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Why Is My Pixel 2 XL Turning Off When Charging? (SOLVED!)

pixel 2 xl turning off when charging

The Pixel 2 XL was released in 2017 along with the main attraction Pixel 2. Though the model was discontinued in 2019, many people (such as yourself, presumably) still use the phone every day.

One particular issue that seems to have been plaguing multiple users is the phone suddenly switching off when plugged into a charger. If this is happening to you too, you might now be wondering:

Just why is my Pixel 2 XL turning off when charging?”

There are a few different potential reasons that can cause this to occur, such as:

  • The charger being faulty
  • The power supply not providing adequate power to properly charge the phone
  • The USB port malfunctioning
  • The latest software/OS update causing bugs
  • A defective phone.

Ultimately, finding an effective solution to this problem rests on being able to establish the exact reason that it is occurring.

While Google Support does generally suggest that putting your phone in Safe Mode will get rid of the problem, it still persists for many users. Let’s get to finding the real solution below!

Why Does My Pixel 2 XL Keep Turning Off While Charging?

The Google Pixel 2 and 2XL unfortunately have their fair share of glitches and defects.

From faulty batteries to random shutting down during charging and calls, you might’ve experienced quite a few issues for yourself!

In your extensive search for reasons why the Pixel 2XL randomly turns off when charging, you may have already encountered a veritable laundry list of potential causes such as:

A Faulty Charger

A Faulty Charger

The Pixel 2XL uses a USB Type-C with a USB 2.0 charging cable and adapter. It is always recommended that you use the charger that comes with the phone; however, even these can become faulty over the years.

If your phone is switching off when charging, first try using another USB-C charger with the phone to check if it still happens. If so, the issue lies with something else- let’s continue our search!

Issues With The USB Port

Issues With The USB Port

Check the USB port on your phone by shining a flashlight to see if there’s any dirt or debris stuck in there.

Dirt in the USB port can lead to an ill-fitting USB cable. This can subsequently cause power fluctuations, and the phone may turn off as a preventive mechanism.

To clean the port, use the dry end of a soft cloth or folded tape and wipe gently. Be careful not to damage the tiny pins in the process, and try charging your phone again once you are finished with the procedure.

Software Updates

Software Updates

Some time ago in 2018 (around four years ago), one particular software update caused significant issues for the Pixel 2.

Phones that previously worked without any glitches began to turn off when charging. Users who signed up for the Android Pie beta also faced similar issues. Keep reading on to the below section to learn how to deal with these!

Low Or Irregular Power Supply

What power source do you connect your phone charger to? Do you charge the phone from the computer, laptop, car, or a PowerPoint in your house?

When a phone is supplied with a lesser voltage than what’s necessary to charge it, the device will automatically turn off to prevent damage from occurring.

Try changing the power source when charging your phone and see if that makes a difference.

A Defective Phone

A Defective Phone

If you find that none of the above reasons seem to be the root cause of the problem, a Google Pixel 2  turning off while charging could be the result of a manufacturing defect.

If the phone is still under warranty, now would be a good time to contact Google support for a potential replacement!

How Do I Stop My Pixel 2XL Turning Off When Charging?

How Do I Stop My Pixel 2XL Turning Off When Charging

We’ve now established a few of the possible reasons that can result in the Pixel 2XL turning off when charging. Here are some of the ways that you can try to resolve the problem:

Restart The Phone

Restart The Phone

Did you know that a soft reset, achieved through restarting a phone, is frequently able to solve most glitches and errors?

To carry out a soft reset, hold the side power button down until the power off button appears on the screen.

Tap it to turn off the phone, and then leave it off for a few minutes before switching it back on again. Press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds in cases where the phone is unresponsive.

System Updates

System Updates

Two things are possible here. The first is that you’ve missed a system update, and now there’s some sort of mismatch in software that’s messing with the phone.

The second possibility is that the system update came with an unintended bug that is now causing issues.

To check this, go to Settings -> System -> System updates.

Take a look to see if your phone missed an update or if it had installed an update recently.

Depending on your situation, you’ll either have to install the latest updates or revert your phone to previous versions and wait for a subsequent, error-free update.

Safe Mode 

If software updates all seem to be in order, your Pixel 2 may be turning off when charging due to glitches in certain specific apps.

Putting your phone in Safe Mode will help to determine whether this is the case.

To do this, press and hold the power button. Then, touch and hold the power off button and tap Ok to reboot your Pixel 2 XL in Safe Mode.

If the phone does not experience any glitches while in Safe Mode, this usually means that one of the apps on your phone is the culprit.

Check the list of the apps that had recent updates and try to isolate from there. You may have to uninstall each app one by one to check if the problem still persists.

Factory Reset

A factory reset is usually the easiest way to get rid of most glitches. However, it also has the effect of erasing all phone data- be that your apps, photos, files, or music.

Therefore, you should always backup your phone data before going for the blow-it-all-up factory reset option.

To restore your phone to factory settings, go to Settings -> System -> Reset -> Factory data reset -> Reset phone -> Erase everything

Again, be warned: This will delete EVERYTHING!

Clear Cache Partition

Another way to get rid of glitches is to clear the cache partition.

This, too, will erase storage and app data such as photos, account information, downloaded apps, music, videos, and other files.

Always back up your data on another device or the cloud before clearing the cache partition.

In Summary

The Pixel 2 XL turning off when charging is a surprisingly common issue that many users have been faced with.

It can happen as a result of a defective piece of hardware, damaged battery, irregular power supply, defective USB charger, a dirty USB port on the phone, or software update incompatibilities.

There are many different things that you can try to fix this problem. These can include:

  • Switching chargers,
  • Trying new power points,
  • Cleaning the USB port on the phone.
  • Checking for software updates.

If after you’ve tried all of the above and have determined that the issue is with the phone itself, you can try putting it into Safe Mode or performing a factory reset.

Finally, if nothing works, don’t hesitate to file a complaint with Google Support and have the phone examined by a professional technician!

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