all of your saved Gmail contacts with ease.

  • To do this, simply open Gmail, then press on the Apps icon at the upper right-hand corner of the page.

  • From there, select “Contacts,” then all of your contacts with email addresses will be available to view!

Changing where To Save Contacts On Android

businessman using phone in office

To change where you have your contacts saved on an Android device, you’ll have to open the “Contacts” app on your phone.

Afterwards, go to Menu and select “Manage Contacts“, then click on “Default Storage Location“.

Here, you will see all of your new contacts stored in their respective default locations.

Managing Contacts On Android

In order to properly manage your contacts on Android devices, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the ‘Contacts’ App

  • Tap on the Contact you want to edit

  • Tap ‘Edit Icon’ on the bottom right

  • Edit the details you want to edit (Name, phone number, contact photo, etc)

  • Click ‘Save icon’ on the top right

How Can You Sync Contacts?

To sync your Google Contacts, you’ll need to go to follow these steps:

  • Open your device’s “Settings” then head to “Accounts and backup

  • Select “Manage accounts

  • Select the Google account you want to sync contacts with

  • Then, select tap “Sync account

  • And turn on the toggle where it says Contacts

Once you’ve enabled this, your device’s contacts will now be in sync with your Google Contacts.

You also have the option to click on “Sync with the following contacts group” and select the particular group of contacts from the dropdown menu.

How To Delete Google Contacts

android with google app on screen

It’s perfectly normal to have contacts on your phone that you no longer feel like you need to have saved and want to delete after some time.

*ahem* exes *ahem*

To do this, simply go to your device’s “Contacts” and select the people you want to delete.

You can also delete multiple contacts at a time by long-pressing on one contact to activate the interface to select multiple contacts.

Once they’ve all been selected, click on “Delete” at the top right-hand corner and the contacts will be gone and forgotten!

How Can You Retrieve Contacts Deleted By Mistake?

If you need to retrieve a contact you’ve deleted by mistake, you’ll have to open a browser and follow these steps:

  • Go to your “Contacts” app

  • Tap on the 3 horizontal line on the upper left

  • Click on “Trash“.

  • Click on the contact/s you want to restore.

  • Click on “Restore” to retrieve the number.

How Do You Find Out How Many Contacts You Have On Your iPhone?

If you have numerous contacts saved on your iPhone and you intend to add more, then you might want to find out how many total contacts you have saved on your iPhone.

To do this, you can go to the “Phone” app on your iPhone.

locating phone app iphone

Then, click on “Contacts.” Here, you’ll be able to see the total number of contacts displayed at the end of the page.

locating contacts button

How Many Numbers Can You Store On An iPhone?

man texting with iphone

In general, a standard iPhone is able to store about 50,000 contacts.

Users have the option to store the number with a contact photo and contact card, and you can also store it in a contact group of your choice.

However, some users have complained that the iPhone tends to run slower after the phone has reached a capacity of 4000 contacts or so.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to back up your contacts in iCloud storage!

How Do I See How Many Contacts I Have On WhatsApp?

The text messaging app Whatsapp has become nearly indispensable in modern times, and it’s capable of storing numerous contacts as well!

To see your list of contacts on Whatsapp, along with how many contacts you have, follow these steps:

  • Open “WhatsApp.”

locating whatsapp app iphone

  • Go to “Chats.”

locating chats button in whatsapp

  • Click on the “Compose” or “New Chat” icon on the top right corner.

locating new chat button in whatsapp

Here, you’ll be able to see the total number of contacts, as well as all of the other contacts on your phone that have Whatsapp accounts.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the total number of contacts on your device will not be equal to the total number of contacts on Whatsapp!

This is simply due to the fact that not all of your contacts use Whatsapp, as it’s possible that they’re using other messaging apps exclusively (like Facebook Messenger).

Therefore, the total number of contacts displayed on Whatsapp is based on the data of the app itself and not your device.

How Do I Know If Contacts Are Saved To A SIM Card Or Phone?

one plus phone with sim card out

If you want to see where your contacts are saved, go to the “Storage” section of your phone.

Here, it will display whether your SIM or SD card is in use. You’ll most likely also have the option to use the toggle button beside it to change your preferences.

If you want to change where your contacts are saved on an Android device, simply go to the “Menu” option on your phone.

Then, go to “Settings” and click on “Save New Contacts“. Once the window is displayed, you’ll be able to choose the default location where the contact will be saved.

On the other hand, if you want to store contacts on your SD card, open “Contacts” from the Home Screen and press the Menu icon.

Then, click on “Settings“, then Contacts, and then “Import” or “Export” accordingly.

You should be able to bring the contacts to the SD card or move them to the phone. Once done, click on “OK.”

In Conclusion

It’s not too difficult to find out how many contacts you have on your phone, as well as manage them. Here are some important aspects to remember:

  • Simply select the “Phone” or “Contacts” option on the phone to reveal how many total contacts are saved.
  • The total number of contacts on your iPhone may not be the same as the number of contacts on a messaging app like WhatsApp, as not all of your contacts will be using it!
  • You can store your numbers on either the SD or the SIM card.
  • You can also sync contacts from your iPhone with those stored on other devices via iCloud.
  • You can save about 25,000 numbers in Google Contacts, and about 50,000 numbers on your iPhone.

Now that you know all there is to know, it should be a lot easier to keep track of your contacts lists and to manage them!

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