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Why Is My Snapchat Camera Zoomed In On My iPhone XR? (6 Potential Solutions)

Snapchat is an extremely fun way to communicate with your friends.

Whether you’re recording from a party, live-streaming from an exotic location, or ranting about your daily life, Snapchat is an essential app for many people’s social lives.

However, it can be extremely frustrating if the camera begins to malfunction.

Many people regard iPhones highly for the high-quality photos that their cameras are capable of taking.

However, a common issue that has been reported with the iPhone XR- in particular ever since it came out- has been its persistent problems with the Snapchat camera.

Other than the app sometimes using the camera in the background (confusingly), many have found the drop in Snapchat image quality and the zoom-in feature extremely disappointing and inconvenient!

You may also have come here wondering, “Why is my Snapchat camera zoomed in on my iPhone XR?”

Generally, the camera is zoomed in to focus on faraway objects and to improve photo quality.

However if your Snapchat camera is zoomed-in without your instruction, it’s typically that the app needs an update.

In this article, we’ll go through some tips you can try to fix the issue and get back to enjoying Snapchat right away!

Why Is My Camera Zoomed In On Snapchat?

snapchat application on iphone

A camera acting strangely on the iPhone XR while in Snapchat is a pretty common problem that many users have faced.

As of yet, there are no hardware or software issues that have been identified by either Apple or Snapchat themselves.

When it comes to a zoomed in camera on Snapchat, there can be a couple of different reasons that may have caused it:

Issues With The App

Whenever a new iOS update comes out, it’s sometimes the case that a third-party app will require some time to develop compatibility with the new system.

You may find this especially to be the case when using a new iPhone.

Various bugs and failures can also develop over time in the app that may cause this issue to appear repeatedly.

Nonetheless, these bugs tend to go away with new app or system updates. If they don’t go away, you can report the problem online through the Snapchat Support page.

Issues With The Device

person holding an iphone xr

Another common reason for the Snapchat camera zooming in is that the iPhone device itself could be experiencing problems.

While Apple undoubtedly tries their best to ensure minimal hardware or software issues in their devices, it’s inevitable that people will still experience errors from time to time.

The cause of these issues can again range from old software versions to an incompatibility bug in the device.

If you’re certain that the problem is with your iPhone, it’s best to contact the shop from where you bought it or talk to someone at the nearest Apple Store directly.

How Do You Fix The Zoomed Snapchat Camera On An iPhone XR?

snapchat logo on iphone screen

A zoomed-in camera on Snapchat can be frustrating and result in poor-quality photos being taken.

No one wants that!

Updating both your phone and the Snapchat app, and checking that the app is free of bugs is usually the first step in solving the problem.

You should also make sure the iPhone is working correctly. In cases of significant issues with the device, Apple should always be your first port of call.

Other than that, there are a few easy ways to potentially fix the Snapchat zoom issue on iPhone XRs.

Try these quick fixes below to see if they can save you from having to make a trip to see the professional repair technician!

Check The Internet Connection

Sometimes a poor internet connection can make the app lag and not perform correctly.

Therefore, the first thing that you need to do to try to solve this issue is to make sure you have a good internet connection!

Simply refreshing your network settings and reconnecting to Wi-Fi or cellular data can be the answer to this problem.

Restart Your iPhone

One of the best (and most underrated) solutions for any phone or app problem is to restart your phone!

Restarting your iPhone XR gives the system and applications a proper reboot- which could be just what the phone doctor ordered.

Keep Your iPhone (And App) Updated

snapchat in app store

If you don’t keep up to date with the most recent updates, your iPhone will inevitably start to experience a variety of issues.

For example, the battery may drain faster when using apps like FaceTime, or the iPhone’s performance could be less smooth, subsequently affecting the camera quality.

So, it’s essential to update your iPhone XR (and the Snapchat app) to the latest software whenever possible!

Reinstall The App

Much of the time, you’ll find that the issue simply resides with the third-party app itself.

It’s normal for smartphone apps to develop a few bugs here and there.

Therefore, after making sure that you have an adequate internet connection, delete and reinstall Snapchat!

Clear Lens Data

You can also refresh your Snapchat camera by clearing its previous lens data.

You can clear the lens data by going to ‘Account Settings’, searching for ‘Lenses’, and then selecting ‘Clear All Lenses’.

locating your bitmoji

locating settings button on snapchat

locating lenses button

locating clear all lenses button

After doing this, refresh the app! Check to see whether clearing lens data has solved the zoomed-in issue.

Clear The Cache

You can clear the cache on Snapchat by finding it in the ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘Clear Cache’.

locating your bitmoji

locating settings button on snapchat

locating clear cache button

Clearing the cache frees up storage memory in your phone and allows it to run more effectively, while still retaining any and all conversations, memories, or Snaps.

It also detects any problems that might be in the app and provides troubleshooting processes!

In Conclusion

Many iPhones experience an annoying zooming-in effect with their Snapchat cameras. When it’s present, it can result in pictures that are low in quality and strange-looking.

So, why is the Snapchat camera zoomed in on your iPhone XR?

Apple has acknowledged that this problem exists in the iPhone XR, and they assert that the device itself has no issues.

Instead, the error most likely lies with the Snapchat app itself.

You can attempt to fix these issues quickly with an app or iPhone update that may be available for your phone.

Checking your internet connection, restarting your phone, and refreshing the Snapchat camera are also potential solutions.

If you can’t resolve the problem, even after trying the above, try contacting the app developers!

The Snapchat Support team will hopefully be able to provide you with more insight regarding any current app updates, bugs, or compatibility issues.

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