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What Should You Do If Your iPhone Cable Has Exposed Wires? (ANSWERED!)

iPhone charging cables can fray for various reasons- exposing the inner details we shouldn’t be seeing in the process.

If you can see the exposed wire of your iPhone cable, it’s best to get a new cable or do something about the affected area quickly.

After all, the use of damaged cables may potentially put you at risk!

Since these damaged cables can cause fire, shock, damage, or burns, it’s never a good idea to use deteriorated cables.

Additionally, if you don’t fix your cables as soon as possible, you may also be putting others around you at risk.

In situations where you share cables at work or at home, it’s best to dispose of the damaged hardware ASAP.

Why Do iPhone Cables Crack?

A charging cable comes with three distinct layers:

  • An outer plastic or rubber covering;
  • The inner colored insulator that prevents wear and tear; and
  • The actual copper wires through which the electric current flows.

However, these flexible wires and insulators are also fragile.

A simple harder-than-usual tug on an iPhone cable may cause the wires to fray quickly!

Oftentimes, forcefully pulling the charger from the iPhone’s charging port and socket can cause the cable to crack.

So don’t be surprised if the rubber layer begins to tear away from the edges, exposing the inner wires over time.

Although these wires are flexible, the manufacturers did not design them to last very long. Furthermore, your cables will fray even more easily if they are being bent regularly.

Therefore, folding your charging cable is one of the quickest ways to cause damage to it!

Improper use of the iPhone cable can weaken the rubber layer and eventually expose the internal wires.

So, to avoid unwanted damage, it is vital to refrain from forcefully bending your cables while charging and ensure they’re not folded in your pockets or storage.

Since there are plenty of fake iPhone charging cables out there in the market, you should also know how to spot and avoid the fakes.

Use of fake charging cables can be a recipe for disaster!

The outer plastic covering on fake cables is usually thin and subpar. Additionally, your cables could get trapped under a door or chair, or your pet could chew on them to expose the wire within.

Although these situations aren’t your fault, such accidents can quickly cause cracks in your cables. Thus, it’s important to have a dedicated storage space for your cables as an added safety measure.

Are Exposed iPhone Charger Wires Dangerous?

iPhone and cable

Using exposed charging cables may put you and those around you at risk!

It goes without saying that it can be bad for your smartphone as well.

As such, we strongly advise against the use of chargers with exposed wires.

Here are four possible dangers of using them:

You Risk Blowing Up Your Device

One important aspect about the use of damaged chargers is that they can deliver fluctuating current at any time.

Such surges may damage or burn the internal components of your iPhone!

If the additional cost of a new legitimate charging cable is keeping you from purchasing one, keep in mind that replacing a charging cable is far less expensive than replacing a damaged phone.

There is also the added risk of causing irreparable damage to your iPhone’s battery.

Don’t be surprised when the battery suddenly begins to drain too quickly after using a faulty cable for so long!

Risk Of Fire Outbreak

When a damaged charging cable with exposed wires sends fluctuating electricity into your iPhone, the device may heat up.

Subsequently, this can lead to a fire outbreak.

If visible damage to the outermost layer of your cable wasn’t already enough to convince you to purchase a new wire, one clear sign to know when to dump a cracked charger cable is when it causes your device to overheat.

If you’re not experiencing this issue with other chargers, then it’s best to dump that cable faster than you would a toxic ex-lover!

However, if you still want to use your breaking cable, it’s best to find a way to fix the broken areas using insulative materials (which we’ll discuss later on).

Personal Safety Risks

charging phone on fire

We’ve all heard stories of celebrities or people who have been physically injured while on a call at the same time their phones were charging.

If your body or hands are wet and there is an improper flow of electricity into the device, there is a chance you’ll get zapped, severely electrocuted, and even burned!

The outer rubber case of your cables acts as an insulator, and once the insulation wears off, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a nasty shock or burn when your skin comes into contact with the naked wire.

High Electricity Repair Bill

If an accident happens because of your damaged phone cable, you are likely liable for the repair costs.

For example, should the exposed wires cause a short circuit in your apartment or the entire building, that will require substantial repair costs, and you may have to pay the entire bill!

Additionally, other electronic appliances in your home are also at risk.

You may end up with a multitude of damaged home appliances, and replacing these items won’t be cheap.

Thus, it’s best to fix or stop using iPhone cables with exposed wires quickly rather than pay for damage that was avoidable.

However, if these reasons still aren’t enough to deter you from using a faulty charger cable, in this next section we’ll discuss how to temporarily repair the wire to a passable standard of serviceability.

How Do You Fix An Exposed Wire On Your iPhone Charger?

stacked iphone cables

If you have an iPhone cable with exposed wires, here are tips on how you can remedy the problem:

Get A New Charger

Again, we highly recommend outright replacing the faulty hardware instead of attempting to fix it.

So, if you have a few bucks to spare, it’s best to get a new charging cable instead of trying to fix the damaged product.

It really isn’t advisable to manage or use a broken cable as the risks are way too many!

Once you notice that your wires have frayed ends, the best option is to throw the cable away.

Remember, finding a good affordable replacement charger online or in store is always an option!

Put Electrical Tape Over The Broken Area

If you can’t get a new charger immediately, your next best option is to wrap sufficient electrical tape around the exposed wires.

Before wrapping the wires, be sure to unplug the cable from a power source.

Once disconnected from a power source, begin to wrap a tape firmly around the cable and make sure you cover every exposed area.

However, note that wrapping the wires with electrical tape doesn’t provide 100 percent insulation, so it’s best to be cautious while charging your phone with the damaged cable.

Additionally, wrapping the cable with tape can cause resistance, making the wires heat up and deliver an insufficient charge. This can also be detrimental for your phone’s battery.

Use an Old-School Phone Cable Protector

Another option is to wrap an old-school phone cable protector around the charging wire.

If your charging cable is extra-long, get a piece that can easily cover the entire length. Diligently wrap the protector around the cord and ensure it covers the whole cable.

Although this is a fairly simple task, it can take some time to do it right.

Use A Glue Gun

Electric hot glue gun with stand and white glue sticks on wooden background.

Applying glue to your frayed cable can also provide a level of insulation and protection.

First, ensure that the cable is clean before attaching the bond to the frayed portion of the wire.

Next, grab a piece of baking paper and mold the glue around the damaged part of the cable.

Be very careful while attempting this method because the glue can get hot!

Fix Cable Bites

Although this method is not the most practical, it does make your cable look super cute!

Just slide the bites over the exposed area, and that’s it!

Apply A Shrink Tube

It’s certainly satisfying to see how these tubes shrink under heat.

Shrink tubes come in different sizes and prices, so it’s up to you to find the right fit for your cable.

Simply follow the steps below to apply the tube:

  • Slide a piece of the tube over the broken part of your iPhone cable;
  • Heat gently with a hairdryer until the tube shrinks.

The tube will cover the frayed areas and effectively replace the worn-out rubber insulator!

In Conclusion

If you handle your charging cables carelessly, prepare to pay for a replacement soon.

However, iPhone charging cables are flexible and can usually last for quite a long time if handled with proper care.

Whenever you notice an iPhone cable with an exposed wire, please don’t ignore it!

Instead, if you’re unable to immediately get a suitable replacement, it’s best to find ways to cover the broken part and exposed wires.

Please feel free to use the tips we have discussed in this article!

However, if you don’t have much in the way of DIY skills and for some reason can’t replace the faulty hardware, it’s best then to hire a professional phone repair technician to carry out the job.

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