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How To Change Time Color On iPhones In 2024 (Is It Possible?)

Some people could care less about the color display on their smartphones.

For others, however, it’s pretty much a matter of life or death; even the tiniest color detail can pose a problem of world-ending proportions!

Maybe you’re a proud new owner of a beautiful iPhone 13, or an Apple veteran that’s trying to squeeze the last bit of aesthetic juice out of your device.

No matter where you stand, all you really want to know is how to change the time color on your iPhone!

Unfortunately, we’ve got a bit of sad news for you.

The time color is an iOS default setting, meaning you cannot easily change the color of the time indicator on your iPhone.

Despite that, there is still something you can do to induce the corner time color display on your iPhone to change automatically.

It’s still important to keep in mind however that there are only two color choices for the time display on the iPhone: Black, or white.

Therefore, it definitely helps to choose a wallpaper color that contrasts with the desired time color display.

For example, use a black wallpaper if your preferred time color display is white, and choose a white background if you want your time color display to be black.

You can change the wallpaper on your iPhone by following these steps:

  • Go to “Settings

locating settings

  • Scroll down and select “Wallpaper

locating wallpaper button in settings

  • Click “Choose a New Wallpaper

locating choose a new wallpaper button in wallpaper

  • You can choose photos automatically available from iPhone (Dynamic, Stills, or Live) or select photos from your gallery.

locating photo options for wallpaper

  • Click “Set“, then please select either to set on lock screen, home screen, or both.

locating set button

locating set wallpaper buttons

The color of the time display will change to the opposite color of the wallpaper you select (either black or white).

In addition, the iPhone’s time display in the top right corner will also change according to the background or theme color.

If you go to “Display & Brightness” under “Settings,” you can change your background to “Light” or “Dark.”

locating display and brightness button

locating light and dark buttons

Switching from “Light” to “Dark” will automatically adjust the color of the corner time indicator.

Corner Time Display Color Changes And Their Meanings

There are instances where your iPhone’s color surrounding the time display will change.

However, this color change is not permanent.

In other words, when the use of specific applications or features stops, the color display will return to normal.

The appearance of a particular color around the time displayed in the corner of an iPhone is similar to a notification.

You might notice the following color changes:


Several conditions can cause a blue color to appear around the corner time display.

Firstly, it’s an indication that an application that uses the location feature is running, (usually the Maps application).

Second, it can also indicate that the screen on your device is being actively mirrored to another display.


Green can indicate that your personal hotspot is on, and there is a device connected to it.


Purple indicates that your SharePlay app is running.


Red indicates that a voice recording application or screen recorder is active.

You will be navigated directly to the currently running application if you press on the time in the corner. Therefore, it’s quite possible to activate an app you do not require by accident.

Taking a look at your iPhone from time to time is therefore essential to prevent this accident from continuing over a prolonged period.

Specific applications can drain the battery quickly while also posing a security risk if activated unintentionally!

Jailbreaking Your iPhone To Change The Time Color

hand holding iphone x

While you may already be aware of what jailbreaking is and what it can accomplish, we cannot wholeheartedly recommend the action!

Although jailbreaking itself is not illegal, doing so can carry various risks.

It’s always up to you to decide the best options relating to your iPhone. However, before you decide to jailbreak, you should be mindful of the following consequences:

You Could Void Your iPhone Warranty

This simply means that the warranty on your Apple iPhone would no longer be valid- despite its original duration.

One of the iPhone warranty terms is that you must not change the phone’s functionality without Apple’s written permission.

For this reason, if your device has incurred damage due to carrying out the jailbreaking function, Apple has the right to decline to provide you with repair assistance.

Damage To Your iPhone’s Software

Sometimes jailbreak apps do not work as advertised. Therefore, installing them can cause serious, unforeseen damage!

Make sure you conduct thorough research before installing any jailbreak software.

Many online scammers will send out deceptive links that contain malicious software, which when downloaded has the potential to severely damage your iPhone’s system and hardware.

Security Risk

entering password on iphone

Jailbreaking poses many security threats to a mobile device.

Apple is one of the most secure and reputable computing platforms. They have a robust protection system that protects consumers against potential malware threats.

However, when you download a jailbreak app, you are essentially breaking the security protection that the iPhone provides.

Jailbreak applications do not go through a screening process from Apple, which means you will stop receiving iOS updates– including the latest security measures.

This means that the barrier between apps and the rest of the file system is wide open! As a result, different types of malware can access all of your data.

In other words, all your personal data, such as your bank details, address, and so on are at risk.

Furthermore, another risk that may occur is the emergence of bugs that can cause lagging on your iPhone. Bugs can also potentially interfere with the performance of other essential features of the device.

In Conclusion

We hope you have found this article about how to change the time color on your iPhone helpful, and that you’ll be able to follow these steps to personalize your device as much as possible!

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