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What Can I Do If My Phone Won’t Charge Past 1 Percent?


Have you ever put your device on charging and take a bath only to see it stuck at 1% when you returned? It is not a common issue, but many people experience it, and it happens mostly on iPhones.

There are a couple of reasons behind this, and it is not hard to fix, so there is no need to fret over this issue.

The most significant cause of this problem is a faulty cable or your power socket. However, sometimes the issues lie in your software.

So, if you are experiencing this issue, follow this article to fix why your phone won’t charge past 1 percent. We’ll also discuss the reasons for this so that you won’t face this issue again.

Phone Won’t Charge Past 1 Percent

As we discuss this problem, the first thing you should do is check if your phone is not overheating or not. If it is, take it off the charger and let it cool down.

When your phone is hot while charging, the precautionary measures inside it won’t let it set so it won’t heat more. Playing lots of games on your device can also cause this issue.

It also happens if your device suddenly shuts down without any reason and you can’t turn it on without powering it.

However, even after phone charging for a while, you’ll see that the battery percentage gets caught at 1%, and it won’t go up no matter what you do.

Why Does My Phone Not Charge Past 1 Percent?

Many reasons bring about such issues. Some are common, while others happen rarely; the good thing is that all these issues have solutions.

It is either your software causing this issue or your hardware. So here are the potential reasons why your phone won’t charge above 1%.

A Faulty or Third-Party Cable

While Android devices readily accept third-party cables, iPhones will give you errors if you won’t use the factory cable. If you own an iPhone, try getting an original charging cable and try it.

If you already use the original thread, try it on another iPhone to see if it is damaged. In case of a damaged charging cable, you have no option but to change it.

Connect your cable to your Android and see if you get any errors. If not, then try that same cable on another device. You have a faulty cable if the other device is not charging with the same thread.

A Damaged Charger


Smartphones won’t charge if your brick charger sends more or less power to the device. You’ll get an error saying that the power supply is slow and the phone won’t charge or will charge slowly.

If you own a device that supports fast charging, charging with a slow charger will take hours. Check your brick charger with another device and see how it works there.

If the other device is charging at its usual speed, the problem is with your device. However, if not, then you need to replace the charger.

Dirty Charging Port


Keeping your phone in your pocket or a dirty area will clog the charger with tiny fibers or dirt. If a lot of ground gathers in the charging port, your charger won’t connect properly with the device.

All the charging connectors need to be in place to start charging. Having lots of dirt in that area covers the connectors.

While you may feel like the cable is inserted correctly into the charging jack, it does not connect correctly because of the dirt.

Faulty Battery


A defective battery is another reason your device is not charging past 1%. A faulty battery won’t take in any power, and the software won’t show you the battery is charging.

An iPhone warns you about the battery while you need to use apps to check this on Android. If unsure, take your device to a repair center, and they’ll fix it.

Software Glitch

If you recently got a device and received an update from the OEM, your software probably shows a glitch of battery stuck to 1%. It happens in rare cases, but many users have reported this issue, and a simple reboot can fix this.

How Do I Fix My Phone When the Battery Percentage Is Not Increasing While Charging?

The fixes are quick and easy if you don’t have to visit the repair shop.

Change The Cable


If your cable is damaged, the best way to check it is to connect it to another mobile. If the mobile charges are acceptable without any issues, your line is fine, and something is wrong with your device.

Try using the device while charging; if it is lagging or stuttering, your cable is not sending the proper voltage.

Get a New Charger

The same goes for the charger. If the brick charger you use is faulty, your device won’t get proper power, and it will lag when you use it.

Make sure to exchange the charger for an original one if you don’t want to experience this issue again.

Clean your charging port.


It is one of the most common reasons why people have charging issues. The worst thing about this is that people don’t even know about it and keep changing other stuff.

Use a light to check if the charging port has clogged with dirt and fabric; you can use a small pin to clean it and connect the cable again. You’ll hear a click confirming that the line is tied correctly for type-C and Apple lightning cables.

If you don’t hear a click, clean it again or take it to a nearby repair to get it cleaned professionally.

Replace the Battery


A faulty battery is usually bloated; you’ll feel it instantly as you touch your phone’s back. However, a storm with internal leaking might not show this particular sign.

In such a case, you’ll see an abnormal drop in battery timings, and it won’t charge at all. Visit the official OEM store to purchase replacement parts, or take your smartphone in and ask for a genuine battery.

Flash a New Firmware

A software glitch is more straightforward to fix than all other methods, and it is the least expensive one. However, you might need to download some files, which might take some time.

For starters, restart the device and see if that makes a difference. If not, clear your device’s cache via recovery; that’ll solve the issue. If the problem persists, it is time to reset the gadget or flash a stock firmware that you have to download.


A couple of reasons can cause your battery not to charge or pass on a specific percentage. Among those reasons, some are related to hardware, while others are related to software.

We shared all the possible reasons why the phone won’t charge past 1 percent and their solutions. Follow the answers individually so you won’t have to repeat any steps.

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