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Can You Use A Google Play Gift Card On The iPhone?

Google Play Gift Card

Do you own a Google Play gift card even though you have an iPhone? Are you seconds away from giving it to a friend because it seems incompatible with your phone?

If the question, “Can you use a Google Play gift card on iPhone,” is on your mind, you might get surprised by the answer. It would take some workarounds, but you can use your iPhone’s Google Play gift card. 

How Can You Use Your Google Play Gift Card On Your iPhone?

Google Play Gift Card

It is a fact that Google Play gift cards are incompatible with iTunes or the Apple App Store. You cannot top-up your Apple account with a Google Play gift card.

Since iOS and Android are drastically different systems, redeeming your gift card directly on your Apple account is impossible. 

Once you have an Android smartphone and a Google Play gift card, you may be curious as to how to put it to use. The method is more complicated than simply redeeming your free credits, and there are a few steps you need to follow.

In more detail, here are the steps you need to take. As long as you follow them, you can use your gift card on your iPhone.

Step 1. Create Your Google Play Account

Google Play Gift Card

Before using your gift card, you need a compatible Google Play account. You will only need to sign in if you already have a Google account.

If you do not have one, create your Google account by filling in the fields in the signup. You can only access Google Play if you have a Google account.

Step 2. Redeem Your Google Play Gift Card

Google Play Gift Card

Once you’ve created a Google Play account, you may start using the funds from your gift card. There are several ways for you to use your Google Play gift card. The most popular way to do it is using an Android phone.

You can directly top-up using your Google Play Store if you have one. However, you will need another approach if you are an iPhone user. 

To redeem your gift card credits, open a web browser and go to the redeem section. This process does not necessitate the usage of a computer, as the site is accessible from any mobile browser. To use a gift card, simply visit the site and enter the code provided.

Step 3. Rent Or Buy Your Preferred Movies Or Books On The Official Google Play Website

Google Play Gift Card

You will find links to available books and movies on the Google Play website through the navigation bar. Using your recently topped-up account, you can rent or purchase movies.

You can also buy eBooks and audiobooks using your account. This step is easy if you are logged into your Google Play account.

Search for your favorite movies or books. Once you have found them, click them. If you are interested in films, you can rent or buy them.

Renting them will cost you less, but you can only access them for a limited time. If you buy them, you get lifetime access to your movie. For books, you only have the option to purchase them.

Step 4. Install Your Preferred Google Play App On The App Store

 Google Play Gift Card

You can access your Google Play eBooks and movies even though you have an iPhone. You must install Google Play apps on your phone to do this.

You could download Google Play Movies on your iPhone’s App Store to access them if you bought movies.

If you purchased books, you could download Google Play Books instead. You can download both applications if you buy books and movies from the official Google Play website. 

Step 5. Enjoy Your Newly Bought Books And Movies On Your iPhone

Once you have finished installing your preferred application or applications, you only need one more step to enjoy them.

Open your Google Play Movies or Google Play Books and log in to your account. After you have connected it, you can find your recently bought books and movies on your iPhone. You can access these files to watch or read them on your iPhone anytime.

What Can Be Purchased With a Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift Card

If you are using an Android gadget, the things you can purchase are limitless. Using your gift card credit is also more straightforward with an Android device.

You will only need to redeem it on your Google Play account. Afterward, you can purchase a lot of things on your compatible device.

For Android users, you can buy movies, books, and music. You can buy them through the web browser or your Google Play applications.

You can also buy new applications or games on your phone. If your application uses a subscription, you can use your unused credits to pay for them. You can also do it to top up on a game or perform a one-time payment.

Your purchases are much more limited when you use an iPhone. You can still use your gift card balance, as seen in the section above.

You can access your favorite books or movies with an iPhone using Google Play applications. However, you are limited to buying movies, eBooks, and audiobooks. You can still buy music or applications through the browser but cannot access them. 

You will need an iTunes gift card if you want the same freedom with your purchases. Google Play gift cards cannot be directly redeemed for Apple accounts.

You must trade your gift card to pay for iPhone games and applications. You can also choose to sell your Google Play gift card. You can buy an iTunes gift card for the same amount using your money from that sale.


If you were wondering whether or not a Google Play gift card could be used on an iPhone, the answer is yes. You can enjoy your gift card credits on the iPhone.

You can buy books and movies that you can enjoy on your iPhone. However, it would take a few steps to do so. You will need a Google Play account and install the appropriate applications. 

You can utilize your Google Play gift card even with an iPhone. But it is an impossible task if you want to convert them into iTunes credits. You cannot buy applications or games with your Google Play gift card.

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