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Why Is My Facebook Messenger Call Beeping Instead Of Ringing? (7 Possible Reasons)

Apps such as Facebook Messenger have definitely made our day-to-day activities much more manageable, enjoyable, and convenient.

Unfortunately, it can still be a bit confusing sometimes with its specific ringtones and caller tones that have different meanings.

“What does this tone mean?”

“How about that one?”

“Are Facebook Messenger tones the same as telephone tones?”

Read on, and we’ll discuss the answers to these and more!

Facebook Messenger tones can certainly be confounding, but we’ll do our very best to provide you with valuable and the most up-to-date information.

Within that, we will also answer the question, “Why is my Facebook Messenger call beeping instead of ringing?”

Possible reasons for this include the person you’re attempting to call being busy, your call being declined, the receiver turning off their phone, or them disabling voice calls altogether!

Vice versa, you may also be wondering why incoming calls’ sounds are just beeps.

This may be due to a change in ringtone, or that both parties may be having trouble connecting to the internet.

We’ll dive deeper into each possible cause of beeping for both incoming and outgoing calls. Then, we’ll discuss ways to fix and replace those beeping noises with the proper ringing sound!

Let’s get straight into it!

The Person Is Busy

woman on call with someone

The first and most common reason is that the person might be busy.

Hearing beeping sounds can mean that the receiver is currently talking to another person on Messenger.

If you call a person who’s in another conversation, the ringing tone will stop. You’ll simply hear a beep, and then the call will hang up automatically.

After that, you’ll receive a message notifying you that the person is in another call.

When this happens, simply wait for the person to finish their conversation- then attempt the call again!

The Person Declined Your Call

The next possibility is that the person has declined your call.

Reasons from the receiver will of course vary, but it could just be that they’re currently in the middle of something.

Here’s a hot tip:

If you hear a beep after 21 rings (count them… 21, exactly), it means that the person didn’t/wasn’t around to pick up.

If the ringing sound stops before that number, it means the person likely pressed the “Decline” button.

Chances are, they’re just busy with errands or work- unless of course you have bad blood with the call recipient, which would then mean their reasons may be entirely different!

(For this specifically, we’re powerless to help. But good luck with that!)

We can also never dismiss the possibility that the person may have used the “Take a Break” feature on you.

This Facebook feature allows you to stop seeing posts of a particular friend, and vice versa. If you feel like unfriending or blocking someone is a bit too rude, it can come in particularly handy.

Although this feature won’t directly cause beeping sounds, it’s a good measure of whether a person is ignoring you or not.

If you’re curious, here’s a way to find out:

The best and most effective way to know if a person “took a break” from you is to ask your mutual friends.

If they’re seeing recent posts from your friend that you haven’t, it’s very likely that they’ve used the “Take a Break” function on you!

The Recipient Turned Off Their Phone

woman turning her phone off to sleep

The phone of the person you’re calling might be off if Facebook Messenger makes beeping sounds instead of ringing.

The same can be true if their WiFi and mobile data are turned off.

There’s an easy way to tell if your contact is offline.

If you don’t see a green dot on the lower right corner of your friend’s display photo, then this means that they’re not currently active on their phone!

Beeping sounds will arise if they’re unavailable.

Similar to the solution of the first and second potential reasons discussed above, simply try calling them again after some time.

However, if your call is urgent, try contacting someone that you know for sure is with them.

Are you still having trouble reaching them?

How about this: Try a different account of theirs, or simply call their phone instead of using Facebook Messenger!

Person Disabled Voice Calls

Another possible reason as to why you’re hearing beeping sounds on Messenger calls is that the person may have also disabled audio and video calls entirely.

They can do this by changing Facebook Messenger permissions on their phone settings.

If they’ve disabled the phone, camera, and microphone permissions on their phone, Messenger voice calls won’t be accessible for them.

There are no viable solutions other than asking the person to enable these permissions again.

Since chat is still enabled, it wouldn’t hurt to ask via that medium!

