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What Does “Your Call Has Been Forwarded” Mean in 2024? Truth Revealed!

What Does “Your Call Has Been Forwarded” Mean in 2023? Truth Revealed!

Sometimes you call someone and hear, “Your call has been forwarded” from the other end. 

It can have many different meanings and contexts. If you hear “your call is being forwarded”, there’s usually nothing to worry about. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is ignoring you, nor does it mean that person has blocked you. The most straightforward and likely explanation is that the person you called just didn’t pick up!

In short, call forwarding means that you are reaching the voicemail system and not the person themselves. 

Call forwarding can occur in different situations. It can happen when another person decides not to answer your phone call. However, it might be because another person is busy or does not have their phone.

Alternatively, it can also mean that their phone is currently off. So, whatever the case, the best thing to do is to simply leave your message in the voicemail and wait for the person to call you back!

Does Call Forwarding Mean You Are Blocked?

The answer to this question changes based on the specific situation and depends on the number of rings you hear. 

However, the short answer is no; if you hear the call forwarding message, it does not necessarily mean the person on the other side has blocked you. 

First of all, call forwarding can occur on ordinary occasions, and it does not always mean that you are blocked. 

As explained above, hearing a call forwarding message means that the other side has not received your call. 

Therefore, the call will then transfer to another system – usually an automatic voicemail. This merely implies that the other person is busy and can’t pick up your call right now. 

How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You 

If you hear a single ring before finding out your call is being forwarded, it means that the other side has most likely blocked you. In normal situations, the phone will ring at least three to four times before going to voicemail. 

Sometimes, the person might have their phone turned off or cancel your call instantly. In these cases, you’ll also tend to hear strange ring patterns.

If you call a few times and your call gets forwarded instantly on each, it’s a pretty decent confirmation that the person has blocked you. 

Finally, if you continuously hear messages like “this user is currently unavailable, please try again later,” it’s another highly likely indicator that the contact has blocked you. 

Do Forwarded Calls Appear In Call Logs?

If you hear “your call is being forwarded,” will that call appear in your call log? In short, the answer is no. You won’t see any history in your call log letting you know about forwarded calls. 

Let’s look at this issue in more detail.

When the system directs you to a person’s voicemail, it means you can leave your message there. So, when the other person checks their voicemail, they’ll know that you called. 

Therefore, your call will appear in the person’s call log. However, you will not see your forwarded calls in your mobile phone’s call log. 

How Many Times Do You Hear A Phone Ringing If The Call Is Forwarded?

Typically, it will take three to four rings before the system forwards your call to the automatic voicemail machine. However, the case might be different in specific situations. 

If a person is busy, you’ll likely hear the phone ring three to four times before you get redirected to the message, “your call is being forwarded.” However, if the contact you are calling has blocked you, you will hear the phone ring one time only. 

What Does It Mean If Calls Have Been Forwarded Too Many Times?

Call forwarding comes in different forms as well. Sometimes, when you call a person, you might find yourself hearing a melody, which is an alternative to the “your call is being forwarded” message. 

Alternatively, you might hear unique or different tones while the system is forwarding your calls. All of these different signs show that your call is getting redirected to another channel or number. 

Many people have reported receiving error messages telling them their phone forwarded their calls several times. 

The issue is confusing as the system refuses to operate or take further calls, and it often makes people wonder if there is a limit to call-forwarding.

The problem has quite a different meaning than we typically understand. If you are getting an error message saying calls get forwarded too many times, it could mean your phone delivers every contact number to many other numbers. 

Your call-providing service carries a significant load when your phone starts forwarding calls on too many different machines. As a result, errors can occur, notifying you of problems in regard to routing. 

Why Does This Happen?

This is likely a technical issue in your call-forwarding settings, and it is a common problem as many people face difficulties in their call-forwarding setups. 

Due to certain errors, your call forwarding system can stop transferring your calls properly to your voicemail machine or another number.  

