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Samsung Fast Charging Grayed Out? Here Is The Solution

Samsung Fast Charging

Ever plugged in your Samsung device, eagerly waiting for that ‘fast charging’ magic, only to find the option mysteriously grayed out?

It’s a hiccup many have stumbled upon. But why does this happen, and more importantly, how can you get that rapid charge back in action?

Let’s dive into the tech behind it and offer some straightforward solutions. Because, let’s face it, no one has time for slow charging in this digital age.

How Do I Enable Fast Charging?

Samsung Fast Charging

If your fast Charging grays out, then the first thing you have to do is make sure that the fast charging feature is enabled. Navigate to the settings on your cell phone and go to Battery. Click on Charging and allow the fast charging toggle if it is not on.

Why Is Fast Charging Grayed Out?

Provided that you still face some issues with fast after turning it on, there may be other issues you have to fix.

If that is the case, keep reading on for solutions to your cell phone’s problems. One might be why your phone has yet to be fast Charging. These issues might have been making the fast charge option grayed out. 

Issues With the Cell Phone Charger

If your Samsung fast charging has turned gray, one of the reasons may be that your phone charger does not support fast Charging.

The charger that most commonly comes with the cell phone supports fast Charging. If the cell phone supports fast Charging and the phone charger does not, you may have to buy it separately.

A phone charger that does not have a label that reads Quick Charging or Adaptive Fast Charging or something along these lines means that the charger does not support fast Charging. It may be the reason your phone is charging slowly.

In addition, the USB cable you use to charge your cell phone might impact the charger’s performance.

So, before you do anything else, ensure that your cell phone charger, including the adapter and the USB cable, is working correctly.

Accumulation of Dirt in the Charging Port

Samsung Fast Charging

If dirt accumulates in your charging port, the phone charger will not operate at its total capacity. It may cause the port to stop working since it cannot connect to the charger properly.

If this is the case with your charger, try a toothpick or a needle to clean out the charging port.

Be gentle and try not to be too aggressive with it. You can also use a cotton swab to clean out any residue in the charging port.

The charging port can also with rubbing alcohol, but be careful not to submerge it in the liquid. Do not attempt to use it if you lack confidence in your ability to clean it without causing permanent damage to the port.

Try to Charge Your Phone in the Power Saving Mode

Every Samsung phone comes with a power-saving mode option. It cuts back on the background apps and reduces the processes running in the background.

If you charge your phone while it is in power-saving mode, it will charge quicker and allow it to be fast-charged. If you do not want to put your phone in power-saving mode every time you set it, try turning off the Wi-Fi and the mobile data.

It will also reduce the background working of apps and let your phone charge quickly.

A New App Might be Consuming Power

If your phone’s fast Charging worked fine a few days back, you must see which new apps you installed. You should uninstall them and see which ones took up the most power.

These apps might be the issue and prevent your cell phone from charging fast. If the apps were the reason for the fast charging turning gray, uninstalling the apps will automatically restore the fast charging option.

Clear Cache

Sometimes, the system might lag performance if you do not clear the cache occasionally. If such is the case, the charging time might increase, indicating that your Samsung phone’s fast Charging is not working.

Removing the stock of the apps on your phone will decrease your phone’s time on charging. It will also improve the phone’s performance as it releases more space.

Since smartphones do not have the option of clearing app caches at once, you must do it separately for each app. Go to Settings, tap Apps, choose the app, and go into Storage. After that, click Clear Cache to finish.

Factory Reset

If all the options mentioned above do not work for your phone, you might have to factory reset your phone. Factory resetting your phone will return all the settings to the ones your phone initially came with. It would enable fast charging on your phone again.

Factory reset gives your phone the working look that the brand-new telephone had. It includes removing all of your data on the phone. To avoid any inconvenience, create a backup before resetting your phone.

How Do I Know If My Samsung is Fast Charging?

Samsung Fast Charging

Samsung phones make it easier to see if the phone is charging as fast as possible. The phones display the charging percentage and indicate how fast they are charging.

The decimals keep changing without a break, enabling you to know if your phone is charging fast or not. Note that not all Samsung phones have this fast charging feature, especially the older models.

Is It Good to Use Fast Charging for Your Phones?

Some people think fast Charging impacts battery life, but that is not true. The phones with fast Charging will not affect your phone’s battery life.

A battery’s long life depends on various factors and only sometimes on whether it is charging fast or not.

Regardless, fast Charging allows users to charge their phones quickly. It means the telephone spends less time connected to its chargers and more time in your hands.

Fast Charging is convenient for people who are always on the go. It is also helpful for people who need a charging port near them.

Does Fast Charging Drain the Battery Faster or Affect the Phone’s Performance?

When you put your phone on, the charger sends more power to your phone to make it charge faster.

Also, fast Charging does not affect the battery time or the phone’s performance. It is because fast Charging is an option that comes with your phone. It is not something artificially imposed on the phone.

The charging speed will not negatively impact a phone’s Battery. Moreover, the charging time will lessen, and you will have enough power on your phone even with limited time to charge it.

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