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What Can I Do if My AirPods Case Lid is Loose? (Best Option in 2024)

AirPods case lid loose

AirPods are undoubtedly one of the best accessories you can have if you have an iPhone, and their superior sound quality and ease of use make them indispensable!

AirPods can cut off any outside noise so that you are left with the perfect surround sound experience. 

These wireless headphones are also super trendy to look at, and they come in a case that allows you to charge them while you’re on the move.

In fact, it’s impossible to charge your AirPods unless you place them in the case they originally came in. This is why it’s absolutely imperative that the AirPods case closes correctly!

However, many users feel that their AirPods case is loose, and that the lid does not fall or stay into place properly. If that’s you, you may not even be sure whether this is usually how the case operates or if your particular case is faulty. 

If your AirPods case lid is loose, give it a little shake. 

Does the lid open slightly, at all? Do you feel that if you kept it in your bag, the case might open of its own accord with the slightest jostle, and that you’d risk losing your precious headphones? 

If so, I’d say that this isn’t normal and that you should definitely take your AirPods case to an Apple Store and have them checked.

Many users have also reported that the lid makes clicking noises as its moved back and forth, and aren’t sure whether this is normal. 

One of the best ways to determine whether your case is loose or not is to pull slightly at the lid after closing it shut. If it doesn’t open outright, then your case lid shouldn’t have any issues!

Is the AirPod Case Lid Supposed to be Loose? 

No, the AirPods case is not supposed to be loose. 

Apple would never sign off on making loose lids as that would increase the risk AirPods becoming lost, and it’s certainly not something that customers would expect from a premium product. 

However, after surveying customers, it has been seen that a slight clicking noise is quite a common occurrence across all the AirPods cases, to an extent.

On the other hand, the lid isn’t supposed to be very tight either! If your lids are so tight that you cannot open them with smooth and slight pressure, there’s probably something wrong there too. 

This would likely mean that the hinge-like mechanism doesn’t sit properly or that the lid is not properly aligned with the rim of the case. 

By putting undue pressure on the lid while trying to open it, you run the risk of breaking it off completely. Since the case is essential for storing your AirPods as well as for charging them, a broken lid is certainly not ideal. 

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance that you check the lid properly when you first get your AirPods and, if they’re faulty, to have them replaced or repaired at your earliest convenience. 

Is it Normal for the AirPod Case to Click? 

Yes, it is normal for the AirPod case lid to click when you snap it shut. The lid has a small latch that moves from side to side, and as it moves it commonly makes a clicking noise.

However, you’ll be able to see if the lid has closed properly or not if the lid does not sit properly even after making the clicking noise. 

If you see that the lid is not aligning correctly with the body of the case, then it means that the case is loose (and that your AirPods are in danger of falling out).

The click should have a clear timbre. If you hear a scraping sound instead, this again points to a faulty lid and something you should look into it. The small latch that moves left and right should also slide over smoothly. 

On the other hand, if you hear any kind of rattling noise from the AirPods themselves, then it’s most likely due to a faulty microphone and not as a result of any damage to your earphones caused by a faulty lid.

In Summary

AirPod cases can become loose at times, and users have often complained of a click when they try to close the lid. 

To clear things up, this is actually quite normal! As long as the lid of the case does not come off with a slight pull and remains firmly in place, you can rest assured that your AirPods case is closed securely.

However, if the case comes off or the hinge-like mechanism does not seem to sit correctly while snapping shut, it’d be best to consult an expert in the Apple Store to help you fix the issue.

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