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Why Does My Phone Keep Beeping During Calls? (4 Possibilities!)

While it’s not always easy to determine the specific reason as to why your phone keeps beeping during a call, there are several possibilities.

If you’re currently scratching your head, wondering, “Why does my phone keep beeping during calls?” Your device may beep during a conversation for a few reasons such as:

  • Incoming calls
  • New notifications
  • Call recording activation
  • Minute minder settings

among a few others.

For example, your phone may also constantly beep if you have unread voice messages.

If you have voicemails that you need to listen to, you may then hear beeping sounds when trying to make a call!

The solution to the beeping in this instance is quite simple, as all you would need to do is listen to your messages and proceed to make your new call.

However, to confirm the exact reason as to why your phone is beeping, you’ll likely need to do some troubleshooting.

If you are sure the beeping isn’t because of a new notification or call, then your phone’s sound and call settings should be able to provide answers for you!

What Does It Mean When Your Phone Beeps During A Call?

A phone that beeps during a call could mean different things depending on the situation and your phone’s sound settings.

A few of the most common causes and meanings of beeps during a call have been listed below:

Minute Minder

A Minute Minder or Minute Counter is a feature present on many smartphones that allows the user to ensure accountability during a call.

When a minute minder is active, your phone will beep every minute until the end of a call.

The beeping allows you to keep track of the time spent on a call and to not be carried away in the throes of good conversation.

The feature is particularly helpful for those that do not have an unlimited calling plan, as it can help you to save your hard-earned cash.

Whatever your reason may be, your phone will beep all through a call if the minute minder is turned on.


phone with notification

Whenever you receive a new message or event, your phone will usually notify you via a visual or audio alert.

This will happen regardless of whether you are on a call or not; in other words, if you are on a call and keep getting new notifications, your phone will keep letting you know!

Call Waiting

If you are already talking on the phone and get another incoming call, your phone may notify you with a beep.

This is due to the fact that since you’re already on a call, your phone can’t ring out like it normally would!

Therefore, your phone will likely keep beeping to notify you of the new call.

In this situation, you’re then left to either decline the incoming call to stop the beeping sound, or to end your current call to accept the new one.

It’s also possible to pick up the new call and place the first one on hold. If that doesn’t work, you may want to then deactivate the Call Waiting feature in the Call settings.

Once you do this, you will no longer get new calls when you are currently already on a call. Instead, the person calling you will receive a “user busy” notification!

Call Recording

woman smiling on call

If you have Call Recording turned on, your phone will beep during each call to tell you that the function is working and ongoing.

Likewise, if the party at the other end is recording the call, you may also hear beeps notifying you of the ongoing documentation. However, this may not occur in every case.

It’s always good to confirm that your call recording feature is off if you think this may be causing the constant beeping!

How Do I Get My Phone To Stop Beeping During Calls?

Getting your phone to stop beeping should be simple enough once you find out the true cause.

Even if you don’t know the exact cause yet, you can troubleshoot using the suggestions below to hopefully stop the annoying chirping!

Disable The Minute Minder

Since Minute Minders are most likely the culprit for the beeping, it’d probably be very effective to disable them!

Before you do so, it’s important that you’re confident that you no longer need the feature.

After all, a constant beep is much better than unintentionally talking for hours on the phone and burning through your minutes!

To turn off the function:

Go to your phone’s Sound Settings, select Extra Tones, and turn the Minute Minder off.

If you do not find it in those settings, you may find it in the Call Settings.

When you disable the Minute Minder your phone will no longer count the minutes, and the beeping should stop!

Make Sure Your Phone Screen Is Off During Calls

businessman on call

Your phone is equipped with a proximity sensor that triggers the screen to go off when you call. This sensor works when you put your phone against your ear or anything else during a call.

If you do not activate this sensor, your screen will remain on. When the screen is on, your phone is more likely to make sounds and beep when you get notifications.

Therefore, make sure you manually turn off the screen if necessary!

Enable “Do Not Disturb.”

“Do Not Disturb” is a surefire way to stop your phone from beeping during calls, and activating this feature is the equivalent of putting your phone on Silent Mode.

Once it’s activated, your phone will not disturb you regardless of the notification or calls that may arrive. There will be no beeping or other sounds whatsoever!

Even when you’re on a call, another incoming call will not cause beeping or make any other sounds. Despite this, you’ll still receive all the calls and messages that are directed towards your phone.

However, a potential disadvantage is that you may miss these calls and notifications unless you actively look at your notification screen.

Check Call And Sound Settings

smartphone settings

If you’re still not sure why your phone is beeping during calls, it’s best then to check the settings.

Go to the Call Settings located in your phone’s General Settings to personalize your calling experience.

Check Call Alerts, Answering/Ending Call Settings, and other call settings to ensure that you’ve selected all the correct options for you.

Activate Silent Notifications

If you’re prone to receiving many notifications, it can be best for your productivity (and sanity) to make them all silent.

This way, they won’t interfere or distract you when you’re making calls!

Go to your phone’s Sound and Notification Settings to activate Silent Notifications. These settings are also customizable.

Another way to achieve this is to click on the notification in the notification box and change its setting from there. From here, you can decide whether to make it completely silent, or to allow vibrations only.

In Conclusion

There’s usually little cause for alarm if your phone keeps beeping during calls!

Most of the time, it will simply be caused by new notifications for incoming calls or messages.

Nevertheless, you should be able to stop the beeping by simply looking at your Sound or Notification settings.

Ensure that your Sounds and Call Settings are to your preference.

However, if the problem persists after following all our recommendations, it could be a more serious device malfunction that needs to be checked out by a technician.

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