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Does FaceTime Drain Battery In 2024? (Facts You Should Know!)

FaceTime is certainly one of the most frequently-used apps among iPhone owners.

It’s undoubtedly one of the best-performing apps when it comes to video calls due to its high audio and video quality.

But the question remains: Does FaceTime drain battery significantly?

Like many other apps that utilize your iPhone’s camera, it can drain a considerable amount of battery during use.

Nevertheless, take comfort in the fact that FaceTime does not deplete your iPhone battery as much as the high-end video games you might be playing on your iPhone!

Games that utilize high-definition graphics consume your phone battery much more than FaceTime, which is actually one of the lower battery-consuming apps on your phone in comparison- especially considering that it uses the camera.

As an iPhone user, you can quickly and easily check how much battery FaceTime is using.

Simply go to the “Settings” of your iPhone and check how much battery each app consumes.

Here, you’ll be able to see how much time you have spent on FaceTime, and how much battery it has consumed.

Based on how much time you spend on other apps, you can adjust your FaceTime usage to save more battery power.

Your iPhone’s battery can also deplete faster when you are using FaceTime if your device is one of the older models.

Generally, iPhone batteries can last for a decent number of years, but like all things new they’re at their peak performance in the first two years of use.

If your iPhone is older than this, you may find that your iPhone’s battery is being depleted much faster than previously.

It may be worth noting that Apple actually offers replacement batteries at affordable prices.

If you use FaceTime or other apps that consume more battery, then replacing your battery can be a good idea.

Another viable option to invest in an external battery pack or power bank if you need to use FaceTime for extended hours at a time!

Why Does FaceTime Drain Battery So Fast?

woman surprised while on facetime

FaceTime usually drains the battery quite quickly due to its use of video calling services.

Any app that relies on video features and moving images on your phone, such as online games, will consume more battery.

In addition, your battery may be depleted faster if your internet connection is weaker than usual, as your iPhone needs to exert more effort just to connect to the Wi-Fi.

It has been observed that the more people you are connected to, the less battery your device will need to use to keep you connected because the load gets shared among various users.

Finally, your battery will also drain faster while using FaceTime if you use cellular network service data rather than Wi-Fi.

How Long Does An iPhone Battery Last On FaceTime?

To answer this, much would depend on the model of iPhone you’re currently using.

Apple has always made it a point to make their devices better and the batteries more efficient with every new launch and upgrade of their iOS.

However, this also means that apps will most likely become more advanced with each new update as well, as features such as the camera become sharper and more powerful.

While this is a good thing, it does mean that a considerable amount of battery power will be needed!.

For example, suppose you use an iPhone 6 and use FaceTime for 30 minutes. In that span, you will consume about 12% of the phone’s battery.

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone 6S and use FaceTime to call for the same duration, you will consume a battery charge of about 17%.

However, it has been observed that you can generally use FaceTime for about 3 hours when your iPhone starts out as fully charged.

While it isn’t forever, that’s still a significant amount of time for which you can video call with your friends and family!

How Can I Save My Battery While On FaceTime?

facetime application

There are quite a few options available to try when it comes to conserving your iPhone’s battery while you are on FaceTime.

One option is to switch off the video feature, which consumes way more battery than simply using the audio.

Of course, this may not make sense as the entire point of using FaceTime is that you can see the person on the other end!

However, if battery consumption is a big issue, you may want to consider shutting off the camera and only switching it on once in a while.

This will help in extending the call, and your iPhone won’t shut off anytime soon as a result.

This is definitely worth considering if you do not have an external battery pack or a power outlet nearby to charge your phone.

Another way to conserve your battery while using FaceTime is to switch off all other apps running in the background.

This can be achieved by using the Force Stop or Disable functions of your phone.

Other apps running in the background in addition to FaceTime video can make for a combination that is enough to deplete your battery within hours.

A final option is to reduce your screen’s brightness, which can also help to conserve a considerable amount of battery.

Does FaceTime Kill Your Phone Battery Health?


No. It’s an erroneous idea that FaceTime itself will kill your battery’s health or will otherwise reduce its lifespan.

It will take much more than using FaceTime to ruin a battery as strong as the one that Apple uses for its iPhones!

Moreover, since FaceTime consumes less power compared to other similar apps, it should not pose any serious risks to your iPhone battery.

In fact, there are other factors that will take much more of a toll on your iPhone’s battery if you are not careful.

One of them is leaving your device plugged in all the time.

Rather than charging efficiently, this will instead cause your iPhone to overheat- thus depleting the battery.

Allow some time for your iPhone to cool down (but never in the freezer) in intermittent gaps to avoid this.

Another factor is having multiple apps running in the background constantly.

Most of the time, you might not even be aware that the apps are open in the background and consuming your iPhone’s battery!

Apps that utilize location services also significantly consume your phone’s battery.

To address this, it might be a good idea to disable location services when you are indoors.

Additionally, it can also be helpful to turn off automatic downloads for specific apps and widgets that constantly refresh in the background and consume battery power.

In comparison, FaceTime consumes much less battery power, and as such shouldn’t cause any harm to your iPhone’s long-term battery outlook.

Having the knowledge of what actions and apps can harm your battery gives you an opportunity to prevent them.

Therefore, it would be best to try a few of the actions above that will help you actively avoid damaging your battery before it’s too late!

In terms of short-term battery conservation, you may want to look into turning off your Wi-Fi when you don’t need it- as keeping a constant connection to a network actually depletes the battery as well.

Similarly, reducing the display’s brightness while using your iPhone helps as well.

Finally, if your phone is more than two years old, you might want to consider replacing the battery if it seems to be deteriorating quickly!

Is It Bad To Charge Your Phone While On FaceTime?

iphone charging from a power bank

It’s generally not harmful to charge your phone while using FaceTime.

After all, heavy internet usage will eat into your battery life.

If you want to extend your current call, then the only way to do so is to use your iPhone while charging it simultaneously.

However, it’s important to remember that your phone will charge up much more slowly when you’re Facetiming at the same time.

Other than that, doing so will not harm your battery in any way.

Some experts may say that it’s not a good idea to use your device while charging it because of all the extra radiation your phone emits.

Instead, they suggest that it would be best if users charged their phone to its full capacity before using it for FaceTime.

If that’s something you want to go with, you may want to consider ending the call early or switching off the video if you see the battery being close to depleted.

This will be the best way for you to save what remains of your phone’s battery percentage!

In Conclusion

Using FaceTime on your iPhone will certainly deplete your phone battery to an extent.

While it will cause your battery to deplete faster when compared to a regular phone call, it’s still not one of the highest battery-consuming apps on your iPhone.

If your phone uses more battery when you’re on FaceTime, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • You are using cellular data during the FaceTime call

  • Your display’s brightness is at its maximum

  • Apps that aren’t necessary at the moment running in the background

  • Older model phone, with a battery that needs replacing

You can save battery while using FaceTime by:

  • Turning the screen’s brightness to its lowest
  • Shutting off location services when not in use
  • Closing apps that are not in use
  • Using the video camera sparingly
  • Disabling automatic downloads so that apps do not refresh in the background
  • Ensure that the Wi-Fi has a strong connection

You can typically use FaceTime for about 3 hours on a full charge. If you shut off the video element, the call can go on for much longer.

Even when the battery depletes during a call, you can still charge your iPhone while using FaceTime.

This won’t affect the iPhone negatively in any way, and won’t harm the battery in the long-term.

It would still be best to keep an eye on your phone potentially heating up, however. If this occurs, it may be best to let it rest for a while.

Happy FaceTiming!

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