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What Can I Do If My WhatsApp Call Disconnects When My Screen Turns Off On The IPhone?

WhatsApp Call

We know how bad it feels when you are talking to someone and the call suddenly disconnects. Many people face this issue, especially with WhatsApp calls unfastening on their iPhones. So, what causes this glitch?

WhatsApp calls tend to disconnect on their own after some time because the app is in “sleep” mode.

This feature is designed to minimize background power consumption on iPhones. If you don’t want your calls cut off in the middle of a conversation, turn off the sleep mode on your device.

Some apps are present in sleep mode from the beginning. Besides, you may have also accidentally put WhatsApp on sleep mode. Anyhow, there are several ways to solve this problem.

Why Does My WhatsApp Voice Call Disconnect When the Screen Is Off?

Adding an app to the “sleep” makes it turn off after a while. The sleep feature is found in almost every smartphone today, and it helps minimize battery consumption. Moreover, it also doesn’t allow the apps on sleep to show notifications on the lock screen.

So, if you don’t want your WhatsApp voice call to disconnect when the screen is off, we recommend not putting it to sleep.

How to Stop Your WhatsApp Calls from Disconnecting When the Screen Turns Off:

WhatsApp Call

Follow the below steps to remove WhatsApp from the auto-sleep feature:

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Search “Device Care” and open it
  • From the device care list, select the “Battery” tab
  • A list of apps will open that are on battery-saver/ sleep mode
  • Find WhatsApp in this list and uncheck the box in front of it

If WhatsApp is in sleep mode, removing it from the list will solve your problem. However, if it doesn’t help, check if the battery-saving mode on your iPhone is turned on.

Open your device settings, scroll down the list, and find “Battery.” Here, on the top, you’ll see a button named “low power mode.” Turn this button off.

However, if the problem persists, you can also try other tips, such as preventing your screen from turning black or disabling auto-lock.

Why Does My Screen Turn Black during WhatsApp Calls?

You have noted that the screen turns out black immediately when you place your phone on your ear during calls. It happens due to the working of a proximity sensor.

A proximity sensor detects an object near the screen, such as a human ear, and turns the screen black immediately to prevent accidental touches.

This way, it saves power and battery. You can see this sensor at the top of your device in the form of a tiny black hole.

If you don’t want your screen to turn black when placed on the ear, turn off the proximity sensor on your iPhone.

To turn it off, open the settings app, and under the “General” tab, select “Accessibility.” Now, find the “Proximity sensor” button and turn it off.

How Do I Stop My Screen from Turning off during WhatsApp Calls?

WhatsApp Call

Another reason your screen turns off during calls is the “Auto-Lock” feature. With this feature, your screen turns off automatically after a few seconds.

It serves the same purpose as a proximity sensor; it saves unnecessary battery consumption.

Turn off Auto-Lock or increase screen timeout to prevent your screen from going off during calls. The process is simple: Go to the settings and open the “Display and Brightness” tab. Find “Auto-Lock” and select “Never” if you don’t want your screen to turn off automatically.

However, you can also increase the screen timeout by selecting any other time from the menu.

Why Does My WhatsApp Call Crash?

Some people may experience crashes while using WhatsApp. Whether you chat or call through the app, it turns off after a while.

Moreover, a dialogue box on the screen says the application has crashed. There can be several reasons for this issue, such as:

  • Out-of-date WhatsApp or the latest version not installed on your device
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Not enough storage space on your phone
  • Conflict with an app present on your device
  • WhatsApp services are down

How to Fix WhatsApp Crashes

WhatsApp Call

First, check if WhatsApp services are working fine globally or if the service is down somewhere. If there is no problem with the services, try these potential solutions to fix the issue:

  • Reset your internet connection or try restarting the router
  • If there’s any update available, install it from the App Store
  • Restart WhatsApp by removing it from the apps running in the background
  • Clear WhatsApp cache
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Free up some storage space in your iPhone
  • Restart your device or try turning airplane mode on and off

These tips will help resolve the problem with your iPhone. However, contact the app developer if the issue remains after trying everything.

Related Questions

Why does my WhatsApp call hang up by itself?

There can be many reasons for WhatsApp crashes, WhatsApp Call such as an out-of-date app, insufficient device storage, or clashes with another application.

Apart from these, your app might be in sleep or power-saving mode, which can also be a reason for the screen turning off during WhatsApp calls.

How to save battery on your iPhone without putting WhatsApp to sleep?

Suppose you wish to save battery on your iPhone, close WhatsApp from the running apps or the multitasking list. This way, it won’t run in the background to consume power. Eventually, your battery life will extend.

What is Low Power Mode on an iPhone?

A low power or battery saver mode on iPhone saves battery consumption on your device. It turns off some apps automatically and limits them from running in the background. To turn it off, go to your device settings and tap on the battery. Turn off the “Low Power Mode.”


The main reason your WhatsApp calls disconnect after the screen may be because of the app on sleep mode. Turning this mode off for WhatsApp will resolve your problem.

Moreover, you can also check for other WhatsApp Call issues, such as updating or reinstalling the app and restarting your device.

However, you can also turn off the auto-lock or proximity sensor on the iPhone. This way, your screen won’t turn black or lock automatically on a call. If you still find no luck, contact the WhatsApp developer.

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