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Is Android Voicemail Volume Too Low? (Solved!)

Android Voicemail Volume

We have all been there – we receive a notification about a voicemail, and when we check, it isn’t easy to hear what the person is saying.

If you’re busy and need information, it’s frustrating. There are a few reasons your Android voicemail volume needs to be higher, Android Voicemail Volume including poor data connection and incorrect volume settings.

This article will guide you through optimizing your voicemail volume to ensure you can hear your messages.

How Does Voicemail Work?

Android Voicemail Volume

Before delving into why your voicemail volume is too low, you must understand a few details about the service.

A voicemail message is digitally recorded and stored in a digital mailbox assigned to you, the phone owner, by your service provider.

Thus, you can listen to your messages when you access the mailbox. It is not present in your phone but in this digital mailbox.

If someone calls you and you do not pick Android Voicemail Volume up or are busy on another call, send to your voicemail service to leave a message.

Usually, you will receive a notification of a voicemail message and a prompt to call your voicemail box.

Once you do this, you can follow the prompts and listen to the voicemail. It is where the volume problem comes in.

Many people report being unable to hear their voicemail messages clearly because the volume is too low.  

Why Is My Voicemail So Quiet? 

There are four main reasons why your voicemail volume is too low. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Volume Settings

Android Voicemail Volume

If your call volume settings are good, your voicemail volume setting should be too. However, this is not true.

Voicemail services operate independently from your device. Therefore, the locations are entirely different even though you technically call your mailbox to access your voice message.

Data or Internet Connection

Android Voicemail Volume

Your internet or data Android Voicemail Volume connection can also impact the quality of the audio on your voicemail.

Unreliable connections prevent message transfer. Therefore, even though you can access the news, the sound quality of the Android Voicemail Volume message may be poor.

App Usage

In rare circumstances, the volume of the voicemail message may be affected by the apps you are using. The usual way to access your mailbox is to dial the number your service provider has given.

However, you can now also use multiple voicemail apps on Android phones. These newer apps allow you to have Visual Voicemail – a way to view and listen to messages in your mailbox. However, these apps may have separate volume settings that you need to set.

In addition, other apps on your phone could be running in the background and affecting the volume settings.

These running apps will be using the media player on your phone and, as such, speakers. It will hinder the volume when you try to listen to your voicemail.

Problems with the caller’s phone

Android Voicemail Volume

No matter how much tinkering you do on your phone, sometimes the volume is low because of issues with the caller’s phone.

In addition, callers sometimes speak too softly or are not holding the phone correctly, leading to unclear audio that the mic does not pick up. There is no way to improve the audio in cases like this.

How Do I Make My Android Phone Voicemail Louder?

The first and only direct way to increase the volume of your voicemail message is by doing so while listening to the statement.

When the transmission begins playing, you must increase the volume on the side of your phone.

It will increase the book the same as you do for all media. The other ways to increase the volume are to work around the low volume.

Play It on Speaker

By playing your voicemail message on speakerphone, you can hear it more clearly. The speaker will naturally amplify the sound, and you can increase the volume while it plays. The phone’s headphone or speaker icon activates the speaker while the message plays.

Use Your Headphones

Android Voicemail Volume

Some people prefer using their headphones when listening to their voicemail. It enables them to hear the message much clearer without interference. As with headphones, you may control the volume.

Some General Tips Regarding Voicemail Volume

Android Voicemail Volume

Here are some general tips that will help you navigate your voicemail volume.

Apps May Be a Problem

Apps may be handy, but they can distort the quality of your message. You get direct access to the server when you call your voicemail number to listen to the letter.

The one on the app is generally compressed, thus resulting in lower quality and volume. In addition, there can also be delays in the app uploading your messages. 

Ensure That Bluetooth Devices Are Not Active

It is something that you can easily miss. Your Android Voicemail Volume Bluetooth device may still be connected, thereby cutting off the volume. Always double-check that your Bluetooth is off.

Clean Out Your Speakers

Android Voicemail Volume

Try cleaning your speakers if you find the volume too low and not just on voicemail. They can get blocked by lint and dust over time.

The holes for the speaker are on the bottom of your phone. It is best to use a cotton bud to clean out the dirt.

If the cotton bud does not remove all the dust, you can lightly roll a small piece of sticky tac over the speaker. The dust will catch on the sticky tac, clearing out the speaker.

Restart Your Phone

Android Voicemail Volume

Sometimes, all you have to do is restart your Android device. A few people have noticed that the issue clears up on its own. Restart your device and check if the volume is more transparent.


Not being able to hear your voicemail messages Android Voicemail Volume because your Android voicemail volume is too low is frustrating.

However, there are some quick fixes to solve your problem. Adjusting the book, using the speakerphone or your headphones, can significantly increase the volume and quality of the audio message.

In addition, you must remember that even though voicemail apps are convenient, they also decrease the quality of your message.

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