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Are Samsung And Motorola Chargers The Same?

are samsung and motorola chargers the same

As you probably already know, Samsung and Motorola are two different brands that manufacture a range of mobile phones in the market. 

You can find several models from both brands, from entry-level models to high-end smartphones.

Each phone comes with its charger, and it is always recommended to use the one that is included in the same box. 

However, it is quite common for a variety of chargers to be used- so the question begs: 

Are Samsung and Motorola chargers the same?

Many chargers are universal and can charge numerous different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. 

Moreover, most chargers these days have a 5V rating, though some can also be 4.75V, 5.2V, 5.6V, and so on. 

Therefore, we cannot say that Samsung and Motorola chargers are the same without knowing the model and make of the phone. 

Check the amperage and voltage on the charger to see whether they are the same or not. 

Then compare the type of plug it uses. USB cords come in Type A, B, and C. They are different from each other, and cannot be interchanged. 

What Type of Charger Does Motorola Use?

What Type of Charger Does Motorola Use
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Motorola phones don’t have a single type of charger. 

The company sells USB-C chargers, micro USB chargers, turbochargers, wireless charging mats, and data cords with USB-A to USB-C, where both ends of the chargers have differently designed plugs. 

Motorola also has:

  • Turbo Chargers with USB-C and 18 Wattage
  • Rapid Chargers with USB-C and 10 Wattage
  • TurboPower Chargers with USB-C and 27 Wattage 
  • TurboPower Wireless Charging Pad with 15 Wattage Qi Charging 

Motorola chargers are not universal, and they don’t suit every phone manufactured by the company. The chargers need to be used based on: 

  • Whether it is physically compatible with the phone; and 
  • Whether the power supply recommended for the phone’s battery is the same (or similar enough) 

The current ratings range for a charger vary from 500mA to 2A. Therefore, if there is a slight difference in amperage, you can still use a different charger if the voltage is the same. 

For example, if one charger has 500mA and 5V ratings, and the other has 700mA and 5V ratings, you can use either charger for your phone (if it physically fits). 

However, if the voltage is the same but the amperage is widely different- say 700mA and 2A- you shouldn’t use one instead of the other. 

For example, if the phone has a 700mA charger, you can use a 1A charger- but not a 2A charger. 

Another vital point is that you cannot use a lower amperage charger if the original is higher. So, for example, you can use a 1A charger instead of a 700mA charger, but 500mA cannot be used. 

Can I Use The Motorola TurboCharger For Other Phones?

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A TurboCharger is a product of Motorola designed to send more current to the smartphone so that the battery charges faster. 

Turbochargers are used to speed up the charging process. Of course, you can set the phone to Airplane Mode or Low Power Mode to charge it faster as well. 

However, that’s not always possible, is it? 

Sometimes, you just can’t afford to miss important calls or updates. Or, maybe you need to use your phone while it’s charging. 

That’s when TurboCharger comes in handy. 

The TurboChargers by Motorola come with USB-C. If the charger is physically compatible with the phone, you can use it with other phones not from the brand. This is because the TurboCharger has three charging modes. 

Yes, you read that right! The amperage can change based on the model of the charger used:

  • The regular mode is 5V-1.6A 
  • The first turbo mode is 9V-1.6A
  • The second turbo mode is 12V-1.2A

However, keep in mind that not every smartphone is compatible with turbocharging. Some models haven’t been designed to accept the feature. 

So, what happens when you use TurboCharger with an incompatible phone? In these cases, the phone will automatically take only as much charge as it can. 

In other words, the turbocharger will work in regular mode instead of turbo mode. There won’t be any fast charging that can potentially cause damage to the phone. 

With that said, if you continue to use the TurboCharger in regular mode for a significant period of time, the charger will lose its power to charge more quickly. Its output performance will decrease, and the charger or phone may start to warm up during usage. 

Use the TurboCharger with other phones only if the phone is compatible and if it can accept turbocharging. Don’t forget to compare the voltage rating!

Do Samsung Chargers Work with Motorola Phones?

Do Samsung Chargers Work with Motorola Phones
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Regarding Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charger, it will work with the latest Motorola phones compatible with fast/turbo charging. 

You can also use the wireless charging mats manufactured by Samsung to charge a Motorola smartphone that comes with wireless charging compatibility. 

However, there will always be exceptions. 

For example, while a fast charger may not damage the phone, a lower capacity charger will. 

If the phone requires a higher capacity charger and you use a lower one, the charger, the USB, and the phone will start to heat up. 

It will also take more time to charge the phone, thus resulting in an overheated phone. This increases the risk of damaging the phone and the charger- as well as increasing the risk of causing a fire accident. 


Q1. Can I Charge My Phone If It is in Low Power Mode?

Yes, you can charge your phone in Low Power mode. 

In fact, turning on Low Power mode will speed up the charging as the background apps are temporarily disabled and don’t need to consume battery life. 

The best way to charge your phone faster is to turn on Airplane mode, connect it to a fast charger, or to toggle on Low Power mode.

Q2. What Is A Micro USB Cable?

Micro USB is a mini version of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface that’s used to charge and facilitate data transfer from smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, printers, and more. 

Micro USB was designed after mini USB was released to create a thinner- yet studier- connector. 

Q3. Is A Type-C Charger The Same As A Micro USB?

USB-C is a cable that can transmit data and power through the same cable. 

The USB-C port looks much like a micro USB port, but they are not the same. The main difference is that the USB-C port has no correct side to plug the cable. 

So you don’t need to flip and plug it in to try again (as we do for USB drives). The USB-C port also transmits more power and data than other USB cables. 

Q4. Can I Use The Samsung Wireless Charging Duo With Other Phones?

Yes, you can. 

Samsung Wireless Charging Duo pads have the standard Qi technology used by other manufacturers.

Any smartphone or smart device with Qi wireless charging capacity can be charged using the Samsung wireless pads.
However, you’ll notice that Samsung phones charge faster than non-Samsung phones because of the technology used by the brand. 


The chargers of Samsung and Motorola are not exactly the same, just like how LG and Samsung chargers have slight differences too. 

However they are similar, and can be used in place of one another if the voltage, amperage, and physical design are a match. 

The voltage and amperage will be indicated on the charger so that users can check. 

The voltage for most chargers has been standardized to 5V. Moreover, the latest chargers have USB-C ports, making them compatible with other devices. 

Be sure to check the amperage to see whether the chargers use the same amount of current or not. In most cases, the TurboCharger and the Adaptive Fast Charger are similar, and can be used with other smartphones as well. 

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