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How Accurate Is The Samsung S10 Heart Rate Monitor? (Answered!)

how accurate is samsung s10 heart rate monitor

Samsung Galaxy smartphones from S5 to S10 have heart rate sensors at the back that help monitor your heart rate. As the name suggests, it has the ability to measure heart beats per minute when an index finger is placed on the sensor.

But, a question that you might be wondering is:

Just how accurate is the Samsung S10 heart rate monitor?

It has been found that the heart rate monitor in the S10 is fairly accurate. In fact, the sensors seem to work very well in most Samsung models.

In fact, in cases where the proper operating procedures are followed, the results are 95 to 99% accurate!

However as alluded to, the accuracy of the heart rate sensor does depend on how you use it.

The S10 and S10 Plus are the best Galaxy models to feature the heart rate sensor, while the S10e doesn’t have this feature due to a lack of device mounting space.

Can The Galaxy S10 Check Heart Rate?

Yes, the Galaxy S10 can check the user’s heart rate through a sensor on the back of the phone.

Can the Galaxy S10 Check Heart Rate
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Models from the S5 to S10 Plus have the heart rate sensor located on the backside near the rear camera and flashlight.

(However, Samsung did decide to discontinue the feature after the S10 Plus.)

There’s an added advantage of the heart rate sensor in both the S10 and S10 Plus in that it also acts as an indicator for wireless charging. Cool, eh?

All Galaxy S10 models have wireless charging capability and can be charged through a QI mat. The heart rate sensor has LED lights that glow during usage.

As an example, the LED light blinks blue when you enable the Wireless PowerShare feature from the notification bar.

Then, when you place the phone on the Qi charging mat, the light turns red to indicate that the phone is charging.

Again, this feature is not found in S10e as the model doesn’t have a heart rate sensor.

How To Check Heart Rate On The S10

How To Check Heart Rate in the S10
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Though the heart rate monitor is fairly accurate in S10, you still need to follow a proper procedure to get the best results.

  • Stay calm when you measure the heart rate through the sensor.

  • Try not to move your body. You can achieve this by sitting/ lying in a comfortable position.

  • Place your index finger on the heart rate sensor and breathe normally.

  • Don’t move your finger from the sensor. Ensure you have a good grip on the phone so that the finger doesn’t slide from its position.

To double-check the results, you can always use a stopwatch to manually count your heartbeat and compare the accuracy.

In most instances (assuming that the test has been done right), the results are 95 to 99% accurate and match the heart rate recorded by medical devices!

Is The S10 Heart Rate Monitor Accurate?

The short answer is yes. The heart rate monitor in S10 is accurate enough for record-keeping if you know how to use it correctly.

Is The S10 Heart Rate Monitor Accurate
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Remember that the sensor can be easily manipulated to give a false reading. In situations where you move or when your finger is not held steady on the sensor, the results will not be accurate.

It is also possible to keep a tab on your heart rhythms through other wearables.

Associated Samsung wearables can be connected and synced with the Samsung Health app on your phone.

The app collects heart rate, steps, calorie count, and other information from the watch on your wrist.

However, the accuracy of the results again depends on the tracker on your wrist. If the wearable doesn’t measure heart rate properly, it will send the same wrong readings to the app.

With wearables, you can cross-check the heart rate using the heart rate sensor at the back of the phone.

We found in our own tests that the average heart rate is almost always between +/- 1 and 10 of the actual heart rate monitored by medical equipment.

The best news may be that the accuracy of the heart rate monitor will increase and become consistent when you get more and more used to using the sensor!


Q1. What are the features of the S10?

The Samsung S10 comes with Android 9.0 OS and Samsung Exynos 9820 processor. It has 128GB of storage, 8GB RAM, and a 6.10-inch display screen.

The S10 also comes with 12MP+12MP+16MP rear cameras, coupled of course with that heart rate monitor at the back that we’ve been talking about all article- long.
Finally, the phone carries a 10MP front camera, and a 3400mAH battery to power it all!

Q2. How do you use Samsung Health on the S10?

The Samsung Health app helps you stay fit and healthy by measuring your heart rate, footsteps, calories spent, and so on.

To use the app, go to the home screen on your S10. Then, choose Samsung -> Samsung Health.

The app will open to display the step count, active time, sleeping time, and more. Tap on individual elements to access more details about them.

With the app, it’s easy to keep track of your heart rate, the number of hours you slept, the calories you consumed and spent, as well as your stress levels.

You will need to set up your profile for the app to record the information and save a copy on the cloud.

By doing this, you can access even the past data recorded by the app. Add your information to the profile to customize the app for your requirements. This makes it more accurate and suited to help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Q3. Is Samsung Health accurate?

Yes, the Samsung Health app is accurate. It is user-friendly and allows you to set goals, challenges for exercising, and workouts.

You can share the details on social media and with friends to stay motivated. You can also join the Samsung community to interact with other users and support each other!

In Summary

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are the last of the series to have a built-in heart rate monitor.

The sensors are located beside the rear cameras at the back, are decently accurate, and give consistent readings when used correctly.

Since the S10 is a sturdy model with powerful software and functionalities, it is capable of delivering 95% to 99% accurate readings with the heart rate monitor.

Just make sure not to move when using the feature! Keep your finger firmly on the sensor for it to read your heartbeat with maximum accuracy.

If you own a Galaxy S10e, you will need to use the Samsung Health app and connect it to your wearable to measure your heartbeat. This is because the S10e is the sole model that doesn’t have a heart rate sensor built-in!

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