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Is It Worth Buying A New iPhone In 2024? (This Will Help You Decide!)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, it’s safe to state that almost everyone knows that the latest upcoming iPhone- the iPhone 14- is bound to be launched in the Apple event on the 7th of September of this year.

Considering how the iPhone 13 will most likely have a drop in price when the iPhone 14 is launched, it begs the question:

Is it worth buying a new iPhone in 2022?

In this article, we’ll do a deep dive into the iPhone 13 and its competitors, amongst what is bound to be included in the launch of the iPhone 14.

That’s enough for the intro- let’s get straight into it!

The iPhone 13

iphone 13 pro max and ipad mini 6

With pre-orders being available on the 17th of September back in 2021, it came to no surprise when the market was flooded with iPhone 13s on the 24th of September when it was officially available.

Being the 15th generation and successors to the initial iPhones back a decade and a half ago, these iPhone 13s came with revamped rear cameras in a diagonal format.

Alongside this, the Face ID True Depth sensor was about 20% smaller than its predecessors.

With a 6-core CPU, 4-core GPU and 16-core Neural Engine amongst its 6.1 inch display with Super Retina XDR OLED technology, it sure made the iPhone 12 feel obsolete!

The feel of the flat chassis combined with the vibrant and crisp variety of colors puts it in the upper echelon of iPhones that have been released to date.

Of course, in usual Apple fashion, there are four variants at a range of different prices.

Starting with the Apple iPhone 13 Mini from the lower range of about $700, to the upper range of about $1,100 (the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max), there is something that suits everyone.

Therefore, it ultimately comes down to your requirements.

If you want that amazingly fast processor, insanely high quality camera alongside the larger screen- the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max would be your best bet.

iPhone 13 Vs iPhone 14

iphone 13 pro in apple store

Considering that there’s no official release till the Apple event in early September, we’ve only got rumors of what’s to come.

Even though they’re just rumors, they’re still viable to read into and also to keep in mind when you’re considering upgrading or to take advantage of the lower prices of the iPhone 13.

One of the tech-breaking rumors is the notion of how the iPhone 14 Mini will not exist- rather, the lower range of the iPhone 14 would be the base model itself (the iPhone 14).

This has been rumored from past sales where the ‘mini’ version wasn’t hitting the mark, so instead of having ‘4 variants,’ it’s been cut down to ‘3 variants’ instead!

With this being said, it leads to another rumor of how the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone Max Pro variants will be receiving larger camera bumps due to the new camera hardware systems.

It’s been discussed that instead of the 12 MP camera in the iPhone 13, it’ll be bumped up to a whopping 48 MP camera in the newer iPhone 14s.

This would allow for higher quality images, videos, and of course speeds for focusing on those minute details in the shot.

Another key rumor is the chip hardware upgrade between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

In regular Apple fashion, we’re bound to always improve in speed, and it’s been rumored that there will be an estimated 11% performance boost and 22% increase in power efficiency due to the enhanced A16 bionic chipset compared to the A15 bionic predecessor.

These bountiful improvements are definitely worth the time and effort for you to conduct even more research before you invest in your next iPhone.

However, as you can imagine: In our technologically-savvy world, we can safely state that there will also be the release of some very strong competitors that have the potential to be viable alternatives to the iPhone as well!

The Ever-Improving Competitors

samsung galaxy s20 in different colors

Since the creation of smartphones, technological giants such as Samsung, OnePlus and Google have given Apple a run for its money by releasing viable alternatives to Apple’s iPhone.

Here we’ll give you a quick overview of a few smartphones that you may be interested in as well.

It’s safe to state that ever since the first iPhone was released decades ago, Samsung has definitely gone toe-to-toe with Apple with its ‘Galaxy series.’

With respect to the iPhone 14, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 is definitely one of the leading viable options that buyers may like to consider.

With the Samsung Galaxy S22, the screen’s display is in the same range of being in the 6.1 locale, while the Octa Core hardware set alongside the drastically higher camera quality (upper 50 MP ranges) shows superiority when compared with the iPhone.

With prices ranging from $700 to $1200, it makes itself a very nice alternative to Apple’s iPhone 14.

Other than this, OnePlus’ 10 Pro also proves itself as another option to the Apple iPhone 14.

With similar hardware attributes across the board, it sets itself apart by having a standard 6.7 inch screen alongside its 120Hz Fluid AMOLED for that faster frame rate.

It’s not certain, but the range of prices start from as little as $900 to as high as $1300 depending on where you shop- so make sure you do your own due diligence to find the best supplier for your area!

Finally, besides being the largest search engine, Google’s Pixel 6 also plays as another worthy competitor to the iPhone 14.

This is due to the fact that it has standard screen sizes ranging from 6.4 inches to 6.7 inches, alongside its high computing power and 50 MP high quality camera.

With prices starting from $1,000, it is on the pricier side compared to the other alternatives; however, it’s definitely worth it if you love huge amounts of storage and optimum security.

To Summarize

Whether you are a technologically-savvy deviant, or just looking to buy a new phone to replace your brick- it comes down to what you need on a daily basis.

It may be worth buying the new iPhone in 2022 for its technological improvements compared to its predecessors, but it’s always good to do that extra research to make sure you get the right phone for your fit!

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