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How Can I Download Videos From Kik? 

Download Videos From Kik

You can share pictures, chat, or send videos without hassle when using Kik. However, you may want to access your saved videos from the platform, and that’s when troubles arise.

If you saved the videos from Kik, you Download Videos From Kik would find them in your gallery alongside other videos.

This guide will show you how to locate saved videos from Kik on all devices. Before that, we will discuss the common ways to download Download Videos From Kik anything from the messenger.

Before you download any videos from Kik:

  1. Ensure that your application is up to date.
  2. Start by heading to your applications and click on Play Store (App Store for iOS).
  3. Please navigate to the Kik directory and open it.

If the application is up to date, you will not see the option to update it. Otherwise, you’ll see a prompt to download the latest version. So, accept it and wait a bit for the installation process to complete.

Next, find the exact Kik video you want to save. Make sure the tape is on full screen, and tap the “download” icon from the top right corner of your phone.

The application will download your video and save it on your phone for online use. You will only find your video in your phone’s storage if you download it.

So, viewing the footage without downloading it will not save it on your device. It is a common misconception that leaves many users wondering why they can’t find the video they’ve previously watched. 

Where Does Kik Save Videos on Android Phones?

Kik does not save videos automatically. Hence, you must manually select the video you want to keep on your phone.

To download the video, you must tap on Download Videos From Kik it and ensure it stays in full-screen mode. Next, look for the download button in the top right-hand corner.

When you see the green download option, tap on it. For first-time downloads, the application sometimes asks for permission to download. Tap “yes” or “allow,” depending on the displayed options.

After that, the app will download the video to your gallery. At this point, you can head to that directory and confirm whether the download has begun.

For Android devices using Google Files, go to Google Files and tap on Videos. You should notice the latest downloaded video at the top of the list if done correctly.

iOS users should open the Files application. Open the file you’ve selected as a destination for the downloaded video.

If it’s already there, you can play the video Download Videos From Kik anytime. But if you can’t find the saved file, you must return to the Kik app.

Then, check the status of your current downloads. Take note of the file’s location, and follow the description when you return to Files.

Also, remember to look there if you’ve previously specified a separate file for this purpose. 

Does Kik Store Photos as Well? 

Download Videos From Kik

Along with videos, Kik also stores Download Videos From Kik photos. You can access your photos only after downloading them from the Kik application.

Note that, like videos, you cannot find pictures on your device if you only viewed them on the app. You will have to save the Download Videos From Kik videos to access them on your phone.

Go to the Kik app, and tap on the photo of your choice. Keep tapping the file to download or save.

The initial download requires access. Downloading begins after permission. Next, browse your camera roll in your gallery. 

How Do You Save a Picture From Kik on Android Phones? 

You can save a picture from Kik the same Download Videos From Kik way as a video, even faster. All you need is to navigate to the Kik app.

Once there, go to the chat that contains the image in question. Please select it and view it in full-screen mode. Press and hold down the screen to reveal the options tab. Tap on download or save. 

Once you save the photo, you can easily access it from your gallery. Note that you will only find the image in Google Photos if you choose the folder for backup.

Instead, only the photos you’ve taken with your camera will end up there. If you have a gallery, you can open it and find all images there.

If you do not have such a directory on your phone, check under Files. Most current-gen Android devices have a Files app that lets you access these files.

You can navigate to the Files application and tap on “Images.” You will see your saved photo among the very first pictures on display. 

How Do You Save a Picture From Kik on an iPhone?

Download Videos From Kik

Saving photos from Kik on iPhones is as easy as keeping them on Android devices. Find the picture you wish to hold and press on it for two-three seconds.

Then, choose to save the file once Download Videos From Kik prompted to do so. After this, you can find the photo with your other protected images.

Does Kik Save Message History?

Sometimes you want to check on old messages in Kik but cannot find them. However, your search might need to produce results. Kik automatically deletes ancient texts, and the app does not keep your entire chat history.

The oldest messages will disappear once you exceed the maximum number of saved messages on Kik.

If you use an iPhone, you can only review Download Videos From Kik the last 1000 messages from your previous chats. Hence keep this in mind if you want to save a particular conversation. 

Android users can only see the latest 600 messages via their Kik chats. This limitation might seem too contrived, but there’s an explanation.

Kik deletes old messages because it does not Download Videos From Kik store them on its servers like other platforms. Instead, Kik uses your phone’s memory to store these files.

Hence, you won’t be able to restore the messages if you lose your device. In other words, your phone won’t share its total capacity with the Kik app. In practice, much of that capacity is essential for everyday device use.

That’s why Kik automatically deletes old messages, thus freeing up much-needed space for more critical functions. 

Where Can I Find My Chat History to View Old Messages

Download Videos From Kik

While Kik does not store texts on its servers, you can access your old messages via the app. As we stated earlier, you cannot restore your previous chat histories.

Hence, you will only find these messages on your Kik app if you lose your device. 

You need to download a data recovery tool to obtain the deleted messages. For example, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery allows you to retrieve old messages from Kik.

You can also use the application to retrieve messages from Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. Note that the recovery tool only works if newer messages have partially wiped out the old ones from your device. 

To save messages from Kik, you can take screenshots of your conversation. Furthermore, you can back up your chat history using a reliable Data Backup and Restore tool.

Using reliable Data Backup and Recovery tools, you can also back up videos and photos. The software will save these backups on your computer because Kik does not have a backup feature. 

I Have Tried These Tricks, but I Can’t Save Videos and Photos

If you have tried using our method to save photos and videos to no avail, check your app’s update status.

You can follow the steps outlined in this article to guide you through the process. Furthermore, you can contact customer support for Kik if the problem persists. 

Is Kik a Safe Platform?

Download Videos From Kik

Kik is a safe platform that uses end-to-end encryption to protect your message. The two parties on each end are the only Download Videos From Kik people with access to the conversation.

So, the chat from all prying eyes. However, remember that you may not find old messages once deleted. In that sense, this Download Videos From Kik application is a must if you value your privacy over all else.

The fact that it deletes older messages means it leaves no trace(s) behind. So, you won’t have to pay that much attention to such Download Videos From Kik aspects with Kik, as you can expect the app to clean the older texts by itself.


Kik is one of the safest platforms to Download Videos From Kik communicate with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. However, Download Videos From Kik sometimes you’ll need help locating the photos and videos you may have saved on your device.

If you experience such issues, the first thing is to check whether you have kept them in the first place. So, return to the application and tap on the video you want to save.

Ensure the video is in full-screen mode, then check the top right corner for the download icon. Tap on the download icon and wait for the bar to fill up.

After that, head back to the directory and look for the video you’ve just selected for downloading. If everything went as planned, the file should appear at the top of the list.

Our post has described how to save photos and videos efficiently on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

You may need to check your application for updates if you have tried these techniques and still need help finding these files.

If all routes do not yield results, you may Download Videos From Kik need to contact customer service for assistance. 

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