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Will A Person Know If You Send A Message On Instagram, Then Block Them Immediately?

Message On Instagram

Instagram is fun to catch up with family and friends or browse entertaining content. However, if someone is damping the experience by spamming you with unwanted messages, you likely want to block them.

Blocking and its associated features sometimes need clarification, but we got your back. This article will share answers to a frequent Message On Instagram query, what happens if you message someone and block them?

In a hurry? We care about your time, so here’s a quick answer to the question you’re looking for!

If you send a message on Instagram and then block the recipient, the visibility of the message depends on whether it was delivered before the block. If the message was delivered, the recipient will still be able to see it, even though they won’t be able to respond or receive future messages from you. However, if the message was not delivered before the block, it will not be delivered and the recipient won’t see it

What Happens if You Message Someone on Instagram and Then Block Them Right After? 

Message On Instagram

Blocking a person on Instagram removes them from your follower list immediately. However, the direct message thread will stay on your feed and theirs even after you have blocked them.

So, if you had sent a message before blocking them, they could see it. Further, the chat will stay in their conversations if they do not delete it.

Deleting the conversation from your Message On Instagram discussions will not delete the conversation at their end either. However, you will not be able to message each other anymore. 

Instagram does not inform others when Message On Instagram you block them. So, the chat screen will not change for them, and they will be unable to find your account.

The account will only be as Instagram User with a blank profile pic. They won’t be able to find you via a username search, and their Message On Instagram to you will be lost in transit. On your side of the chat screen, you will see that you have blocked them.

Therefore, you will not be able to send any messages to them either. Also, let us say you decide you unblock this person after a while.

You will not receive the DMs they sent while blocked, even after clearing them. But the sender will have those messages on their chat screen and can share the screenshot with you.

Can Someone See Your Message After You Block Them on Instagram?

Message On Instagram

Yes, they will have all the messages shared between you two before you block them. They can see your notes in the chat thread on their DM page.

But if they try to visit your profile by clicking on your display picture, they might get varied responses. After you block them, Message On Instagram might show them your profile info (photo, no. of followers, following, and posts).

A while later, they will not see any information on your profile and cannot search for it either.

Therefore, while they might find out that you have blocked them, they will still have access to the messages shared between both of you. 

If you block someone and do not want them to see your recent messages, you should select the Unsend option before blocking them. You can do this by tapping on that message and remove.

This action will remove that particular Message On Instagram from the conversation. Further, they will receive a notification when you send the message. If you Unsend it a while later, they might already read it.

However, if you don’t receive news right after Message On Instagram sending it, they will get a notification stating, “This message is no longer available,” and they cannot see it. 

What Happens to the Group Chats After You Block Someone?

Message On Instagram

If you block someone, you probably do not want any communication with them on Instagram.

Hence, stop receiving messages from them in groups. Instagram says it will show you a dialogue box highlighting the groups you share with the person.

It will then allow you to leave those groups to Message On Instagram stop receiving messages. If you do not leave the groups, you will continue to see DMs shared within the group.

Also, blocked people can still mention you, though Message On Instagram you will not get a notification. So, they say you in conversations in the group. You can change this by changing the privacy setting for tags and mentions. 

The only way to stop receiving group messages from a blocked person is to leave the groups you share. Moreover, the people you block cannot join any chat rooms you create. Even if you start a live chat room with a group, they cannot join it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can people I block see my pictures and posts?

No, people you block will not be able to see your Message On Instagram pictures and post after you block them. They can search your profile.

After landing on your profile page, they will not see any info such as the number of posts or followers. If you had sent them any pictures in DMs before blocking them, they might be able to see them. 

2. What happens to the comments and likes after I block someone on Instagram?

When you block someone, they cannot interact with your content in any way. If you remove a post, it and any comments or likes attached to it will be deleted permanently.

However, Instagram sometimes includes their likes and comments in the total count. But upon clicking on View All Comments, those comments will not show.

Others who see the comments on your posts will also not see the comments made by someone you have now blocked.

3. If I block someone on Instagram, will it stop them on Facebook?

If you link your social media accounts (like Facebook and Instagram) using the settings menu. If you block someone on Instagram, they won’t be able to send you Facebook messages either.

If you haven’t linked your accounts, blocking them will require two additional actions.


When you block someone on Instagram, you most likely do not want any connection with them online. However, if you send a message to someone and stop them, the news will remain.

Both of you will have the letters in your chats, but they cannot send any further messages. Consider a few things before blocking someone.

They might discover they are blocked when they cannot find your profile. If you do not want them to learn, consider restricting or muting them based on your concern. 

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