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How Do I Find My Saved Videos On My Phone In 2024? (Easy Methods)

It’s pretty easy to record or download videos on a smartphone, but it can be a bit of a challenge to find them at times!

This issue mainly occurs when you want to send photos or videos through your PC, and can’t seem to find the video’s folder or location.

So, if you’re wondering, “How do I find my saved videos on my phone?” You’ve come to the right place!

Fortunately, you can quickly locate a saved video using your Gallery or the file manager app.

In regards to the file manager, it’s possible to download a third-party version if you cannot access one on your Android device currently.

This article covers everything you need to know about how to find saved videos on your phone, so keep reading!

How Do I Find Saved Videos On My Phone?

women recording themselves using a smartphone

Videos and photos are typically stored on your phone’s memory, or external storage like an SD card.

If you recorded the video on your phone’s camera app, head to the “DCIM” folder.

With downloaded clips, you’ll find them in the “Downloads” folder on your phone memory or external storage.

Another video-seeking hack is setting the file transfer option on your phone to PTP mode. This way, you’ll only see videos and photos inside the DCIM folder.

Where Are My Saved Videos On My Phone?

Here’s a brief guide to help you locate saved videos on your smartphone storage:

Check Your Gallery

Although some Android phones don’t have a Gallery feature, it’s typically one of the best ways to locate your videos and pictures quickly.

Start by swiping up from the bottom of your screen to access all of your apps.

After that, click on the Gallery, and you’ll see all your saved videos and pictures (including Favorite Images). You can sort your videos by date or in albums to find them much faster!

File Manager

Every Android phone should have a file manager app that organizes your files, images, and videos.

Here’s how to use the File Manager app:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to view all your applications.
  • Select the Files or File Manager from the drawer. Once inside, you’ll find multiple categories such as downloads, images, videos, etc.
  • You’ll find all your downloaded and saved videos in the Videos sub-folder. On the other hand, if you know the exact location, you should look for that particular folder instead.
  • Head back to the file manager’s main page and scroll down. Here, you’ll find two main folders: Internal storage and SD card. Click on either option to view each folder.
  • Head to the Download folder on your SD card or phone memory if you downloaded the video through your browser. The DCIM folder should hold all your recorded videos.
  • You can also avoid the hassle of flipping through multiple folders by using the Search icon. Enter the name of the video into the search bar and start the process of finding your video!

Third-Party File Manager App

es file explorer and file manager appplications

Some Android phones don’t come with a default file manager app, while others may be difficult to use.

You may routinely end up even more confused while trying to locate your media with the default offering!

However, a third-party file manager app can make the task of seeking videos on your phone way easier.

Head to the Play Store and download the Es File Manager app, Files by Google app or Files Go.

If you think a saved video has disappeared from your smartphone, it’s definitely helpful to use a third-party app to try to locate it.

Here’s how:

  • Download the file manager app from Play Store and launch the app
  • You’ll also find several folder categories in the app, such as videos, images, documents, and others.
  • Click on the Video option to access all your saved videos.
  • Additionally, you can click on the search icon and use the search field to locate the video. You’ll only need to type the video’s name in the search bar.

How To Find Saved Videos On iPhone

If you can’t find your videos on your iPhone, here are the solutions you can try out:

Use iCloud

  • You’ll first need to enable iCloud Storage. After that, head to Settings, click on General and select the “iCloud” option.

  • Next, head to Photos.” You’ll find all your saved videos here.

  • If iCloud Storage is unavailable, check your Photos app instead.
  • Alternatively, you can plug your phone into your computer and open iTunes, sync it from the top menu, and then open the DCIM folder.

Use The Search Icon

Sometimes, you can use apps besides the camera or browser to save or download videos.

Fortunately, you can quickly find your media using the search icon in the Photos app:

  • Head to the Photos app and tap on Search

locating photos app

locating search button in photos

  • Next, type the app’s name into the search field and tap on the app next to the App Store icon.

locating search bar in photos app

locating app name from search bar in photos

  • You’ll find all your saved videos and photos on this app.

locating all the photos saved from an app in photos

Note that your hidden videos and photos will not appear here. If you accidentally moved a video to the hidden folder on your iPhone, here’s how to locate it:

  • Head to the Photos app, tap on Albums and then tap on the Hidden folder option.

locating photos app

locating albums button in photos app

locating hidden in photos app

  • Select the video you want to unhide and click on the Unhide option.

locating the video that you want to unhide

locating video options in photos

locating unhide button in photos app

In Conclusion

You can easily record or download videos on your smartphone to watch them while on the go!

Once created, head to your Gallery or File Manager to locate the saved videos. However, some people can have difficulties when it comes to finding saved videos on their phones.

One of the easiest ways to find the video you want to watch is to use the search bar in the File Manager app.

You can also download a third-party app onto your Android device (such as Files By Google) or check your iCloud Storage on iOS.

Finally, make sure to check the hidden file folder on your smartphone to see if you’ve mistakenly moved the video to that folder. Happy hunting!

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