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Is There A Way To Turn Off The Screen When My Phone Is Face Down?

Phone Is Face Down

Turn Off The Screen When My Phone Is Face Down? If there is one thing common amongst all smartphone users, it’s the concern about their phone’s battery life. You do not want A bad battery, especially not during these times.

Every aspect of your life revolves around your phone in this modern era. So, it is natural that you want to preserve something so important for as long as possible.

One of the ways to do that is by setting your phone’s screen to turn off when facing down. That reduces the device’s screen time by turning it off when idle.

However, only some phones possess this feature. While your iPhone screen can turn off when lying face down, Android devices do not have this option.

Android apps can enable the feature. This article shows how to turn off the screen on a facedown phone.


iPhones have a phone facedown detection feature. This feature detects when your phone is lying face down and turns the screen off.

The feature also prevents the screen from lighting up when you receive notifications. Instead, the phone will notify you using sound and vibration.

However, only the newer models, specifically the Phone Is Face Down ones after the iPhone 5s, have this feature.

These models have particular hardware requirements that can support facedown detection. The screen will turn off even if the phone is face down, fully or partially in the air.

The iPhone uses motion tracking units, light, Phone Is Face Down and proximity sensors to perform this function.

The use of the motion coprocessor suggests that the phone screen will turn off even when they are face down on transparent surfaces.

However, if you wish to turn this feature off, you can do that using the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
Phone Is Face Down

2. Look for the “Privacy” option.

Phone Is Face Down

3. Furthermore, inside the “Privacy” menu, locate and open the “Motion and Fitness” settings.

Phone Is Face Down

4. You will see the “Fitness Tracking” toggle. You can turn off the Facedown Detection feature by turning off this toggle.

Phone Is Face Down

If you face any trouble using this feature, there may be an issue with your phone’s motion sensors. In such a case, contact customer support.

Android Phone Is Face Down

As we mentioned earlier, most Android phones do not have the option to turn their screen off when facing down.

However, several Android phones make use Phone Is Face Down of their facedown detection differently. For example, Pixel phones have a “flip to shhh” feature.

With this feature, you can put the Phone Is Face Down in do not disturb mode by turning it face down.

Additionally, just because your phone does not have this feature doesn’t mean you can not use it. You can download various apps to turn your screen off when putting it face down.

Popular apps include Gravity Screen and Phone Is Face Down Black Screen of Life. Your phone must possess motion and light sensors for these apps to work.

However, since most newer models have these features, you should not worry.

Facedown Apps for Android

Let us discuss Gravity Screen and Black Screen of Life in more detail.

Gravity Screen

Phone Is Face Down

Gravity Screen is a handy app for ease of use on your smartphone. One of its biggest perks is how its feature can help preserve your phone battery.

This app can turn your screen on and off by analyzing your phone’s orientation. Moreover, it uses various phone sensors to turn your screen off:

  • The app turns the screen off when you set the phone face down on a surface.
  • Gravity Screen uses your phone’s proximity sensor to turn it on and off when taken from or put into a pocket.
  • You can also turn off the screen by turning your phone upside down. The app does so using the phone’s gravity sensor.

The app has a premium version with more settings. Unfortunately, you need to pay for the prime version.

You can use all these features but with limited locations. You need more than this downside to keep you from using this app.

You can download Gravity Screen directly from the Google Play store or this link.

Black Screen of Life

Phone Is Face Down

Black Screen of Life has a whopping five Phone Is Face Down stars on Google Play. This app can help you save up to 65% of your battery life.

This app has an extra benefit, one-upping its predecessors. Black Screen of Life allows you to listen to videos, from any Phone Is Face Down platform, with your screen off.

To add to its benefits, the developer of this app has created an informative official website. The website has a link to an official tutorial video and steps to use the app.

Various download options are available for this app, marking its presence across several websites. You can download Black Screen of Life directly from the website, Google Play store, or this link.


If you have ever wondered whether Phone Is Face Down there is a way to turn off the screen simply by putting a phone face down, we have answers for you right here.

You can now save your battery life with the facedown detection feature on your iPhone. However, don’t worry if you are an Android user.

While Android does not have a function to directly turn off your screen by placing your phone face down, you can use several apps.

Gravity Screen and Black Screen of Life are two Phone Is Face Down of the most popular apps used for this. Facedown detection uses several of your phone’s features, like proximity, light, and gravity sensors.

So whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, start using this function and save your phone’s battery life today.

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