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Does “Message Send Failure” Mean You’re Blocked?

Message Send Failure

Does “message send failure” mean you’re blocked? There are various reasons why a message you attempt to send fails to reach the recipient.

This error message means that your message was not deliverable via iMessage, possibly because the recipient blocked your number.

However, there are other reasons you may be getting this error message. If you suspect that someone has forbidden you, you can attempt to contact them through alternative channels to confirm.

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“Message Send Failure” doesn’t necessarily mean you’re blocked. It could result from network connectivity issues, iMessage activation problems, or device-related glitches. While being blocked is a possibility, there are various other reasons for a failed message delivery

What does “Message Send Failure” mean? Am I blocked because of it?

Message Send Failure

The automatic error message might mean the intended recipient has blocked you. However, due to many other reasons, it helps to know how to identify whether someone has blocked you or not. It is easier to tell if someone has blocked you without asking them upfront. 

If this is impossible, try calling their number as the next step. If someone has blocked you, your call will fail to go through.

You may hear two rings at most or silence before the answering service sends you directly to voicemail. There may be other ways to test whether someone has blocked you, as there could be other causes.

However, a direct voicemail and send error message could indicate that the recipient has blocked you.

The recipient’s phone will not notify you that they have blocked you if you continue to communicate with them after being stopped.

The news will seemingly have gone through as usual on your end, but the recipient won’t receive it. If you’re using iMessage, the speech bubble will remain blue or green, but it won’t have the delivered stamp underneath.

The message will not go anywhere. You may not receive an error message, but that depends on your device.

Even though an error message could signify that the person has blocked you, it is not the surest way to determine this.

There are several reasons why you are getting the alert. If the error message comes with further evidence, like trying to phone the person without avail, it is safe to assume you are blocked.

Why Am I Getting a Message Send Failure on My iPhone?

Message Send Failure

Service provider-related

When a text message has failed to go through, it could be network or service provider-related. Your carrier network could reject a text because of technical issues.

You can send the message at different intervals to see if it is a service provider issue. Attempt this for a few hours; if the problem persists, you can contact your service provider.


Trying different contact platforms may also assist you in determining if the problem is because of a problem with your service provider.

If other platforms are working, it is likely an issue with the platform, i.e., iMessage. The case could be on the recipient’s side. Try calling their number or reaching out elsewhere to confirm this. 

First, ensure the recipient is available on that platform and you’re not messaging an old number or account. The error message may appear because the recipient no longer uses the number or may have forgotten to delete the history.

Network or Signal-related

The issue may also be due to poor signal or network connection. If you are in a place with no sign, your phone will deliver the once you’ve moved locations. You can switch your Wi-Fi or cellular off and on until you have a stronger reception. 

Outdated Software

Outdated software can also cause the error message, so update and restart your phone to ensure you’re using the latest version of iMessage.

Insufficient Phone Storage

Message Send Failure

Go to your phone settings to check your device’s storage capacity. A lack of space could impact how your iPhone functions.

Make sure it has enough space to send and receive images and videos. Call the recipient and confirm whether their device has sufficient storage since it could also be causing the error message. 

Phone Service Plan Restrictions

You might have reached your message limit if you have a phone service plan with a carrier provider. Contact your provider to inquire or check your balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you unblock someone, do they receive your messages?

No, the messages you send when blocked never reach the intended recipient. The only news they will receive is the ones you send once they have unblocked you.

Are iPhone messages complimentary?

Using iMessage, you can send texts using Wi-Fi or cellular data. However, with Wi-Fi, there are no additional charges, given you have a stable connection. If you’re using your phone’s data, your service provider will charge the message cost to your plan.

How do I delete an iMessage that failed to send?

It has yet to go through if the message has an exclamation mark beside it. To delete the news, press and hold your finger on the text bubble, then select “more.” When the trash icon appears at the bottom of the screen, click on it to delete the message.

How can I tell if someone is ignoring my call?

If the intended recipient hasn’t blocked your number, the number of rings you hear could be an indication. The number of rounds depends on how long the receiver allows it to ring before declining the call. You will listen to up to two rings if you are blocked before you get an automated voicemail or silence.

Are you blocked if it says, “Sent as Text Message”?

No, this means your phone sent the message via cellular, not Wi-Fi. It could also mean the recipient is not an iPhone user or they need an iMessage account.


When you suspect you might be blocked, the quickest way to find out is to try asking the person directly or calling them. However, if your to go through, it could be due to various reasons.

To answer the question: Does “message send failure” mean you’re blocked? Yes, it is likely, but before assuming this, ensure that the problem is not on your end by checking the above-listed reasons. 

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