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How To Forward Calls From A Broken Cell Phone: Concise Guide!

how to forward calls from a broken cell phone

Disaster strikes. 

You’ve accidentally dropped/kicked/thrown/slammed your beloved mobile phone into the ground- and in a flash, your trusted digital assistant is no more. 

To keep in contact with your loved ones and business contacts, one of the first actions you should take is arranging to forward your calls to a functioning cell phone so that your life can continue with minimal interruption. 

So that’s why you’re here: You want to learn just how to forward calls from a broken cell phone!

The steps you will need to take to forward your calls from a broken cellphone will vary based upon your type of phone. 

However, regardless of your phone brand, the first step will remain the same: 

Contact your service provider!

Your network provider will be able to help you to arrange rerouting your incoming calls with a fairly easy and straightforward procedure. 

Once you have arranged for this service with your network, you will find yourself able to pick up your calls again in no time at all!

Step One: Find A Functioning Cell Phone To Forward Your Calls To

Find A Functioning Cell Phone To Forward Your Calls To
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If you can manage to remove your SIM card from your damaged phone, receiving calls from an alternative device will be a quick and pain-free procedure. 

All you need to do is remove the SIM from your broken cellphone and insert it into a different, functioning phone. 

Follow any prompts you may receive when you switch your new device on- and you’re done! You will be able to continue receiving your communications as normal. 

However, if you cannot get your SIM card out of your damaged device- or, perhaps, do not have a spare phone lying around- you will need to ask around friends and family to find an alternative phone you can use temporarily. 

Once you’ve got a hold of a different, working phone, make sure you have the correct number for the cellphone and your own correct cellphone number. Then, you’re ready to begin.

What does it mean to forward a call?  

When you ask your service provider to forward your calls to another number, you are asking them to link your original number and the new number you have provided. 

When someone calls your normal phone number, the call will automatically be redirected to the new number without the caller knowing that this is happening. 

Neither you nor the caller will have to do anything out of the ordinary.

However,  this operation does not apply to text messages, and you will be unable to receive any texts on your forwarding device.  

Step Two: Call Your Service Provider

Call Your Service Provider

Find a working phone line and call your service provider’s customer care line. 

Verizon customer care line: 1(800) 922-0204

Mint mobile customer care line: 1(800) 683-7392

T-Mobile customer care line: 1(877) 453-1304

You will more than likely need to follow automated prompts to get through to a customer service agent, but be patient and you will be able to access help after this delay. 

Step Three: Tell Your Service Provider Exactly What You Need

Tell Your Service Provider Exactly What You Need

Ensure that you have all of the relevant information organized and are ready to provide them to your service provider to ensure that they will be able to help you. 

This will save you the hassle of potentially having to call back and begin the process again!

Most service providers will need the following information to help you with your request: 

  • Your current phone number.
  • The new number that you are wanting to forward your calls to.
  • Any specific passwords associated with your account.

Make sure to ask questions about any potential surcharges that might be included in forwarding your calls. 

Some service providers will need some time to process your request. 

Try as much as you can to show patience here and understand that the customer service agent you are talking to probably has no control over what they can and cannot process and the time it takes to do so!

Step Four: Double-Check That All Is Well 

One you have finished speaking with an agent from your service provider, they should have been able to confirm that your calls will be forwarded to your requested number. 

You should allow some time for the call forwarding process to be set up, the customer service agent you have just spoken to should have been able to give you a ballpark estimation as to how long this will take. 

Then, you can do a self-check to make sure your calls are being forwarded to the correct number

Call your original cellphone number from another phone and have your new forwarding cellphone close by to check if any new calls are coming through. 

Wait for the call and, once received, you will know that your call forwarding service has been set up successfully and you are good to go! 

If your calls are not being forwarded, don’t hesitate to phone your service provider and ask them why! 

They should be able to easily identify what is wrong and fix any present issues. So, always take the time to call back and ask, and you will get any problems sorted out as quickly as possible.  

The Final Calling Card

Having a broken cellphone can be an incredible inconvenience in today’s modern world. 

A broken cell phone will disconnect you from those you love, those that rely on you, and those that you need to rely on. 

Our world has become so integrated with our tech devices it is almost impossible to function without them! 

And it’s because of this, being able to forward your incoming calls to a new number while still retaining your old number is such an important function. 

Your service provider will understand this as well as anyone else and will already have great systems in place to help you get your calls back and get your life moving again. 

Find a new number, call your service provider to arrange call forwarding, and the problem will be solved! 

Your social, business and online lives can continue uninterrupted.

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