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Can Someone Track My Phone Without My Permission?

Track My Phone

Ever wondered if your trusty smartphone could turn into a double agent, sharing your secrets without your knowledge?

This thought might raise the hair on the back of your neck. We live in a digital age where the miraculous benefits of technology sometimes carry a hidden sting. Could your every move be watched?

Can someone track your phone without your consent? Buckle up, tech explorers, as we navigate these tricky waters. From the simple to the complex, we’ll shed light on the truth behind the shadows of phone tracking. Let’s journey into the unknown together!

In a hurry? We care about your time, so here’s a quick answer to the question you’re looking for!

Yes, your phone can be tracked without your permission through methods like GPS tracking apps, spyware, and SS7 tracking, which can compromise your privacy. It’s crucial to safeguard your device by regularly updating software, installing trustworthy apps only, and using reliable security measures, to help maintain your privacy.

How Can Someone Track Your Phone?

There are plenty of ways that someone can track your phone. Some methods involve social engineering, while others may include Track My Phone installing malicious apps on your smartphone. Below are some of the common ways in which someone can track your phone.

Smartphone Tracking Apps

Track My Phone

There are many third-party smartphone tracking Track My Phone apps that users can install themselves to track their phones.

The core consumer market for these apps is concerned parents and troubled spouses. Some companies, especially logistics Track My Phone companies, use tracking software to monitor their personnel.

Some of these tracking apps not only track your location but can also read text messages, access your call logs, monitor your internet usage, and even listen in during your calls.

In addition, these apps operate in the background, meaning you won’t even suspect that someone is tracking you.

These tracking apps with the disclaimer that people should not use them for malicious activities.

IP Address Tracking Websites

Track My Phone

When you connect a device to the internet, it is assigned an IP address that serves as a unique identifier and contains geolocation data.

Unsecured websites can easily Track My Phone obtain IP addresses from their servers, and extract more information from them.

When downloading something from an unsecured website, it may contain files that ping the website’s server, revealing your current location.

Social Media and Messaging Apps

Track My Phone

These days, social media sites have become Track My Phone quite popular. People use these platforms to keep in touch with one another and for entertainment.

However, most people often drop their guard when using social networking apps or sites.
For instance, when you take a photo using your phone, the picture usually contains some metadata.

The metadata carries sensitive data about your phone’s make and model, location, and even the time you took the photo.

Once you upload the photo on social media, anyone can download it, extract the metadata, and get a hint about your current location.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your Phone?

As mentioned, most spy apps work in the background and during startup.

It means that the tracking apps start automatically once your phone is on. If you suspect that someone is tracking you, here are some telltale signs you should look out for:

High RAM Usage

Track My Phone

High RAM usage is a sign that many services or apps are running in the background.
Such instances should raise immediate red flags, especially if you have very few apps running.

Make sure you check out which apps are consuming excess memory. If you notice any funny apps, make sure you uninstall them ASAP.

These apps might even be anonymous and don’t show up anywhere—to combat this, restart your phone in safe mode.

By holding down the Track My Phone power off symbol until the ‘Safe Mode’ icon appears and then tapping it.

Safe mode allows your phone to disable all third-party apps temporarily, and users can safely troubleshoot their phones. Look out for blank apps in your app list—uninstall them immediately if you see them.

Track My Phone

Some spy apps often record and store your calls in your phone’s memory. Also, some may take screenshots when you’re on video calls.

Open the gallery folder on your phone, and look out for any folders named Screenshots.”You are discover screenshots of your call log or messages.

High Battery Usage

Track My Phone

Battery usage leans towards high RAM usage. When you have many apps running simultaneously, the battery will drain faster.

Besides that, your battery will become hotter, and you may get warnings from your phone about the battery’s health. Tracker apps run continuously as long as your phone is on.

Location Services Keep Turning on.

Track My Phone

It’s common knowledge that apps will request access to your location when you first launch them. You may be followed if your location services remain on even when you’re not using any apps.

How to Prevent Someone From Tracking You

Always Download Apps From The Official App Store.

Track My Phone

Third-party software could be embedded with tracking features that collect data from your phone and send it anonymously.

Avoid downloading apps from a non-official App Store or shady websites. We suggest downloading apps from the Google Play Store for iPhone users if you’re using an Android phone or the App Store.

Also, when installing apps on your phone, be attentive to the permissions the app requests.

If an app requests permission to Track My Phone access your phone book, call log, camera, and location, these are early warning signs, and you should grant these permissions only if you trust these apps.

Turning Off Location Services

Track My Phone

Location Services GPS is essential, especially when using Google Maps and Uber apps.

However, some apps often take advantage of these to track your current location when you have your phone’s GPS on.

Most tracking apps often use GPS data to keep tabs on your movements. In addition, malicious websites will also use GPS data to send you advertisements or recommendations, depending on your location and internet activity. To turn off your phone’s location services:

For Android:

Swipe down from your screen’s top Track My Phone to reveal the location symbol. Toggle on/off

For iPhone: 

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Turn Precise Location on or off.

Use a VPN.

Track My Phone

VPNs are apps that encrypt your data when accessing the internet. They route your data through an external server in another distant location, making the tracking websites and apps think the signal is coming from another place.

As such, sites with tracking bots will not know your location or network information.
Plenty of VPNs are available; some are free, while others charge for the best speeds while using them.

Our team recommends using a VPN when connected to a public Track My Phone Wi-Fi network.

Wrapping Up

Commercial tracking apps can be of great help if used well. Parents often install these apps on their kids’ phones to keep them safe. In addition, spyware has also been used to track and catch criminals.

However, these activities are strictly Track My Phone on par with the law, and it is illegal to do so without a valid warrant or consent.

Besides, some developers also include malware in their apps to spy on unsuspecting users. Usually, the data is sold on the dark web and can be used to abet criminal activities such as kidnapping and identity theft.

Our team recommends always downloading from trusted sources, using VPNs in public, and limiting apps that use location services.

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