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How To Remove Underline While Texting With A Samsung Phone

Samsung Phone

The text underline feature is a fixed feature on most devices, Samsung included, but you can remove it by changing the phone’s settings.

This feature has become problematic as most Samsung users prefer something else. If you’re using a Samsung device and you want to remove the underline from your text, there are ways you can do it. We have discussed them below. 

As mentioned above, one way is to make changes in the Samsung Phone Settings app. Tap on the device screen and navigate to the Settings icon.

You’llYou’ll need to select the right menu and submenu to find the option to turn off the underline feature.

Alternatively, search with the keyword- underline. Toggle off the “Text Underline” option when you see the menu. 

You may have to go through other menus before reaching this point so that searching can be quicker.

But once you find the menu in the phone’s settings, you should be able to turn off the underline feature for texting quickly.

Another method to avoid typing underlined texts is installing a third-party keyboard with the underline feature disabled.

Such keyboards are easy to find. We took Samsung Phone out time to help you put an end to this underlined text issue. We will throw more light on the problem for a clearer understanding.

What Is Text Underline?

Samsung Phone

An underline is a horizontal line extending beneath a page’s text. Underlines generally highlight essential text or indicate links in web pages and documents.

However, some people prefer not to have Samsung Phone underlined text, which can be too intrusive, making the content difficult to read.

If you prefer not to have any underlined text on your Samsung device, there’s good news – you can remove underlines from the text altogether!

For most Samsung devices, you can do this by going into the Settings menu and selecting the Display option.

There, you should be able to turn off the highlighted text feature. Once you alter this setting, your device will no longer underline any text.

However, underlines have a purpose in texting. They draw attention to the specific information you want the reader to know. Here are some options to highlight relevant information in text instead of using underlines.

Changing Font Settings In Samsung Phone

Samsung Phone

You can highlight information in your text by changing the font style. Also, you can download more fonts from the store to make your text stand out.

Here is how you can change your font settings. It may vary based on phone versions, models, and service providers.

  1. Click on the settings app.
  2. Then, click on Font Style and Size. From there, you can make several adjustments, such as: 
  • When you drag the slider right or left, it changes the font size.
  • Clicking on the toggle beside the “bold” font turns the option on/off
  • When you click on a font style, it changes or prompts you to download new fonts.

When you apply the above settings but still wish to see them more apparent, the next thing to do is turn on the high contrast Samsung Phone settings. It will make the texts noticeable.t

To do this, go to settings and search for visibility enhancements. Double-click on it and toggle the switch beside “high contrast fonts.” You can turn it on or off.

Convert Handwriting To Text

Samsung Phone

You can also avoid writing with underlines Samsung Phone by converting handwriting to text. All this happens on your phone screen.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Notes app. Click on the add to create a new note. You can now write your message using the S pen.
  2. After writing, click on a T symbol beneath your screen to convert your paper to text.
  3. Draw the arrows down or up to select your written text.
  4. Select Convert to transform the handwriting into text. Copy the text by clicking the button, and then paste it wherever you like; the underlines will disappear.

Specific Situations Where Text Becomes Underlined

Text may become underlined in a few specific situations if you’re using a Samsung phone. For example, if you’re typing in a text box on a Samsung Phone website or composing an email or message, the underlining may appear as you’re ordering.

In most cases, it happens because the text field is set up to automatically recognize and apply formatting, one of which is underlining.

If you want to remove the underlining from your text, you can usually do so by tapping on the ” Format” options (or similar) within the text box and then deselecting the “Underline” option. In most cases, this will prevent the underlining from showing up as you type.

However, the underlining may be applied to your text after you’ve already typed it out if you paste the text into a text box from another source – such as a Word document – with its formatting applied.

If this is the case, select all of the text in the text box, go to the “Format” menu, and deselect “Underline” from there.


The issue with the highlighted text will disappear Samsung Phone after you turn off the underlining function on your device.

This guide is all you need about removing text underlines on Samsung using the default keyboard settings and other options. Also, we have provided options you can use to write texts without underlines.

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