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What Can I Do If My Facebook Messenger Automatically Opens Messages?

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used third-party cross-platform messaging apps available today.

Like many other messaging apps, Facebook provides useful functionality on computer and phone screens for its users. 

One example of such helpful functionality is how Facebook Messenger automatically opens messages to notify users when someone sends them.

However, some people might consider this feature less than pleasant. You’ll be in a bad mood, especially if you’re between a Facebook Messenger thrilling match and a dramatic film. At those times, you want to stay away from any disturbances.

Besides the unpleasant interruption of other activities you might be performing on your device, concealing messages instead of having them automatically opened protects personal privacy and security.

No one can see the message’s content if your device is password-protected. It’s understandable if you’d like to turn off the feature that allows Facebook Messenger to open messages automatically.

Fortunately, there are some ways we can turn off that feature quickly. Without further ado, let’s find out the answer together.

Why Does Messenger Keep Opening Messages Itself?

Facebook Messenger

When you first install the app on your smartphone, it automatically activates the built-in functions for you.

Pop-up chat heads are no exception, as the creator regards such functions as beneficial to consumers.

That’s why Facebook Messenger automatically opens messages, whether you expect them. However, it is sometimes Facebook’s fault that you continue to see chat heads even after you have turned off the notification function.

For example, in 2018, a large number of Facebook users all around the world noticed peculiar behavior at the same time.

Their old messages from a few years ago Facebook Messenger resurfaced on the Messenger app. It appeared as if they Facebook Messenger had just sent these messages to each other.

Facebook confirmed the above error and stated that they would fix it as soon as possible. 

This incident significantly impacted some users when conversations they wanted to forget for a long time reappeared.

Facebook stores all the user’s chats from the beginning of the conversation. Only when the user deletes it manually on both sides is the new chat content officially gone.

User conversations with deceased friends and relatives appeared when that minor error happened.

However, it was beyond the users’ wishes since those conversations could conjure up the grief and memory of lost loved ones.

Does Facebook Automatically Read Messages?

Yes, Facebook automatically reads messages. Messenger doesn’t have end-to-end encryption – a security feature that only lets the people in the conversation know the content.

While you might think that that’s an entirely bad thing, the reality is that it does have its advantages sometimes.

For example, one of the biggest problems with this specific social tool is that bad people can approach children through Messenger.

In some cases, they threaten children’s Facebook Messenger lives and deceive them into wrongdoing. The reason is that people can message each other without requesting phone numbers or making friends in advance. According to the NSPCC, this feature can lead to unnecessary abuse.

However, remember that Facebook reads your private messages thoroughly. It scans the links and images people send to each other and reads chats when reporters or admins flag them. This way, they can ensure the content abides by the company’s rules.

In the interview with Bloomberg, Facebook said that while Messenger conversations were private, Facebook would scan them and use the same tools to prevent abuse on Facebook’s social networks.

All content needs to follow the same “community standards.” That’s why the company uses an automated tool to serve this purpose. People can report posts or messages that violate these standards.

After that, the “community action” team will review and evaluate those reported ones.

For years, Facebook has been under scrutiny over how the social network handles users’ data. Many concerns from users and experts are increasing about its security.

However, the company says Messenger doesn’t use message data for advertising purposes. They also try their best to protect users’ privacy. Therefore, you can have more trust in the company’s security policy.

How Do I Keep Messenger From Automatically Opening Messages?

Under certain circumstances, you will have different ways to turn off pop-up notifications. After exploring both the Messenger app and the one integrated into Facebook, here are some suggestions you can follow. Depending on which device you’re using, you’ll have your decision:

On Mobile

Turn Off Right On the Messenger Application

Facebook Messenger
  1. Launch Messenger and tap the profile picture in the top left corner of the main interface.
  2. Select the Notifications & Sounds feature.
  3. Choose the time to turn off notifications > Select OK to finish turning off message notifications from Messenger. If you don’t want to set a timer, you can directly go to the “Customize notifications” section and turn off the “Show notifications” function.

Turn Off Notifications In Your Phone’s Settings

  1. Go to “Settings,” then select “Notifications.”
Facebook Messenger

2. Find the Messenger app and turn the notifications off your phone.

Facebook Messenger

Turn Off Specific Groups or Accounts

  1. Go to the message interface of a person or a group chat in Messenger. Then click on the “i” icon (in the top right corner)
  2. If you want to deactivate the notifications Facebook Messenger within a particular time, you can choose the button that reads, “Turn off notifications.” A board will show the duration offered; you can choose from 15 minutes to one hour. Otherwise, you can select the “notifications & sounds” feature and turn it off entirely.

On Laptop/Computer

Using Messenger on your laptop or Facebook Messenger computer, there are minor changes regarding the names and the icons used to identify specific settings. Apart from that, everything else will be the same.

Using The Messenger Application

1.You need to login into your Messenger account

Facebook Messenger

2. Click on your icon account in the top left corner.

3. In “Preferences,” choose the “Notifications” feature and click on the “Do not disturb” function.

Facebook Messenger

If you want to turn off the notifications on a specific account, click on the 3-dot icon (in the top right corner).

Once you have chosen the “Mute Notifications” feature, you can select when to turn it off. Depending on your wishes, the duration varies from 15 minutes to one hour.

Using Messenger On Facebook

  1. Log in to your Facebook account
  2. On the Facebook home page on your computer, find the Messenger icon. After clicking on the Messenger icon, you must select the 3-dot icon.
  3. Turn off the New message pop-up feature to complete.

Related Questions

Is Messenger Secure And Private?

It’s still in the gray area whether Messenger is secure or private. Messenger lacks one of the most crucial messaging app features: end-to-end encryption. It’s a feature that helps protect the privacy of conversations with users.

With this function, the message content is only visible to the sender and the receiver. Currently, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has integrated end-to-end encryption.

While Facebook Messenger, Facebook’s “homegrown” application, has not yet incorporated the feature.

Messenger’s “secret messaging” mode, where conversations get erased after being read, is the only way to access this function.

Meanwhile, with regular messaging or group messaging, the content of Messenger messages is not encrypted.

Why Does Messenger Notification Not Work After Reopening?

You can have specific errors while the publisher updates the app or fixes the error. Hence, whenever you see this problem, you must first go to the Play Store or the App Store.

In this way, you can check whether or not you’ve updated the latest version.

It’s also likely to happen if you use many applications at once, as they’re bound to compete for your device’s resources. The way to fix this is to reboot the phone.

If you’ve tried updating to the latest version and rebooting your device, uninstall and reinstall the app.


Facebook Messenger automatically opens messages in a way that may disturb you while watching films or playing games on your mobile or laptop. You want to get rid of the notifications as soon as possible.

Depending on the exact type of Facebook Messenger device you use, there are different ways to solve this problem.

All the above information will help you determine which solution best suits your situation. We hope you’ll have exciting experiences with Facebook Messenger.

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