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Do White Phones Turn Yellow?

White Phones

Phone colors are as personal as personal preferences can get. Still, there are a couple of things that can go wrong with different phone colors.

From heating issues to loss of coloration, there’s a lot to consider about the color when getting a new phone.

This brings up another question: do white phones turn yellow? In time, they do, mainly if you use them in places with lots of dirt and smoke.

Not only that, but modern mobile phones come in a variety of materials. Sometimes even the manufacturing method can affect how long the phone’s back will retain color.

White is usually the most criticized for losing its glamor and starting to turn yellow over time.

Although yellowing of the phone back can take years, for a flagship device like an iPhone or Samsung, its longevity is just as important as its looks and performance.

There are solutions like back replacements available, but you shouldn’t have to worry about such things when you’re paying a premium price.

Let’s take a look at how and why white phones discolor and all the things you need to be aware of to improve the lifetime of your phone’s back.

Do White Phones Stay White, or Do White Phones Discolor?

White phones are gorgeous, and they can sometimes even function as fashion accessories. But the biggest problem with white phones is their longevity.

Over the years, your beloved phone’s back White Phones will lose color if you don’t properly care for it. Let’s take a look at why phones lose color.

The problem arises from paint or plastic on the back of the phone’s body. Any color on top can quickly deteriorate from the elements or wear and tear over time.

Despite all the effort a company puts into making a shiny white phone, it will turn a bit yellow with excessive usage.

You can’t expect it to turn yellow like a minion, but you’ll see a faint yellowish tone. The tone will be more prominent in areas where you hold and touch it the most.

This is not something you can solve quickly, but you can still get the white color again. All you need to do is send it to a repair center, where they can disassemble it and clean the back with alcoholic liquids.

You can do it at home if you want to, but opening a phone is not an easy job. There are many tiny screws and delicate hardware inside it; mess up one thing, and your phone won’t turn on again.

White phones won’t stay white on their own; you have to take excellent care of them. Get a back cover and use a glass protector in the front.

Get a phone cover that engulfs your phone and keeps it away from oil, dirt, and smoke.

Will a White Phone Get Dirty More Easily?

White Phones

While it is not a pleasant experience, your white phone will get dirty easily. However, if you clean it daily, it might stay white for a longer time.

Usually, people won’t notice it, and they just use and keep the phone anywhere they like. After months of repeating these actions, their phones show permanent dirty marks that are not easy to clean.

There is nothing worse than seeing a white phone lose its grace because its owner didn’t take care of it properly.

Then we have temperature differences that affect the phone’s color. Using a white phone in a hot and humid area will get your White Phones dirty much quicker than using it in a cold place.

The reason is your hands; they’ll get White Phones sweaty quickly, and since you are holding your phone with those sweaty hands, it will get dirty much more quickly.

This is where silicon cases for phones come in handy; they are cheap, soft, have a firm grip, and won’t let your device get dirty.

How Do You Keep a White iPhone Clean?

The best way is to clean it regularly before going to sleep. You can use a simple soft cloth to do this, but if you do it regularly, your iPhone won’t get dirty in the first place.

You can also use a liquid with a low concentration White Phones of alcohol to clean your device. As long as you clean the sweat and dirt off your phone, it will stay white.

However, if you are not a fan of cleaning, here are some other options you can opt for.

Get a Case

A case covering your entire phone might be the best option to keep your iPhone clean. Since iPhones are pretty famous, finding a suitable case won’t be that complicated.

Don’t get a white case; otherwise, it will get dirty quickly. Choose dark, contrasty colors, as they’ll look good with white and won’t get dirty quickly.

Don’t choose a transparent case either; it will turn yellow after two or three months.

Use Glass protectors.

White Phones

If you want to show off your white iPhone and don’t want to use a cover, you can opt for glass protectors. In the old days, glass protectors were available for the screen, but now you can get one for the phone’s back.

Since the latest iPhones have a glass back, glass protectors are suitable for protecting your device.

The best thing is that they are cheap, readily available, and don’t change colors. You can keep the same protector for a year, and it won’t show any yellowish spots on it.

Use Mobile Cleaning liquid.

White Phones

You can use the glass cleaning liquid to clean your iPhone. That liquid removes all the dust and oil from the device.

They are available in small bottles; you can keep them in your pocket and use them any time you want. The best time to clean your phone is when you enter your office or house.

How to Make Your Phone White Again

If your phone gets yellow because of dirt and oil, it is easy to regain its original color. However, if it is due to wear and tear over time, cleaning it won’t be possible.

You can give your phone to a repair center and White Phones tell them to clean it for you. They are professional people who have the tools and methods to clean your phone correctly. If you want to clean it yourself, here are some methods you can try:

Apply Rubbing alcohol.

This is relatively easy and doesn’t require any disassembly of your device. Grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol and drop some on the back of your phone.

Let it stay there for a couple of minutes until you start seeing some bubbles on your phone’s back.

Take a soft cloth and rub it on the back, and see if you remove some yellowish color or not. Try this method four to five times until you see good results.

Use Dish soap.

It is a cheap method, but it works; however, you’ll have to be careful not to let any water get inside your phone.

Mix dish soap and water, making sure that you add a good amount of dish soap. Use a toothbrush and apply the mixture all over the back of your White Phones.

Let it rest there for a couple of minutes, and then clean it. Try doing it multiple times until you see the white color again.


Having a bright white phone and thinking, Does a white phone turn yellow after prolonged use?

The answer is yes; unless your device is covered in glass, a white phone will eventually turn yellow. However, it will take a long time if you use it carefully and clean it often.

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