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What Does The Thermometer Mean On The Weather App? (SOLVED!)

what does the thermometer mean on the weather app

One of the most useful functions of a present-day smartphone is undoubtedly its ability to update its user on current weather conditions. 

However, sometimes the weather symbols and icons that are used can be confusing for those who are less technologically inclined.

For example, you may be wondering:

“What does the thermometer mean on the Weather app?”

The thermometer on the Weather app gives a quick indication of the temperature of your current location.

When the thermometer is blue and icy, the temperature is cold. Along the same lines- if the thermometer is red, the temperature is hot!

The blue thermometer has shaded parts to show low temperatures. Likewise, the red thermometer is shown as filled in to indicate higher temperatures.

If the weather is very hot, the thermometer will appear full and red with a yellow sun partly visible behind it.

This means that temperatures are high and that the sun is out.

The red thermometer is often accompanied by thunderstorms or haze, depending on the climate.

The Apple weather app shows you the weather where you live, as well as in any major city or airport.

There are more than twenty-three icons that forecast temperatures, wind, rain, and even extreme weather events such as tornadoes and dust storms.

While the thermometers will tell you if the weather is hot or frigid, the app also has specific hour-by-hour temperature forecasts for wherever you are.

Government warnings for severe weather events like high winds, winter storms, and flash floods are also available on the app.

What Does The Thermometer With A Snowflake Mean On The Weather App?

What Does The Thermometer With A Snowflake Mean On The Weather App

According to the current iPhone user guide for IOS 15, when the icon is a thermometer accompanied by a gray snowflake, it means the temperature is frigid.

Frigid means the temperature is extremely cold, and it can often be below freezing or accompanied by snow.

The thermometer with the snowflake is small, gray, and about a quarter filled from the bottom up to show frigid or freezing temperatures.

The snowflake shown is also gray, shown slightly behind the thermometer. Only four of its six dendrites are visible.

The snowflake is present in several more icons on the weather app.

On its own, it means the forecast is calling for snow; when combined with a cloud and smaller snowflakes, a gust of wind or a cloud and raindrops can mean scattered snow, heavy snow, and sleet, ice, or blowing snow.

What Does The Sun With Three Lines Under It Mean On The Weather App?

What Does The Sun With Three Lines Under It Mean On The Weather App

The Apple Weather app icon that shows a partial yellow sun with three gray lines underneath means haze is in the forecast.

Haze is dust, smoke, or vapors that cause a lack of transparency in the air and make it foggy. A thick haze is impossible to see through and can be dangerous.

The yellow sun icon is an especially important one to know.

When it is alone, the yellow sun means that clear weather is coming. When the sun is somewhat covered by a cloud icon, cloudy weather is on the way.

In other cases, a half yellow sun with gray dots falling underneath it means it is(or will soon be) dusty in your location.

A half yellow sun with a gray line underneath can mean sunrise or sunset, depending on the arrow attached.

If the little gray arrow is pointing down towards the sun, that’s an indication that sunset is imminent.

Conversely, an arrow pointed upwards away from the sun means that it’s nearly time for sunrise.

Is Apple weather accurate?

Is Apple weather accurate

The most accurate place to get forecasted weather information is the National Weather Service of your country.

Apple weather sources their forecast information from National Weather Services for next-hour precipitation data, as well as 12-hour precipitation and temperature mapping.

To present the most accurate forecast for your area, the Apple weather app (or any similar app) asks you to manually input your location.

Alternatively, you can allow the app to track and identify your location. If Location Services are not configured correctly on your phone, you may not be getting an accurate forecast.

The Apple weather app also gets information from The Weather Channel, QWeather, and BreezoMeter for air quality reports, severe weather information, and the 10-day forecast.

This information is provided in multiple countries and regions along with the USA.

Based on Apple’s cornucopia of weather sources, it is fair to say their forecasts are probably pretty accurate.

The data they can collect about the weather in your region depends on where you are and your location settings.

Generally, the app will still provide an accurate forecast of temperature and precipitation, along with warnings for storms and snow.

How Do I Reset The Weather App On My Phone?

The easiest way to reset the Weather app on your phone is to simply delete the app and reinstall it.

Your previous data will be deleted, and you’ll be able to reconfigure the app the way you want it.

You can delete the app through Settings, or by holding down on the icon until a small X appears.

Beware that resetting the Weather app by deleting it or your data will erase all of the locations you’ve added to your weather dashboard.

When you reinstall the app, you’ll need to search and add those locations back to your feed if you still want to see them.

You may also need to adjust your notification and location access settings back to how you had them since they were reset when you deleted the app.

The Weather app offers approximate location forecasts, but local weather reporting will typically be the most accurate and up-to-date.

If deleting and redownloading the app didn’t work and your phone is still showing the wrong information, you can also reset all of the settings on your phone all at once through the Settings app.

To Wrap It Up

Understanding the icons on your Apple Weather app can be difficult because they are small and constantly changing.

Remember, the Weather app icon with a thermometer means the weather is either hot or very cold. If there’s also a snowflake, it means that the temperatures are frigid or freezing.

Location settings will determine where you can see forecasts, while notifications will alert you of incoming precipitation like snow or rain- as well as government warnings about the weather in your area and any other locales you have saved to your dashboard.

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