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Why Does My Phone Battery Drain When Turned Off?

Phone Battery

The physics of a battery is one of the critical causes of a phone’s battery draining quickly.

While turned off, the circuits inside the battery still hold a charge and release small amounts of ‘trickle charge’ into the capacitors, which is why your battery drains. A phone battery cannot physically store charge forever.

Drainage of 4-7% is expected every Phone Battery night a phone is switched off, whereas any discharge of 20% or more is considered abnormal.

Reasons for Battery Drain on Phones 

Background Apps 

Phone Battery

Running applications in the background is a common cause of battery depletion, even while the phone is idle.

For instance, the clock and date-keeping software on your phone constantly operates in the background to ensure accuracy. Certain phones can still send out alerts even if the power is off.

Trickle Charge and Self Discharge of Battery 

As explained earlier, phone batteries have a plethora of intricate circuits and capacitors; due to this, the battery releases small amounts of charge, known as a trickle charge.

Another reason Phone Battery is the self-discharge of batteries. While it usually takes several days or weeks for a battery to drain by self-discharge, paired with a trickle charge, it speeds up the process.

The nature of a battery allows it to hold quite a lot of charge, which, in turn, repels some other parts of the battery, which causes a shift in the chemical nature of the battery, discharging it.

Age of Battery 

Phone Battery

With the increasing age of the battery, the battery’s capacity to hold a charge inside tends to decrease.

Thus, if you have an old phone or an old battery, it will be less likely to hold a charge for extended periods.

All Phone Battery eventually die, so there’s no point in preventing it. However, thanks to the development of lithium-ion batteries, battery life has improved gradually.

Mobile Data or wifi 

Phone Battery

One of the significant battery drainers is your mobile wifi or cellular data. Suppose you do not turn off the phone wifi when your switch the phone off.

It keeps running in the background to run communication and streaming apps like YouTube and Whatsapp. The best way to overcome this issue is to power off the wifi when you sleep.

How Do I Stop My Battery From Draining When Off? 

You can do the following things to stop or lower the battery draining when your phone is powered off.

Delete Unnecessary and Power-Hungry Applications 

Phone Battery

Go through your phone and see the applications you still need to open. Detecting and deleting these applications will help Phone Battery you increase the battery span of your phone.

Some applications might have been running in the background and draining your battery. Another way to do this is to Phone Battery go to your power settings and check for apps consuming the most power.

Thus, if you delete or turn off these applications, you can stop battery drainage significantly.

Airplane Mode

Phone Battery

Regularly switching your phone on/off puts stress on the battery and RAM of the phone due to booting the phone every time.

Switching your phone to Airplane mode instead ensures that your phone limits its Phone Battery background usage, turns off the network, and saves a ton of battery life—basically, the benefits of turning your phone off without having to boot your phone up. 

Don’t Clear Your Recent Tabs

Phone Battery

It may be ineffective or bizarre, but clearing your recent tabs causes more stress on the RAM as your phone has to keep restarting Phone Battery those apps resulting in more energy usage.

Keep the apps you regularly use running in the background; only clear them when you have to leave your phone for extended periods.

Battery Optimize Your Phone 

Another thing to stop battery draining is to install a battery-optimizing app. Once you put in the details and sleep-wake time, it will work and perform the necessary measures to retain your battery life.

Regular Replacement of Your Phone’s Battery 

Phone Battery

The easiest way to increase your phone’s longevity, performance, and well-being is to install a fresh battery in it.

iPhone users can check their battery’s health by going to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

This way, users know about their battery’s effectiveness and whether it needs replacement. Android users may consider replacing their batteries every 2-3 years.

Is It Normal for the Battery to Drain When the Phone Is Turned Off?

It depends on how much battery drains from your phone when powered off. If you see that the power drain is only 2-7% at night, the phone utilizes this much battery to do the necessary background work.

However, if you see that the battery drain is 20% or 30% overnight, that is termed abnormal battery behavior, and you might want to get your battery replaced.

You can follow the ways mentioned above to save your battery. However, if this does not work either and the phone needs to be covered by a guarantee, we suggest buying a new one. 


Your phone will still deplete its battery overnight, even if you switch it off. It can be due to one of many reasons, like background apps, wifi, Phone Battery live wallpapers, and self-discharge.

You can always test your phone battery by closing the background apps or powering off the wifi to see if it works.

If it does not work, try using airplane mode or see if installing a battery-optimizing app helps. 

After trying everything, if the problem persists, it might be due to the old age of your battery. In this case, the only thing you can do is buy a new phone. 

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