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What Can You Do If Your Facebook Messenger Call Ends Immediately After Calling?

facebook messenger call ends immediately

It can be very frustrating and slightly alarming to find out that your Messenger call has ended abruptly.

Whether you were just about to close an important business deal, or were simply calling to catch up with a casual friend- nine times out of ten you will be left in a state of deafening silence, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong.

So, what can you do if your Facebook Messenger call ends immediately after calling or ringing?

This is where we step in.

In this article, you will find all the potential reasons for why your Messenger call may have suddenly ended.

Once you figure out what exactly caused the problem, we will then provide you with the solutions to prevent this mishap from repeating itself in the future.

So without further ado, let’s investigate!

Why Does My Messenger Call Keep Ending?

Why Does My Messenger Call Keep Ending

It is not unheard of for a call to disconnect randomly when using Messenger.

In fact, it is actually quite common for system errors to occur when using such apps. For this reason, it is best to be well prepared for such situations to avoid any untimely surprises.

One of the main reasons why your call may be ending abruptly on Messenger is your internet connection.

Messenger solely relies on a stable internet connection, and a Messenger call will require a good amount of bandwidth from your internet connection to work correctly.

Therefore, if your network is unstable or gets disconnected, your call will end abruptly as well!

Likewise, this principle applies to the person with whom you are on the call with. If their Internet disconnects, the Messenger call will also end.

Another reason why your Messenger call could end immediately is due to your geographical location.

Ensuring that the country you live in allows full access to apps such as Facebook is vital. Therefore, a person’s geographical location also plays a vital role in achieving a smooth user experience.

In addition, apps such as Facebook have publicly admitted that from time to time they will randomly implement software bugs on their platforms.

This is done to test public reactions and user interaction. In such cases, your app might immediately stop working because of an issue on Facebook’s end. Glitches of these kinds are fairly common in these apps.

Other than bugs, server issues can also affect Facebook’s performance.

There have been numerous instances of the Facebook app failing to operate worldwide. As an integrated part of Facebook, this means that Messenger will also stop working if their servers are down. If you happened to be on a Messenger call at this time, the call would logically end immediately.

What Can You Do If Your Facebook Messenger Call Ends Immediately?

Along with experiencing disruptions with your Messenger calls, it may also be the case that your entire Messenger app experiences technical difficulties at the same time.

Below, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks that you can try when dealing with these issues:

Restarting Your Phone

Restarting Your Phone

Let’s start with the traditional option that everyone knows (but may often forget in the heat of the moment).

Restart your phone!

The Messenger app can be more prone to crashing if you haven’t restarted your cellphone in a while.

As we all know, restarting a device has a lot of associated benefits. This simple trick can make your phone run faster and more efficiently.

It also fixes both hardware and software-related problems, as it will close any running processes and apps (much more effective than disabling apps, for instance).

Long-press the side Power Key and then select ‘Restart’ to reboot your phone. After the phone has started back up, check if Messenger is now working!

Updating Your Messenger App

Updating Your Messenger App

Updating apps is an easy fix that can often remedy the bulk of your technical issues.

It is important to update your apps regularly because developers will often introduce newly updated versions of an app to the market.

These updates are often intended to fix any previous bus issues that were on the older version.

You can update the app straight from the App or Google Play Store.

  • To do this, simply tap the “My Apps & Games” menu and select any apps that you would like to update.

You can also click on the three-dash button at the top left corner to open the side menu, and select the option from there.

Follow either of the two options to find Messenger on the update list. Now select ‘Update’. Restart your phone, open the updated version of the app, and you should be good to go!

Reinstalling The Messenger App

Reinstalling The Messenger App

Re-installing the app is another way to make the features work smoother for you.

Facebook can backup all of your chat history if it ever gets uninstalled from your device, so doing this will not remove any of your saved data.

However, you will have to sign into your account again after reinstalling the app.

Once again, you can use the Play Store for this method.

  • Go to the Play Store and type “Facebook Messenger” in the search bar.
  • Click the app and select ‘Uninstall’.
  • After this is complete, click on ‘Install’ to reinstall the app back on your device.

If you use this method, we have a small tip for you: After you’ve uninstalled the app, restart your phone first and then reinstall it. This will result in a better app experience!

Clearing The Cache Data For Messenger

Suppose your Messenger calls repeatedly get interrupted, or the app frequently crashes.

In these cases, it may be an indication that you need to clear the cache data from your phone settings.

  • To do this, Go to your device ‘Settings’. Select ‘Apps
  • Now select Messenger from this list. Click on the ‘Storage
  • Then lastly select ‘Clear Cache‘ to erase and clear the cached data.

Keep in mind that you will also need to return to the app’s info page and select ‘Force stop’ to close the app. Once you re-launch the Messenger app, it will hopefully start working efficiently again.

In Conclusion

Facebook is one of the most popular apps to use worldwide.

Essentially, everyone and their dog knows what the Messenger app is, and why it is vital to people of all ages.

Since the very early days of Facebook, people have used the app to communicate with their friends, families, and acquaintances.

And over the years, Facebook has introduced many new and exciting features, the most notable of which being the ‘calls’ feature on Messenger.

Connecting with others is undoubtedly a crucial part of our daily lives.

And because of this, it can be frustrating when there are unexplainable interruptions when using the call feature on Messenger.

If you find that your Facebook Messenger call ends immediately without warning, there is no real need to fret!

After all, it is very possible to fix these issues in a few tiny steps. It is very easy to do so, and does not require much technical prowess.

After reading this article, you now know what to do if a Facebook messenger call abruptly ends in the future!

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