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Why Do I Keep Seeing “Please Check Your Internet Connection And Try Again” On My Phone?

When using a smartphone, an internet connection is definitely a must-have- especially when most of your apps require a connection to the Internet just to function!

In modern times, many application developers have moved their assets and products online. The internet provides a massive gateway for smartphones to become even more effective.

Therefore, it’s pretty essential to ensure your phone is always online. That way, you can make use of the apps that require the internet to perform their functions seamlessly.

Unfortunately, many people experience disruptions and are met with messages sent by an app they are trying to run, such as, “Please check your internet connection and try again.”

As you might imagine, this happens when something has gone wrong with your connection to the internet!

The presence of this message also means that you may experience a delay in whatever you plan to do online. It can be a right headache and pose significant limits!

So, why does the message appear on your smartphone so often?

Read on to find out more!

Why Do I Keep Getting A “Please Check Your Internet Connection And Try Again” Notification?

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Here are some of the most common reasons as why your smartphone can lose its connection to the internet:

Faulty Internet Connection

Smartphones require a network connection to surf the internet, whether via WiFi or cellular data.

However as you probably know already, network signals fluctuate for various reasons.

For example, there could be a drop in the signal strength because the load on the network is too high, or there may currently be technical issues on the network provider’s end.

Date And Time Are Incorrect

Most smartphones set dates and times automatically, but sometimes that function fails and causes issues with network processes.

Web apps may not function properly if the date and time on your smartphone are not set correctly.

This often happens with apps that need to work in real-time.

The App Is Outdated

tekegram app needs update

Another reason why you may be receiving a message about checking your internet connection is that the app version is too old.

App developers may have discontinued the network support for older versions, which means you are no longer able to use them properly.

Therefore, it’s important to check your app list to see if there are any pending updates for the app you’re attempting to use.

Cached Data Problem

Most mobile apps keep records of all of your activities, as part of an automated process.

Generally, we refer to those records as “cached data“.

As you use these apps, they discreetly collect information for the cache. However, there’s always a possibility for errors to occur during the process.

If an app holds a massive chunk of cached files, or if something happens causing corrupted data, your phone might start sending you an internet error notification when you try to launch specific apps.

There’s A Problem With Your DNS Server

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DNS is an abbreviation of Domain Name System, for those who aren’t in the know. It represents a server that bridges your smartphone’s web access and IP address.

The DNS server must first link the web address and your IP address for any web page to load.

Therefore, if you experience an internet connection problem on your phone, there may be issues with your DNS server.

Exhausted Data Limit

In some cases, the issue may only be due to the fact that you have reached your data limit.

Smartphones allow you to set data limits per day. The network cuts off your internet access when you reach that limit.

On the other hand, it’s also possible that your entire mobile data bundle is finished. If you believe this to be the case, simply check your data balance. If it’s all gone- it’s time to top up!

Roaming Issues

Roaming is quite a complex process that’s still prone to errors when the smartphone system is incompatible with the new network you’re trying to use.

In these cases, the best thing to do would be to contact your network carrier to lodge a complaint about the error you’re receiving when trying to connect to the internet.

Disconnected Hotspot Access

You may also get the message, “Please check your internet connection and try again” when you’ve strayed too far from the hotspot area.

This happens because your phone has, well, lost its connection to the internet! You may need to take a few steps back to re-establish the network connection.

How Do I Fix The Problem?

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Here are some of the best tips and tricks you can use to solve problems related to disrupted internet connectivity on your smartphone:

Correct The Date And Time

The best way to get rid of all date and time-related issues on your smartphone is to set it to update automatically. Here’s a simple guide to doing that:

Step One: Launch Date And Time Settings

Go to your Settings, and search for “Date and time”.

Step Two: Enable Automatic Date and Time Update

You’ll find an option to switch to an automatic date and time on the screen. Tap the toggle to turn it on.

If the problem is because of a wrong date or time, this process is the quickest solution. However, if the issue persists, please try another option below.

Update Your Apps

app store new updates

When you update an app, you equip it with all the necessary features to perform optimally.

If the problem only occurs on a particular app, go to the Google Play Store or the App Store on your device and update that specific app.

We suggest you update all apps that have pending upgrades to newer versions ASAP!

Switch To A Faster Network

Smartphones can operate at different network speeds; you’ve probably heard about 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.

To fix a poor network signal, it may be helpful to consider switching to the highest network speed that your phone supports.

The process is straightforward enough. Go to Settings, select Network, and click the option for alternating network speed.

We suggest selecting 4G or 5G if your smartphone supports it.

Clear Cached Data

Clearing cached data is a simple process.

If you’re sure a specific app is a culprit, give that app some more memory space to function better. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step One: Launch Settings

Open Settings, scroll through the options, and click on “Apps.”

Step Two: Select The App And Click On “Clear Cache And Data”

Now, pick the app you want to clear the cached files and tap on the ‘Clear cached data/files‘ option.

Your app should now have more space to work faster and more efficiently!

Restart Your Phone

restarting android phone

Here it is! The fix you’ve all been waiting for!

Sometimes, restarting your Apple or Android device can potentially resolve any network connectivity issues.

For example, a simple restart on smartphones can also help fix a DNS server problem.

You’ll probably know how to restart a phone already. However, just in case: Simply press and hold the power button to turn off your device!

Leave it turned off for about 30 seconds, and then turn it back on again.

In Conclusion

As a smartphone user, you need a working internet connection to get the best out of your device.

However, if your phone displays the “Please check your connection and try again” error, keep calm and follow the steps detailed in this article to troubleshoot the cause!

The message could be the result of a DNS server problem, incorrect date and time, an outdated app, a weak network signal, or a data bundle that’s run out (just to name a few possibilities).

Please feel free to use any of the tips above to solve the problem! If the issue still persists, consider taking your phone to a local phone repair center near you to have an expert take a quick look.

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