Slow Or Weak Internet Connection

frustrated man due to weak internet connection

More often than not, there’s one main culprit as to why you’re encountering beeping sounds when trying to make a call on Facebook Messenger: Connectivity issues!

If you have slow mobile data or WiFi, there’s a good chance that your call won’t go through, resulting in beeping instead of ringing (or even a “Call failed” notification).

Some phone models have the ability to display your current internet speed beside your signal bar in the upper right corner of your screen.

If you have one of these phones, simply check your displayed internet speed to see if it’s sufficient for a call via Facebook Messenger.

Are you still unsure of your internet speed? Simply visit a speed test website to determine the rate.

This site is a great place to test your current network speeds.

If your connection is weak, move to an area with a stronger signal. Your internet service provider may also be the cause of the weak connection.

To solve this, your options are:

  • Contacting your service provider
  • Checking other devices that are connected
  • Getting a WiFi extender
  • Switching to another ISP
  • Upgrading to a better plan.

You’ve Changed Your Ringtone

The reasons mentioned above are primarily on the recipient’s end or outgoing calls.

If you hear beeping instead of ringing in your Facebook calls, it could be due to your ringtone.

Facebook Messenger allows you to change ringtones, and there’s a chance you might’ve unknowingly changed your ringtone into a beep sound!

To revert your ringtone to its default setting, follow these steps below:

  • Open your Messenger app.
  • Log in to your account (feel free to skip this step if you’re already logged in).
  • Tap on your profile picture in the upper left corner.

locating your profile on messenger

  • Select Notifications & sounds, then Text tone.

locating notifications and sounds button on messenger

locating text tone button on messenger

  • The “Pop Ding” ringtone is the one chosen by default, but you may choose others based on your preferences.

locating the text tone choices on messenger

Facebook Messenger App Issues

facebook messenger on lg smartphone with a coffee on the side

Facebook Messenger is certainly not invincible when it comes to bugs that users may find inconvenient on a case-to-case basis.

Sometimes, even though you’re not talking to someone else at the moment, your contacts will receive a busy notification when attempting to contact you (and vice versa).

There are also instances where you can’t contact someone, even though they’re seemingly available.

Don’t worry though, because this section will teach you basic troubleshooting to get past these issues!

First, report your problem to Facebook. Although others may find this taxing and pointless, doing so actually helps to improve Facebook Messenger.

There’s a neat little feature that Facebook Messenger has developed.

If ever you find yourself encountering an issue, simply shake your phone, and a prompt will show up asking you to report your problem.

If this feature is unavailable to you, access Settings by pressing on your profile picture. Following that, scroll down until you see the Report a Problem option.

Facebook’s bugs usually get resolved within three to seven days.

If your call is urgent, try clearing Facebook Messenger’s cache. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Apps, and scroll until you find the Messenger icon and click on it.
  • Find the Clear Cache option, and select it.

If this still isn’t effective, try clearing data instead.

If after clearing data you still show as unavailable on Messenger, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This may be a good time to check if the app needs to be updated as well!

Is this method still not getting the desired results?

Unfortunately, the last resort will be carrying out a factory reset on your device. Be wary, though; this method erases all of your data- backup important files to prevent any data loss!

Further Reading

man on call while in a balcony

To research more about Facebook Messenger, we suggest visiting the Messenger Help Center.

If you’ve come to the end of our article empty-handed, consider asking Facebook support for more assistance. They will have compiled every possible scenario that users may encounter!

In Conclusion

There are many potential reasons as to why your Facebook Messenger call is beeping instead of ringing.

People may be busy, or they could be declining your call. It’s also possible that their phone is turned off, or that they’ve disabled voice calls.

Reasons might stem from your end as well, and you might have changed your ringtone and forgotten you have done so. There’s also a chance that beeping sounds are due to a slow internet connection and app issues.

Many of the solutions involve communicating the issues you’re experiencing to the receiver- call or message them again and ask them if they know why you’re having difficulties connecting!

Some of the methods require a little technical know-how, such as resetting the phone and fixing the internet connection.

However, they’re easy enough- and once you’ve got your app fixed, you’ll be well on your way to calling smoothly again!

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