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Why Are There Two Bluetooth Apps On My Phone? (1 Simple Reason)

As you might already be aware, Bluetooth is a wireless connection technology that allows two devices to share files.

Nowadays, almost every device- computers, tablets, smartphones– allows Bluetooth tethering to share many types of files within a short range.

Most people believe their device only has one Bluetooth. However, you might’ve checked your smartphone recently only to now ask:

“Why are there two Bluetooth apps on my phone?”

We’ll be telling you the answer right here in this article!

Bluetooth: A Brief Primer

woman using a bluetooth speaker

Jaap Haartsen developed Bluetooth technology in the 1990s and named it after the 10th-century Danish king, Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson.

(Interesting bit of trivia for you: The symbol of Bluetooth technology actually carries the initials of King Harald!)

Bluetooth technology was created to enable a wireless connection between electronic devices using ISM bands and UHF radio waves. Through this, it fulfills an essential role in other technologies such as Airdrop.

Despite its utility, it can maintain a stable connection only within a short distance. Additionally, people can only use it to share a small amount of data.

There are Bluetooth modules on each device that create a wireless connection, and you are only able to connect two devices at a time through Bluetooth due to its short-range radio frequency.

Why Do I Have Duplicate Apps On My Phone?

It’s possible to have two Bluetooth apps on your phone for a variety of reasons. These apps fulfill different purposes and have different functions.

First of all, follow the below steps to find Bluetooth on your device:

  • Open the Settings of your phone and search for the term “Bluetooth”.

  • The phone may display two apps; one is the simple “Bluetooth,” whereas the other is “Bluetooth MIDI Service”.

Bluetooth simplifies data sharing between devices by using low-energy radio waves. It only works when both devices have Bluetooth enabled and paired.

MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

It is a standard protocol that interconnects devices such as computers, musical instruments, stage lighting, and other time-oriented media.

MIDI is a straightforward application for the Bluetooth function as it’s convenient to use a single device without any computer or cables needed to handle management.

In short: Bluetooth MIDI Service helps you connect with other devices such as keyboards, headphones, headsets, and amplifiers without computers and cables being required!

The Difference Between Bluetooth And MIDI Bluetooth Functions

connecting phone to the car through bluetooth

Android provides the MIDI package to users by default, offering multiple functions.

For example, users can connect a MIDI keyboard to Android and play a synthesizer or drive music apps. It also allows other MIDI controllers to connect to Android.

It’s also possible to drive external MIDI synths from your Android device. Android also helps users to drive external peripherals, show control, lights, and more. You can also generate music through games or music creation apps dynamically.

The Android MIDI package enables you to create a message and share it with other apps, while the general Bluetooth app works like Wi-Fi as it connects electronic devices to provide short-range communication.

What Should I Do About The Two Bluetooth Apps?

You may have surmised that you somehow accidentally duplicated your Bluetooth when you first saw the two Bluetooth apps on your Android phone.

However, the two Bluetooth apps being present isn’t your fault- and in fact, you actually need them both for different types of services!

Keep in mind that both apps have their individual purposes and help you connect to devices successfully. So, you don’t have to delete either of them.

Utilize general Bluetooth to send and receive files at short distances; it can handle a few megabits per second efficiently.

The MIDI Bluetooth service, on the other hand, provides a connection to MIDI devices.

As mentioned above, Bluetooth MIDI helps devices connect to musical instrument connections, such as keyboards, amplifiers, and headsets.

You can also send and receive messages using MIDI event technology over USB, Bluetooth LE, and virtual (inter-app) transports.

Therefore, make use of both applications according to what you require in the moment!

Benefits Of The Two Bluetooth Apps On Your Phone

man connecting his phone to bluetooth speaker

Having two Bluetooth apps on your phone is rather beneficial.

The general Bluetooth app is helpful for short communication. It helps your smartphone connect to your car audio or other Bluetooth-enabled devices at your home.

Many devices have Bluetooth features, such as speakers, set-top boxes, 3-D glasses, computers, audio/video receivers, game consoles, and more. You can also share plenty of different files via Bluetooth.

On the other hand, the MIDI Bluetooth service is more uniquely helpful for people who are event organizers.

Different Devices For The Different Bluetooth(s)

MIDI Bluetooth service connects to MIDI devices. These include MIDI keyboards, amplifiers, headphones, and musical instruments.

Meanwhile, any Bluetooth-enabled device can pair with General Bluetooth. You connect mobile devices, tablets, computers, speakers, car data-sharing devices, laptops, 3-D glasses, and other audio/video devices.

USB storage devices, printers, MP3 devices sometimes also have Bluetooth connections. General Bluetooth can typically pair with two devices simultaneously.

Does the iPhone Support MIDI Bluetooth?

iphone 11 connected to bluetooth airpods

Yes!, it’s possible to attach a MIDI device to your iPhone via the GarageBand app

Here’s how to do that:

  • Open the GarageBand app on your phone.

  • On the control panel click the settings icon

  • Then click on ‘Advanced’

  • Next, select Bluetooth MIDI Devices

  • The names of MIDI devices visible will be displayed.

  • Select the specific you want to connect to your iPhone and click on ‘Connect.’
  • To switch off the connection, just tap on ‘Disconnect.’

If you’re using a Mac, Bluetooth connections are bidirectional.

Bidirectional means a device can be peripheral, as well as central or host. A Mac can therefore receive or send files in a single connection because it works both as a peripheral and a host.

In Conclusion

Many Android devices show two Bluetooth apps in their settings, and most users do not know why that’s the case!

Some may know about Bluetooth MIDI Service, but not necessarily understand its functions.

However, the feature will be familiar to people interested in music creation and devices related to musical events.

Most phone users only know about the general Bluetooth they use to send and receive files within a short distance.

Although there are two different Bluetooth apps, they operate on the same concept. Both apps connect devices to share data and communicate.

The MIDI Bluetooth service helps you to connect all MIDI hardware devices simultaneously without a computer or cable and is used mostly by music production-related professionals.

On the other hand, the main Bluetooth enables regular file-sharing from device-to-device by normal users, like you and me.

Hope that’s cleared up any confusion in regards to the two Bluetooth apps on your phone!

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