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Is It OK To Take Your IPhone Into A Steam Room?

IPhone Into A Steam Room

Modern smartphones are waterproof, and they can withstand a lot of heat. Companies add sensors to these phones, automatically shutting them down if they get too hot.

However, if you go to a sauna, you might wonder if taking your phone with you is OK. The answer is no because iPhone can’t withstand extreme heat.

iPhone can withstand the water IPhone Into A Steam Room droplets as long as they don’t get inside the port and can easily tolerate temperatures between 0º and 35º C.

It will work like usual at such heat levels, but if you exceed the temperature of 42º C, it might cause problems.

A sauna can reach a temperature of 79º C, causing your iPhone to shut down immediately. However, keeping the sauna temperature to 42º C, you can use your iPhone while sitting there.

Can I Bring My IPhone Into A Steam Room?

IPhone Into A Steam Room

Apple’s new iPhones are waterproof, and they have good IP68 ratings. You can take them to your bath or swimming pool, and they’ll still work.

The problem, however, starts with the depth; as the phone goes beneath the 30-meter mark, it starts causing problems.

The iPhone is built to resist water but not pressure. Moreover, your iPhone cannot withstand extreme heat, so the answer depends on the temperate of the steam room.

On the other hand, sources said Apple lied about its waterproofing and that the iPhones can’t survive in water.

Moreover, tiny sensors in Apple devices IPhone Into A Steam Room trigger when your device is moist, voiding your device’s warranty.

Your phone might stay in the sauna that day, but a small water splash can damage your device some other day.

Furthermore, taking your iPhone to the IPhone Into A Steam Room sauna will trigger a high-temperature alert. Your device will shut down as it gets hotter than 42º C to avoid damaging it permanently.

If that happens, you need to leave the sauna IPhone and immediately take your device to a more relaxed place. Some people even stated that their iPhones couldn’t survive the daylight for 20 minutes straight.

If you take your iPhone outside and put it under direct sunlight, it will turn off after reaching the temperature of 28º C.

Despite being expensive, iPhones are pretty delicate devices and must be used within comfortable environments.

So, the answer to this question is a big NO; you can’t take your iPhone to a steam room without damaging it.

We recommend turning on silent mode on your device and putting it in a locker outside the sauna. The vault will keep it safe IPhone Into A Steam Room from heat and moisture, and your device’s warranty will remain intact.

Can a Steam Room Damage Your Phone?

That depends on the maximum temperature limit your phone can resist. iPhones do not lie in this category, but some Android phones can. A steam room will damage your phone if we exclusively talk about iPhones.

Once your phone reaches the peak temperature, you must put it in a colder place if you are late in doing this permanently.

iPhone replacement parts are expensive; we don’t want you damaging your device so that you can watch movies in a steam bath.

On the other hand, if you want to listen to music, IPhone Into A Steam Room wireless earbuds can help. Put your mobile outside the sauna room within the maximum earbuds and phone connection range.

Connect your earbuds to your device, turn on the songs, and enter the sauna. Your earbuds will get oily and dirty, but they’ll IPhone Into A Steam Room be fine during the steam session if they are waterproof.

You won’t be able to change songs, so better IPhone Into A Steam Room create a playlist filled with your favorite pieces before heading into the steam room.

Usually, some sauna has speakers in them. IPhone Into A Steam Room You can tell the recipient about your favorite songs, and they’ll play them as long as you are inside the room.

Please do not put your phone inside a plastic cover and take it to the steam room. The plastic cover might keep it safe from moisture, but the heat will worsen your device.

However, if you are taking a hot shower, an iPhone will easily survive if the waterproof seal is not broken.

Other Reasons to Not Take a Phone Inside Sauna


A sauna lets you relax and let the steam soothe your body. You should sit there and talk with other people to relax your mind. It is one of the places where you should not have a gadget in your hand.

We all use phones throughout the day; giving your eyes and brain some rest is better. Here are a couple of reasons why taking a phone with you is not a good idea. 

First, it is not relaxing if you have a workspace on your device; you’ll keep getting messages, which will ruin the mood.

Since other people are in the room, it is rude to use your phone. Instead, talk to them, share your daily life problems, and see their opinions. Moreover, using a phone causes distraction from relaxation.

Other people might feel insecure that you’ll take their pictures with a phone. Since people are half-naked inside a sauna, phone use might call for privacy invasion. Moreover, your hands will be sweaty and oily; you might drop your phone and break it.

How About an Infrared Sauna?


Some people take their phone to an infrared sauna to use it as a timer. It is not a good idea as your phone’s screen will go black due to high temperatures.

Apart from other reasons, the heat is still IPhone Into A Steam Room the most significant problem; your phone can’t tolerate it; thus, you should take it inside any sauna.

The surface inside any sauna will heat even faster, and your device might die as soon as you step inside. Stopping your relaxing IPhone Into A Steam Room experience to save your gadget is not a good option.

However, since infrared saunas are small, you can keep your phone at a distance with an active alarm. That way, you can hear once IPhone Into A Steam Room your phone ring, telling you to end your sauna bath.


While it is a good time pass to have your phone with you and watch videos, there are places you should refrain from taking it.

Using an iPhone in a steam room is not a IPhone Into A Steam Room good idea since your device can’t handle extreme temperatures. The heat will damage your hardware beyond repair, and the replacement parts are expensive.

It is better to keep your phone outside, enjoy the steam bath, and relax your mind and body instead of surfing the internet.

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