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How To Set An Alarm For A Future Date On The iPhone (2 Easy Ways!)

Setting alarms for future dates on iPhones is definitely very helpful in ensuring that you don’t forget important appointments.

However, the unfortunate fact is you can’t exactly set the alarm clock for a future date on your device.

When you set the alarm on your device, you will do so using the Clock app; this application will actually only allow you to set alarms for a particular day of the week, and not a specific date later in the month.

Shock, horror! Was “How to Set an Alarm for a Future Date” a misleading title?!

Hold your horses!

We still have a solution!

If you do want to set alarms for future dates, you’ll instead have to use the Reminders app.

This application will help you set alarms as handy reminders for upcoming dates and appointments, as far in the future as you’d like!

With this app, you can also customize your reminders in a way where they are the most helpful for you and provide the information that you need.

These reminders will assist you in managing your time, planning out your schedule, and reminding you of upcoming deadlines.

To make sure that you no longer miss project deadlines or important dates and events, the remainder of our article will guide you in setting these alarms successfully!

How Do You Set The iPhone Alarm for a Future Date?

iphone alarm set on screen

There are two ways you can do this on an iPhone – either manually or through Siri.

However, I prefer the manual method, as it allows me to set everything with maximum precision.

Steps To Set A Reminder Manually

iphone and an alarm clock

Step #1. Click on the Reminders app.

You will see a Reminders icon on your iPhone. Tap on it!

locating reminders app

Step #2. Exit the List, if any.

If you see a ‘+ New Reminder‘ button on the bottom-left corner of your screen, you can skip this step. If not, there is probably a list open in your Reminders app.

If this is the case, you need to tap on the List’s name (e.g. ‘scheduled’ or ‘reminders’) that will be in the top-left corner of your screen.

Once you do this, you should be able to then see all the lists. You will now also see a ‘+ New Reminder‘ button in the bottom-left corner of your iPhone.

locating lists button

Step #3. Add a Reminder.

Now, tap on the ‘+ New Reminder‘ button in the bottom-left corner.

locating new reminder button

Step #4. Add a Title and Location.

Add a title to your reminder. You can also use the “Location” option for your reminder.

locating add title and add location button

Step #5. Select date and time.

You can now select the date and time for your reminder.

You can also make your reminder repeat its notification by tapping on the ‘Repeat’ option and selecting how you want to repeat the alarm.

locating add date and add time button

Step #6. Set priority.

You can also set a priority for your reminder.

This is very useful when you have placed multiple reminders. Setting priority for your reminders helps you improve the organization of your day.

The reminder with the most ‘!‘ signs will receive the highest priority.

locating priority button

Step #7. Add a reminder to a list.

You can choose to skip this step if it’s not necessary for you.

There is a function to select a specific list in which you want your task to appear.

So, if you want to categorize it, tap on the ‘list’ option and choose the List of your choice. Otherwise, you can let it be, and the reminder goes to the list by default.

locating list option

Step #8. Add a note.

If you would like to add more to your reminder than just the title name, you can add a note.

Doing so will allow you to add a message for yourself in your reminder.

This will give your reminder more clarity, especially if the title is vague or you think that you’re likely to forget the reminder’s purpose!

Your note will appear once the reminder eventually goes off.

locating add notes

Step #9. Finishing up.

Now, you’re all done with setting up your ‘Alarm for a future date’ or reminder!

Next, you’ll need to tap the ‘Done’ button.

You should now see your reminder whenever you open the app. Your reminder will ring using the default alarm sound, along with showing the title and note attached when the date and time arrives.

locating done button

Steps To Setting Up A Reminder Using Siri

using siri in iphone

This is an effortless and quick way of setting up a reminder. All you need to do is follow the steps you already use to interact with Siri!

Step #1. Press and Hold the Home or Power Button.

This will activate Siri, after which you can start giving your instructions.

Step #2. Giving Instructions.

You can now tell Siri what you want to be reminded of and when.

However, you have to be as brief yet specific as possible.

(Quite the oxymoron. Hence why I prefer the manual method!)

For example, you could say, “Remind me to buy groceries at 4 PM tomorrow“. If you say this, your reminder will be set properly.

If you only state the instruction vaguely with a phrase such as “Remind me to buy groceries”, Siri will ask you to set a date and time at that very moment.

You can then respond by saying, “Tomorrow at 4 PM“, which would then complete the Reminder setup.

You can also use Siri to remind yourself of something when you’re at a specific location (E.g. “Remind me to buy groceries when I am at XYZ Store“.

Step #3. Checking Reminders

You can check whether you have any Reminders by asking Siri, “Do I have any reminders today?

Siri will then inform you of any reminders that you have for that day.

You can also check if your verbal reminder to Siri is set on the Reminders App by using our instruction in the above section (‘Setting Reminders Manually‘).

In Conclusion

Reminders on your iPhone are very beneficial, as they will help you to set alarms for future dates and manage your day better!

When used correctly, they’ll definitely boost your productivity and may even help you to avoid some awkward situations that you may otherwise face due to forgetfulness.

We hope that you now have a working understanding of the two methods of adding reminders on your iPhone after reading this article.

Now, it’s time for you to hop onto your device and set some reminders for upcoming events, deadlines, and important dates in your life!

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