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Why Do I Still Get Calls From Blocked Numbers? (ANSWERED! 2024)

How many times have you recently wondered:

“Why do I still get calls from blocked numbers?”

“If they can still call me, then what exactly is the point of blocking?”

Blocking is usually an effective method of preventing certain people and phone numbers from reaching you.

But why is it that some blocked numbers can still call you?

When it comes to spam callers, scammers, and those telemarketers that we love to avoid, they can actually use an app that hides their actual number from your caller ID system.

What happens then is that when the spam caller calls and your phone ‘blocks’ their number, it tries to block a number that doesn’t exist.

A “spoof app” allows spam callers to do this. These types of spoofing apps present information as originating from a trustworthy source.

In these situations, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands. Make sure that you’ve looked through all of your settings, and that you know exactly how your phone works in order to set it up properly!

Why Am I Still Getting Text Messages From A Blocked Number?

person texting on phone while in car

The reason why you’re still getting text messages from a blocked number could be that they’re using software such as SpoofCard.

As an example, SpoofCard is an app that’s available on both Android and Apple devices. Its main feature is that it hides the identities of people when they’re using their phones.

Some stated features of SpoofCard are:

Protects Privacy On Every Call

Spam callers are able to create other numbers that their phones will then use to make calls.

Using other numbers effectively keeps their identity hidden.

Recording Calls

You can record and download all calls.

The Call Goes Directly To Voicemail

woman using voicemail on her phone

You can send calls from SpoofCard directly to voicemail. However, they can be made to look like the person has tried to call first.

Voice Disguising

The spam caller can make their voice appear to be male or female. Spam callers can also add background noises.

Sending Text Messages Anywhere

SpoofCard can send and receive text messages anywhere and still hide their number at the same time.

Often when we block cell phone numbers on our devices, they’re only being blocked locally.

This means that only the phone itself is blocking the number.

Having said that, your network provider can still pick up the phone number and can potentially allow the call to go through.

If this problem persists, we advise that you contact your service provider about the issue.

Your service provider should be able to block the number manually on a network level, which should completely solve your problem!

How Do I Stop Blocked Numbers From Leaving A Voicemail Message?

people chatting on their smartphones

For Android Phones

For Android devices users, follow these steps:

  • Open the “Phone” app
  • Click on the three (3) dots on the right side of the screen and select “Settings
  • In your “Settings”, select “Block numbers
  • Beside “Block unknown/private numbers”, switch the toggle to the right.

When you block a particular number on an Android phone, the caller will no longer be able to contact you directly.

When a blocked number attempts to to call you, their call won’t ring through to your phone.

Instead, their call will go straight to your voicemail. The blocked number will only ring once before being diverted to voicemail.

There are also apps available that act as contact blockers.

Install these apps at your own risk! It’s important to understand that when you install these blocker apps, you give them full access to your contact information.

Ultimately, you can always contact your service provider and ask them to block the contact in question.

For iPhone

Your iOS will create a folder on your voicemail called “Blocked numbers.’

Any blocked numbers that attempt to call you will be directed to your voicemail and into this folder.

Your iPhone won’t ring, and the blocked numbers won’t be able to reach you through a call.

In order to block a number further and prevent it from reaching your voicemail, you’ll need to contact your service provider for further assistance.

Here are the blocking services available in the US:

AT&T Mobility

You can activate AT&T’s free Call Protect service. This service blocks unwanted numbers and stops them from leaving voicemails.

Verizon Wireless

You can block up to five numbers for 90 days for free. For more comprehensive services, you will need to contact Verizon directly.

T-Mobile US

T-Mobile US has a free service for this purpose. You can call (800) TMOBILE from any phone and then request for your voicemail to be disabled from access.

Sprint Corporation

You can block a number by sending a text stating “STOP”. This text message will block texts and calls.

Ultimately, if you feel you need to deactivate your voicemail altogether, it’s a good idea to contact your service provider beforehand to see what they can do for you.

How Do I Permanently Stop Blocked Numbers From Reaching Me?

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For Android Phones

Blocking A Single Number

Open up your call history and click on the number you want to block. Here, you can click ‘Block’ or ‘Report for spam’.

Blocking All Unknown Numbers

Look in your “Phone” app and go to “Settings”.

Here you’ll be able to block all unknown numbers from calling you by simply enabling the toggle.

Using this feature will block numbers that are private or unidentified. However, you can still receive calls from numbers that aren’t saved in your contacts.

Because of the available spoof apps, spam callers still often manage to find a way to work around these blocking systems.

Another option you can try is to review your device’s settings.

You must include the group of calls you want to be blocked in your phone’s settings. With this method, you will block certain groups of numbers instead of a single phone number.

If the spam caller is ‘scrambling’ their phone number, then this method will recognize the sequence of the phone number and will be able to block them all!

For iPhone

Here are the methods by which you can permanently stop blocked numbers from reaching you within iPhone’s various communication apps:

Phone app

In your Phone app, select the Recent tab.

locating resets button

Select the information button; you will find this button next to the phone number or contact you want to block.

Scroll down until you locate ‘Block this caller.’

locating block this caller button

The blocked contact won’t receive a notification that the call or message was blocked.

Unfortunately, even after you have blocked a number or contact, they will still be able to leave a voicemail. However, you will no longer receive a notification.


When you open the FaceTime app, select the information button.

You will find this button next to the phone number, contact, or email address that you want to block.

locating information button in facetime

Scroll down and select ‘Block this caller.

locating block this caller button in facetime


Once you’re in the Messages app, go to the conversation in question. Then, select the contact; the contact is found at the top of the conversation.

locating messages

Select the information button. Scroll down and select ‘Block this number’. The Messages app will then no longer deliver any messages sent or received.

locating contact in message

locating block this caller in messages


Once you are in the Mail app, open the email with the contact you want to block.

locating mails in mail

Select the contact; you will find the contact at the top.

locating contact in mail

Then, select ‘Block this contact’. When you block a number from the Mail app, any messages sent by them will go directly into the trash folder.

locating block this contact in mail

When you block a number on your email, this action will apply to all of your Apple devices.

Filter Messages From Unknown Senders

To apply message filtering, go into your device’s Settings.

locating settings

Select Messages and scroll down. Turn on ‘Filter unknown senders’. You will no longer receive notifications from these senders.

locating messages button in settings

locating filter unknown senders toggle

Report Spam Or Junk In The Messages App

If you’re receiving messages that look like spam or junk, you can report them in the iMessages app.

If you receive messages from anyone not saved in your contacts, you have the option to report them.

Under the message, there will be a button to ‘Report junk’. Click on the ‘Report junk’ button, and select ‘Delete and report junk’.

The Messages app will then forward the sender’s information to Apple. It will also delete the message from your device. Keep in mind that you can’t retrieve a deleted message.

It’s important to note that reporting junk doesn’t block the sender. They will be able to send more messages unless you outright block them!

In Conclusion

Even though cell phone providers try their best to protect us, there are still people who can bypass the system.

Make sure to do your research before downloading a blocking app. Although they are great at blocking numbers, these apps will also have full access to your contacts and other information. Your service provider can step in if the situation escalates.

It’s also possible to prevent a blocked number from being able to leave a voicemail. While the methods vary depending on the device you’re using, the general idea remains the same.

To take things further, we’ve also discussed that it’s possible to permanently stop a blocked number from reaching you altogether! Again, the methods vary depending on your device’s model.

Aside from the methods you can carry out on your own, you can always contact your service provider for further assistance as well.

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