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Why Is My AirPods’ Double Tap Not Working? (Solved!)

airpods double tap not working

The Apple AirPod’s innovative touch technology is what should set it apart from its many competitors, but many users complain that the unresponsive sensors are actually what sets it back.

All over the internet, AirPod and AirPod Pro owners have complained about their AirPods’ double-tap functionality not functioning properly, with some kind of variation to the following:

“Just why is my AirPods’ double tap not working??”

All too commonly, the double-tap and squeeze actions on either (or both) the left or right AirPod don’t always result in paused/played media.

For some, a hard reset and re-pairing the AirPods to their device is what helps make their AirPods more sensitive to ‘double-tap.’

This is because they might not have configured and paired to your phone correctly initially.

Others say a ‘Midas touch’ in the spot on the Airpods is all that’s needed. A few tricks and hacks may be necessary to get the AirPods to respond better.

One trick is to double-tap your earlobe, and not the sensor itself. Who knew?

Why Is The Double-Tap Function Not Working?

Why Is The Double-Tap Function Not Working 

The AirPods’ double-tap functions use dual optical sensors and an accelerometer to ‘sense’ an action through these small built-in mechanisms.

The accelerometer and optical sensors are what communicate to your phone/device to play, pause, skip or speak to Siri.

But why would the AirPods not respond when tapped?

  • Most importantly, you need to tap in the right location. The correct spot to double-tap is between the microphone and slit speaker- the tiny dot on the side, as many assume.

    You need to tap here because the optical sensors and accelerometer are just underneath this spot, and therefore the most correct place to double-tap the AirPods.
  • Users often double-tap the AirPods lightly, and this gentle action may not be enough to activate the AirPods.

    The reason is that AirPods are not using touch technology like your iPhone or iPad. Instead, they measure movement on the AirPods rather than light touches that would be sufficient to trigger a phone screen.

  • Because of this, some users say they tap firmly on their ear, pull their earlobe, and utilize other methods to activate the AirPods. Play around with different movements; remember, the AirPods measure movement- not just touch!

  • The AirPods may also not have been correctly configured when you paired them to your device. An incorrect configuration is why a hard reset and re-pairing to your device could ‘jump-start’ them to optimal functions.

How Do I Fix The Double Tap On My AirPods?

How Do I Fix The Double Tap On My AirPods 

The first solution is to correct the location and firmness of your double taps.

Firmer and harder pressure is best. If you double-tap the AirPod gently, it may not respond because it’s not ‘touch technology.’

The sensors and accelerometer are actually measuring for movement and not touch. Press and hold the AirPods or tap on them harder than you have previously been doing and see the results!

Another trick is to hold onto the AirPod before you double-tap. The AirPods aren’t measuring sensitivity and touch but movement, so if you hold then tap, the AirPods will register more movement.

For a tutorial and more information on this trick, take a look at this YouTube video:

If that doesn’t work, you may need to perform a hard reset of the AirPods. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the AirPods from your Bluetooth paired devices.
  2. Put the AirPods back in their case > Press and hold the pairing button > The notification light should turn orange/red > Once the light is white again, bring them nearer to your device/phone > Pair the AirPods to your device.

If the AirPods are still unresponsive after resetting and re-pairing, they may need to be taken back to the Apple Store for a professional inspection.

Why Can’t I Double Tap My AirPod Pros?

The AirPod Pro has no optical sensors, relying solely on a force sensor on the stem. Because of this, AirPod Pros have the ‘squeeze-action’ on the stem.

The ‘squeeze’ on the stem lets you pause/play, accept calls and communicate to your device in the same way the ‘double tap’ action will.

AirPod Pros also have similar settings and setup protocols as normal AirPods and should work similarly.

Why Won’t My AirPods Pause When I Tap Them?

Again, check you’re:

  • Tapping in the right location– on the little dot, between the microphone and slit speaker
  • Tapping with enough pressure and movement

The AirPods default double-tap action activates Siri and will not automatically pause media.

To change this:

Why Won't My AirPods Pause When I Tap Them 

Open Settings > Go to Bluetooth > Tap the ‘i’ button next to your AirPods > Double-Tap On AirPods > Select the Play/Pause option

To recap again: Your Airpods don’t use sensitive touch technology but rather movement sensors that activate the default or preferred responses.

Make sure you’ve properly paired and set up your Airpods to respond how you need them to.

Many users double-tap too lightly or in the wrong spot. Therefore, it’s important to correct and practice the right action before assuming that the Airpods are faulty.

If, after adjusting your actions, resetting, and pairing the AirPods again they remain unresponsive, you may need to visit the Apple Store for a replacement.

Why Is My Double Tap Not Working On An Android Phone?

The AirPods’ features will work differently from how it works on an iPhone when connecting to an Android device.

However, their hardware works the same and still has the double-tap or squeeze functionality.

If Your Android Is Struggling To Connect To The AirPods

  1. Put the AirPods back in their case
  2. Press and hold the button on the case
  3. Hold the button for about 15 seconds
  4. The light on the front of the case should flash orange/red
  5. After this light blinks, open the case
  6. Now, manually pair your AirPods to your Android device

To Change The Setting Of Your AirPods On Android Phones

Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Tap the ‘i’ icon next to the Airpods. Here, you can customize the settings to your preferences.

To Change Specific Double-Tap And Squeeze Actions

  1. Go to the Airpod settings
  2. Scroll to the ‘Double Touch” tab
  3. Choose which Airpod actions will trigger the preferred responses of your device (you could replace Siri’s response to Google Assistant here.)

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