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What Should I Do If I Accidentally Washed My Phone Charger? (Top Tips!)

It’s the one time you forgot to empty your pockets before doing the laundry- and now you find yourself in a predicament because your precious phone charger has had an unfortunate run-in with the washing machine!

Odd as it may be, this accident happens more often than you think.

When the thought of “I accidentally washed my phone charger!” is running through your mind, what’s the next step?

Do you put your charger in a vat of uncooked rice?

Do you blow-dry it?

Or do you simply cut your losses and throw it away?

We’ll tell you, right here in this article.

Charger brands may differ, but the universal solution that usually works is to take the components apart (if they have not been separated by the washer already) and to let them dry.

Simple as it may sound- it works!

Will A Phone Charger Work After Being Washed?

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Yes, a charger can still work after getting washed.

However, it is crucial to assess the extent of water damage that may have taken place after the charger has been run through the washer- as well as to consider how old or brittle the charger already was.

When assessing for damage, look for any tears in the rubber insulation of the cable, visible dents on the adapter, or bent prongs on the head of the adapter.

Any of these marks being visible could signal impairment of the charger and potential points of entry for water.

If these marks are on your charger after the wash and were not there before, it’s also highly advised that you dispose of the charger.

This is due to the fact that droplets may have entered the cable or adapter, and it would in this case no longer be possible to reverse the damage done or dry the element out adequately.

If the accidental washing happened with some detergent or water that was not pure, the process will look different.

For example, detergent can cause attrition inside the charger if not rinsed out of the charging ports immediately afterward.

Again, if you cannot rinse the soap out completely, it’s best to invest in a new charger.

How Do You Get A Wet Charger To Work Again?

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Most modern electronic devices will work after getting wet- as long as you unplug them and dry out all the moisture properly, that is.

To ensure that the charger dries up, take the device apart.

This means removing the cable from the adapter and placing the adapter face-down for the water to exit the port.

When checking the lightning cable, wipe it down and inspect it to make sure there is no damage at the ends. Also confirm that the plastic at the tip is still intact.

A vital feature of many ‘usable-after-getting-wet’ chargers is the modern seal. This feature is essentially a seal built into the charger that prevents battery acid spillage.

There is a greater chance that your charger will still be usable if it has this seal.

Once you think you’ve dried out your phone charger sufficiently, tap the ends of the cable against your palm to get rid of any remaining water droplets.

A safe waiting period would be 24-hours before plugging it back into any electric outlet!

Observe the socket for any sudden shocks or sparks when you plug it in. If there are none, you can then plug in your phone or other mobile device and watch to see if it charges normally.

When Is It Time To Let A Charger Go?

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The obvious sign that you should say your final goodbyes to your charger would be if it explodes when you plug it in.

Needless to say, it shouldn’t reach that point!

Without even needing to plug it in, the charger will display signs that it is not safe for use and that it is time to let it go (to the rubbish bin, that is).

It’s helpful to note that water by itself is not too likely to damage the device permanently.

However, it’s just not worth using the charger when there is visible damage that has been caused directly from the wash; in these situations, it’s best to throw the adapter away.

Another scenario where you should definitely dispose of a charger is when it no longer charges your phone the same as before (prior to water exposure).

A decline in performance indicates some form of deterioration in the quality of the device, which could possibly damage your smartphone’s battery in the long run.

Therefore, it’d be in your best interests to invest in a new charger at this point!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How long should I leave a charger to dry?

It takes between one and two hours for the water to evaporate with a bit of assisted heat – from things like sunlight, a blow-dryer, or a heater – applied.

Leaving it to dry without any heat used takes approximately three to four hours.

If you don’t like to take chances and want to play it extremely safe, leave the charger to air-dry for at least 12-24 hours.

Is it safe to use a hairdryer to dry the charger?

Yes, a hairdryer at low to medium heat is safe to dry the charger out.

Do not apply the heat for too long; just a few short bursts directly into the adapter port should do the job! However, it’s still recommended that you let the charger air-dry even after this process.

How should I clean my charging cable?

The safest way to clean a charging cable is to wipe it down with a soft and moderately moist cloth.

If there is a great deal of dirt build-up, add a little bit of rubbing alcohol or soapy water onto the fabric or swab. Do not use harsh chemicals, as this can damage the cable!

In Conclusion

Generally speaking, washing your phone charger does not mean that it’s automatically “The End”.

You might be able to use it again just yet!

However, this should only be attempted after it has properly dried.

You should also make sure nothing other than water (such as soap or detergent) got inside the charger during the wash.

Then, give it an extended period to dry out.

As daunting as the minimum two-hour waiting game may be, it’s imperative to put safety first; DO NOT, under any circumstances, plug it in immediately after it has been washed through.

The last thing you want to happen is to get an electric shock or set your house on fire!

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