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Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself? – Reasons & Solutions


Ever found yourself in the middle of a riveting conversation only to be rudely interrupted by your own phone hanging up?

Now that can be quite the mystery!

Phones, like good friends, are supposed to be reliable, not full of unexpected surprises. Yet, here we are! Well, your phone’s not haunted, promise.

There are reasons, and they’re not as complicated as you might think. Let’s navigate the labyrinth of tech together, unveiling the whys and hows behind your self-terminating calls. Curious? Stay tuned!

In a hurry? We care about your time, so here’s a quick answer to the question you’re looking for!

Your phone may hang up by itself due to various reasons such as outdated software, low memory, running too many applications at once, or a glitch in your phone’s operating system. Ensure you’re regularly updating your device, clearing unnecessary apps, and freeing up memory to maintain optimal functionality.

When I Try To Call Someone, My Phone Immediately Disconnects. 


Below are some of the more likely causes of why your phone automatically hangs up when you call someone. Bear in mind that the use of “you” here could refer to either you or the person on the other end of the call:

You Might Have Improperly Inserted Your SIM Card.


Sometimes we need to be more careful when inserting our SIMs and inserting them properly. If you don’t correctly adjust it, you will have some issues. 

This happens more if you habitually remove, replace, and swap your SIM between devices. It leads to the wearing away of the edges and corners. 

Also, we can damage it by attempting to cut our now obsolete standard SIM into a micro or nano-SIM.

The result is something that, while functional, may not correctly fit into the SIM slot as required. Your SIM card’s positioning is fragile and delicate in either of these cases. Any slight shifting or shaking could cause an interruption in your connection.

You Might Be In A Location With A Poor Signal

This happens if you’re on the move while making the call. Some locations tend to have better signals than others.

This could be due to proximity to cell towers or signal obstruction by some interfering obstacle.

Having a lousy cell signal will always lower the quality of the call and prevent you from hearing or being heard by the person on the other end. When it gets bad enough, it results in a forceful termination of the call.

There Might Be Issues With The Cell Tower You’re Connected To


Sometimes, the problem is that you need to be closer to the cell tower or obstructed signal. The tower itself might be the problem. In that case, the issue would be general to everyone using that cell tower.

Your Phone May Be Defective Or May Have Sustained Physical Or Liquid Damage

Defective phones are prone to a variety of problems. One of the most common usually involves touchscreens issues such as randomly selecting or swiping at the wrong and most inappropriate times.

Occasionally, it can hang up right during a phone call. Physical and liquid damage can also cause a similar effect.

Your RAM May Be Low Or Overtasked


You may be overtasking your phone with cumbersome apps, leaving less space on your RAM. Also, your phone’s RAM is below. Either way, your RAM is subjected to more processes than it can handle.

That inevitably causes most apps to lag and some to forcefully close as your device struggles to allocate processing power to handle all the assigned tasks. That will cause your phone to start hanging and also hanging up randomly.

The Other Person May Have Blocked You

If your calls to a certain number keep hanging up immediately after you call, the most likely explanation is that the person in question may have blocked you.

A simple way to test if this is the case is to call another number to see if it rings and call the first number using another line. If both tests result in ringing, you can be sure you’ve been blocked.

Network May Have Disconnected Them 

Alternatively, if you call someone and the number hangs up immediately after you call, no matter which lines you use to make the call, the network has probably disconnected them. The most obvious reason for this would be a failure to pay phone bills.

How Do I Stop My Phone From Hanging Up By Itself?

We’ve addressed several potential reasons why your phone hangs up by itself. Now we’ll attempt to offer solutions to these problems. Hopefully, one of these will help you resolve your issue.

Try Replacing Your SIM Card


If the problem is from your SIM card, try pulling open your SIM tray and inspecting it to ensure that it hasn’t sustained any damage.

Once you’ve confirmed that the card appears undamaged, attempt reinserting the card into the tray. Take extra care to do it correctly to avoid repeating the problem.

If, afterward, the problem persists, you can narrow down the SIM as the culprit, then try getting it replaced.

Network providers can swap SIM, which involves getting a new SIM but keeping your old number. You’d have to visit the network office to get this done.

Try Moving To A Place With A Better Signal

As mentioned earlier, some locations receive signals better than others. This is usually due to a combination of the distance from the cell tower.

And (more practically, in this case) the presence of obstructions to the signal. Try moving around to find a more convenient location with a better signal.

Fix Your Phone

If your phone is acting up due to liquid or physical damage, you should get it fixed as soon as possible. If there is no physical or liquid damage, try installing antivirus software to seek out and eliminate any malware targeting your system. 

You could also try factory resetting your phone. It clears up all your data and files but should only be used as a last resort. Before attempting this, Ensure you’ve backed up all your important data, files, and contacts.

Dispose Of Irrelevant Apps


As pointed out earlier, another reason phones lag and hang up without cause is a result of overtasking of their RAMs. In this case, ensure to delete any app you don’t use.


Mainly, remove the large ones that do nothing but take up storage and processing space even when not using them. Uninstall them and ensure to clear up their residual files too.


Your phone might hang up by itself in the middle of a call for several reasons. These include lousy network, device damage, damaged or improperly inserted SIM cards, overburdened RAM, etc.

If your phone hangs up immediately whenever you call someone, they either blocked you or the network disconnected them. Try calling them from another phone to determine which it is.

You can stop your phone from hanging up unexpectedly by moving to a location with a better signal, removing and reinserting your SIM correctly, or fixing your phone.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with satisfactory answers to your questions.

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