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Why Does My Phone Break Every Charger? – A Complete Guide to Save Your Chargers


Are you tired of purchasing new chargers after getting rid of old ones? Well, you are not alone in this. We and several others have had to buy several Chargers because the phone does not Charger with the old ones.

It could be the cable itself or the phone’s incompatibility with the charger’s battery voltage. Whatever the case may be, let’s get into further depth about it.

This guide will help you find out whether there is something wrong with your phone and how to fix the Charger problem. Beyond that, you would also get a clear idea of how to make your chargers last longer.

So, keep reading to learn everything you need to know before spending a hefty amount purchasing a new phone.

In a hurry? We care about your time, so here’s a quick answer to the question you’re looking for!

Your phone may break chargers due to a combination of factors: frequent bending of the cable, voltage fluctuations, and compatibility issues with third-party chargers. Ensure gentle usage, use surge protectors, and opt for chargers certified by your phone’s manufacturer to extend charger life.

Is My Phone Ruining My Chargers?

 Phone Break Every Charger

Consider a few things before you blame your phone for the damaged chargers.

Some people need to improve at caring for their accessories and usually mishandling them, leading to damage sooner or later. Since a Charger is no exception, it may be a reason that causes them to break. 

We might be extra careful, but only a few people pay attention to the socket they plug their Chargers into. When in a hurry, all we look for is a charging spot. Whether it be while traveling or when you are out with a friend.

To save ourselves from a dying battery, we unintentionally plug it in the wrong spot, which causes damage to both the phone and the Charger.

Another major cause is using the charger of some other device. Yes, that is the most common issue most people encounter today.

Owning multiple devices of the same brand does not mean you can use the same charger to charge them all.

A tablet or an iPad uses higher power as compared to your smartphone. Thus, plugging the wrong one would lead to trouble later.

If you own a mobile phone that uses a fast Charger or does not use one and plug it in with the fast battery, you are doing it wrong.

Forcing your device to consume higher voltage would cause damage to the internal battery. The same applies to fast-charging USB cables and those not supported by your device.

Unfortunately, if you damage your phone’s battery once, it will subsequently break any Charger you use. While this list of potential causes isn’t exhaustive, it does answer the question reasonably.

To sum it up, the truth is that the phone isn’t always the culprit. Often, the problem comes from faulty handling or innocent mistakes.

Why Do I Go Through So Many iPhone Chargers?

 Phone Break Every Charger

We know the iPhone tops the list if we consider smartphones, but what is wrong with the chargers? You might have noticed that the cables break too quickly. Let’s view a few reasons that may lead to this.

Before discussing anything further, you must know the lifespan of an iPhone charger. On average, an iPhone cable starts wearing off after a year is complete.

Thus, you can expect your Charger to stay by your side for only a year-long, and you will need to replace it anyway after time passes.

The most common issue is the cable would start breaking. Now, when your thread begins to show this sign of age, it doesn’t mean you need to replace the adapter completely.

However, if you continue using the damaged cable, the chances are that you’ll also damage your phone battery. As such, you must replace the line as soon as possible. 

Even though you’re just using the phone’s cable, this might be important. We appreciate your reluctance to part with the original cable because of its value.

But damaged iPhones themselves are significantly more costly to replace. Hence, it would be best to compromise on the cable before the damage occurs to the phone itself.

Having highlighted the most common issue and why you’re going through so many iPhone chargers, we should note that direct sunlight is probably why you’re not doing so well with your iPhone chargers.

As such, you should avoid constant exposure to direct sunlight as it might damage the outer covering that protects the vulnerable inner parts.

How Do I Keep My Chargers Working For Longer?

 Phone Break Every Charger

To make anything last longer, you need to pay attention to how you handle it; the critical factor is using it with care. This little effort you make now will help save you lots of money and trouble in the future.

The first step is to invest in a high-quality charger recognized by your phone’s manufacturer. Cheaper alternatives will fail quickly and harm your phone’s battery life

Another way to keep your charger working longer is to wrap the cable for protection. It would be best to use a spring or a nice thread to wrap around it to get the job done. This way, you can prevent the endpoints from breaking off.

Moreover, folding the cable wiring properly and gently whenever you store it is an excellent practice. You could also use the cable packages available in any smartphone store.

You might unknowingly damage the adapter itself besides the cable wires. Often, we leave them on for too long. Some people put their phones on charge while they sleep or forget to unplug the Charger from the sockets.

This practice would cause the Charger to keep charging and overcharging it with more than the power it needs. It would heat up, and the charger’s internal circuits would weaken.

Thus, we suggest removing the charger as soon as you see the charging is complete. These points will save you from breaking your chargers too quickly.

Final Thoughts

There could be a lot of issues regarding phone chargers, and one case could be your phone damaging them.

Sometimes we plug into the ones unsuitable for our device in a hurry. Although this might not affect that moment, it causes the phone’s port long-term trouble.

This way, inserting any new Charger into the damaged port will automatically cause damage to the charger and, hence, stop working.

Thus, we brought this article to cater to all such problems. Here, you will find out how to keep your phone safe and avoid damage to charging batteries with all the necessary precautions.

So, relax and buckle up. Since you do not need to buy a new phone, you only need to make a careful fix and handle your chargers much more carefully.

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