Go to your settings and recheck your call forwarding feature to rectify this. If you can not find anything, the easiest option is to reset your call-forwarding settings entirely. 

Resetting your call forwarding feature will set all the settings to default. Then, you’ll be able to choose suitable call forwarding options again! 

What Does Call Forwarding Mean on iPhone?

Call forwarding in the iPhone is similar to the function in Android. If you have a call forwarding feature turned on in your iPhone, your iPhone will direct all the incoming calls to your voicemail or any other device.

The feature may sound or seem irritating to some people, and it might mean that you miss specific essential calls. At the same time, people on the other end will hear that their call was forwarded. 

You can turn off your call forwarding feature on your iPhone by following some simple steps.

How Do I Stop My Calls From Being Forwarded?

Call forwarding is supposed to be a beneficial feature. People set up call forwarding features for a variety of different reasons!

Some people direct phone calls to another number they use more frequently during certain hours. 

Some may also choose to direct callers to voicemail when they are busy on another call. Thirdly, when people are busy for a predetermined amount of time, they allow their calls directly reach another number or voicemails. 

However, sometimes, if not properly managed, call forwarding can cause problems. As explained above, it can sometimes forward calls to several different phones, hence burdening the routing system. 

Other than this, it can start diverting all your calls to voicemail, making you miss important messages and frustrating your callers. 

Fortunately, the feature can be easily turned off through your settings! So, if you want to stop your call forwarding feature, all you have to do is follow the simple steps below. 

How To Stop Calls From Being Forwarded In iPhone

To turn off the call forwarding feature on your iPhone, simply observe the points explained below.

First of all, go to the Settings app on your iPhone. Here, you will see an option of “Phone”. Click it, and you will see a new menu. 

Now, click the option of Call Forwarding. Here, you’ll have full control of your call forwarding feature through a simple toggle. 

Toggle it off if necessary; now, none of your callers will hear “your call has been forwarded” messages!

How To Stop Calls From Being Forwarded In Android

Call forwarding settings may vary in different Android phones from different manufacturers. However, the instructions below will apply to most, or at least be very similar.

Go to the Phone app on your device. There, you will see three dots or lines in the left or right corner. Click it, and you will see a drop-down menu.

Click Settings and look for any option titled Call Forwarding. If you cannot see any this option, click the More Settings option on the screen. 

Open the Call Forwarding tab, and it will display two options. Select the Voice Call option, and now you will see four to five different possibilities. One of these options will read “Always Forward.” If the Always Forward option is turned on, turn it back off. 

Voila! You’ve successfully unchecked the Call Forwarding option. Now, you’ll receive all your phone calls directly on your phone, and nothing will go to your voicemail or any other numbers. 


Call forwarding can often become problematic if you’ve made a mistake while setting it up. People often complain that their system forwards their calls even when they’re active!

This might happen due certain errors made while setting up a number for call forwarding. While setting up the feature, ensure you type the correct and valid forwarding number. 

If you’ve entered a number that does not belong to anyone or no longer exists, your call forwarding feature may act strangely. As such, make sure to keep updating the number whenever necessary. 

As the feature depends on your service provider and not your phone itself, you may sometimes face issues.  In these cases, check your settings first. If you do not see any improvement, directly ask the company to troubleshoot it for you.

Your call providers will be able to help you in determining what the actual problem is, as well as the solution!

In Summary

Hearing “your call is being forwarded” is something that makes a lot of people concerned, but it’s not all that complicated!

In straightforward terms, call forwarding means the person you have called is busy at the moment. So, they couldn’t receive your call, and now the system is transferring your call to another phone number or voicemail system. 

If the person you have called has set up the call forwarding option to another number, the system will direct you to that particular phone number. 

On the other hand, if the option is set for voicemail, you’ll typically hear a beep or indication to leave your message on the voicemail. 

Understand that the person might be busy or currently inactive. Wait for an hour or two and call them back. Or, if you’ve left the message at their voicemail, they’ll likely call you back after having a chance to listen to your message!

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