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Can You Shower With An iPhone XS? (We’ll Show You!)

You may be wondering why there are people asking whether they can shower with an iPhone XS.

(Well, actually, you’re probably one of them.)

Other people have similarly wondered if you can shower with an iPhone 11, or a Samsung S10.

We’ve answered both those questions, and we’re going to answer this one too.

Given the amount of money people spend on purchasing their iPhones, it’s certainly a valid question- and one that demands a satisfactory answer.

It’s a known fact that the iPhone’s features have improved to include water resistance and unbreakable screens over the past decade, and Apple has been at the forefront when introducing these features to their devices.

Apple claims its devices from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 13 Pro Max are water-resistant.

Understandably though, consumers worldwide want to know the exact functionality and dependability of this feature- especially when it comes to the extent that the water resistance is applicable.

The Short Answer: You can technically shower with an iPhone XS- but you probably shouldn’t.

While the phone will most likely survive a foray under pressurized water, it doesn’t mean that liquid damage is guaranteed not to occur.

And to further discourage you from showering with your iPhone XS, you should keep in mind that water damage is NOT covered under warranty!

All in all, it’s best not to risk it- as you’ll see when we dive deeper into the topic below!

Is The iPhone XS Waterproof?

iphone 7 with water droplets

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models have an IP68 rating, and they were the first iPhones built to that standard.

Specifically, Apple claims that these iPhone models have water and dust resistance- asserting that the device can withstand a maximum depth underwater of 1.8 meters for up to 30 minutes.

IP68 is a definite upgrade over the previous IP67 rating, which only had a 1-meter depth of water resistance.

However, this feature is effective only to a certain extent and doesn’t mean that you should swim deeply with the iPhone (or even take it into a shower!).

Water-Resistant, Or Waterproof?

Although the iPhone XS comes with an IP68 feature, it would be more accurate to say that it is water-resistant- not completely waterproof.

What’s the difference between the two phrases, you may wonder?

“Water-resistant” simply means that the iPhone XS can bear the splash of water or other beverages and still function without any problems once cleaned.

On the other hand, “waterproof” means that the device would still function even after submerging it in a pool or shallow body of water.

According to Apple, the iPhone XS can withstand being underwater for up to half an hour. They’ve also stated that the device would be safe to use after pulling it out and drying it with a dry cloth or paper towel.

However, with the time limit involved, it just can’t be said that the device is completely waterproof!

Does Having An iPhone In A Hot Shower Affect It In Any Way?

shower with flowing water and steam

As discussed already, the iPhone has an IP68 rating when it comes to water resistance.

However, there are not many electronic gadgets out there that are 100% waterproof or which are able to withstand unlimited water stress.

As such, taking an iPhone XS into a hot, steaming shower is never recommended.

Again, we’d like to emphasize that this IS NOT RECOMMENDED!

Hot water and steam can easily damage any electrical device, and the iPhone XS is no exception.

The electric and magnetic components inside a phone don’t respond well to excessive heat, especially when that heat comes in the form of steaming, pressurized water.

The following are a few more reasons why we would never recommend that you bring an iPhone into a hot shower:

  • The iPhone XS may be partially waterproof as a water-resistant device, but it can’t physically withstand the “running water shower” effect.
  • Heat and steam in a hot shower can destroy any phone’s internal components.
  • The steam produced by a hot shower in the bathroom will make the screen unclear, wet, and dewy, making it difficult to use anyway.
  • The humidity and moisture of a steamy hot shower can also affect your iPhone XS speakers and may disturb the overall functionality of voice and volume.

Can I Have My iPhone In The Bathroom While I Shower?

iphone logo with droplets

As discussed earlier, your iPhone XS, an IP68-rated device, is only partially waterproof.

Therefore, experts would never recommend having your iPhone in the bathroom while taking a shower for an extended period of time.

This is due to the fact that bathrooms can become quite steamy during a shower, and moisture particles can still potentially find their way into the device via its tiny crevices.

While different water tests have shown it to be functional even after immersing in a 2-meter deep pool for half an hour, one thing you must keep in mind is that running a water test is different from a pool test in analyzing the waterproof feature.

Yes, the iPhone XS is waterproof up to two meters in depth, but this is only related to withstanding water within a specific range.

Therefore, we definitely don’t recommend that you bring your iPhone into the bathroom with you for any extended period of time.

Can I Take My iPhone XS To The Pool?

man taking a selfie with family in the pool

Several experiments have tested whether or not the iPhone XS will work after being submerged in pool water.

After these experiments, the simplest answer to this question is that you don’t have to worry:

  1. If your device accidentally falls into the pool, or
  2. If you suddenly dive into a 2-meter deep pool without first taking out your iPhone from your pocket.

Apple claims that the iPhone XS can withstand under a 2-meter depth of water for almost 30 minutes, and its screen will still be functional when you take out and dry the phone afterwards.

You can theoretically even take your iPhone XS to the pool and dive deeper for a few minutes, but there are a few points to be kept in mind when doing this:

  • First, if you’ve dropped your iPhone in chlorinated water and brought it out after some time, it’s vital that you wash it first with clean tap water. Following that, dry the iPhone with a dry cloth.
  • Secondly, you should avoid plugging your iPhone into a charging port for up to five hours to prevent any sparks or electrical damage.

The touch screen and buttons will remain perfectly functional after a quick dip in the pool. However, you should still test out every feature of your iPhone after water exposure just to be sure!

In Conclusion

So, can you shower with your iPhone XS?

As we’ve discussed in this article, hot water showers can be dangerous for the electrical functioning of the phone despite its IP68 rating.

While the iPhone XS can withstand water splashes and accidental pool drops, it was never designed to be used during your morning scrub-a-dub.

Both the hot, pressurized water and steam vapor can cause damage to the device over time.

Let us know if you’ve found this information helpful below!

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