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What Does It Mean When I Get a Phone Call From Invalid Numbers? (REVEALED! 2024)

phone call from invalid number

Let’s get straight into it: What does it mean when you get a phone call from invalid numbers?

The reason you get phone calls from invalid numbers is most likely because the caller is using a spoofing caller ID. This way, their call can reach you, but you aren’t able to call them back. It’s a common telemarketing (and scam/spam caller) tactic.

Companies or wider networks to whom you have given out your mobile number are the most common source of spoof calls. Telemarketing companies usually use invalid numbers to promote their new products and services.

Let’s now review all the possible reasons you might receive a phone call from an invalid number!

What Is An Invalid Number?

If a number contains only a few digits, such as “6666” or “1”, these are considered invalid. These invalid numbers are primarily used to scam people or promote a service.

Numbers not in the correct form are also invalid numbers. If you’re getting calls from numbers that are not in a conventional format, it’s usually best to consider them an invalid number and simply hang up. 

When it comes to invalid calls ringing up your mobile, it’s important to be familiar with the term “spoofing”. Let’s take a look at what it means.

What Is Spoofing?

Spoofing is the criminal act of disguising your phone number and email address; it refers to impersonating someone through the phone. 

Spoofing masks the communication address and caller ID making it unknown to a trusted source. 

Cyberattacks primarily utilize spoof numbers to give a false impression of who the actual caller is!

Why Are You Getting Calls From Invalid Numbers?

Getting calls from invalid numbers has become more and more common. These numbers are invalid because they use a spoofing caller ID. 

Sometimes, the call is from an (unscrupulous) telemarketing company; other times, it’s a pure scam. These scammers generate calls to thousands of people in the hopes that someone will pick up the phone.

They make robocalls that call thousands of people simultaneously to sell their products. These numbers are shown as “out of service” numbers because they don’t exist.

However, some legit companies, too, sometimes use invalid numbers. When you opt for call verification on their website, the number used is most likely invalid, as providing a number that needs additional operators would not make any sense!

E-commerce delivery websites may also verify by calling with an invalid number to confirm if it was you who placed the order. 

Make sure to use a trusted caller ID scanner that can verify beforehand if it’s a legitimate company calling.

If you hang up the call, the call bot marks your number as valid; be prepared to receive more calls from now on! 

Sometimes when you pick up these calls, they automatically disconnect after a second. That happens when there are no operators the bot can connect your call through.

Is This Something to Be Concerned About?

Receiving calls from invalid numbers is nothing you need to be overly worried about, typically. 

Calling from invalid numbers is a widely common telemarketing practice.
When your number is marked as valid, a whole host of telemarketing companies gets a hold of your contact information – leading to receiving these calls.

However, never return a call to an invalid number as it could be a scam call, and returning a scam call means you could get scammed in real-time! So a little caution while dealing with this situation will keep you out of any trouble.

What Should You Do If You Get Calls From Invalid Numbers?

Calls from these invalid numbers can be a bit annoying sometimes, so you may end up wondering what you can do to stop these calls. 

There are a few different ways you can put a stop to this. Let’s look at the following actions you should take if you get calls from invalid numbers:

Ignore The Call

The easiest and the most reliable action is to ignore the call. Doing so lessens the chances of the bot calling your number for the second time. 

If you don’t pick up the phone, the call bot will mark your number as “inactive,” and you will receive fewer calls (or no calls at all!).  

Block The Number

Another thing you can do is block the number you’re receiving calls from. Blocking specific numbers ensures you won’t be receiving any calls from the same bot again.

However, this approach is not ideal because blocking the number will only block that specific number, and you may continue to receive calls from other invalid numbers as well.

Unsubscribing or Opting Out

In many situations, you might have given your number out in a supermarket sign-in sheet or through opting for an offer on a website. 

While this is technically a legal way to obtain your contact information—if you pay attention to the Terms & Conditions—it can still be irritating nonetheless.

The option to unsubscribe or opt out of the service is usually provided in the company’s text messages sent to you or their emails. Unsubscribing is the safest and easiest way to ensure the company gets rid of your contact information.

Remember always to check where you decide to give out your contact information in the future to avoid such mishaps.

How Can You Stop Robocalls Spamming Your Phone?

There are a few ways to stop these calls from spamming your phone. These include:

  • Filing a Complaint
  • Using The Phone Feature 
  • Using a Call Filter App

Filing a Complaint

You can always stop these calls from spamming your phone by filing a complaint against these numbers. 

You can report the invalid numbers to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), combating unlawful Robo and spoofed calls.

To do so, go to their website and register a report against the invalid numbers.

Using the Phone Feature

You can stop receiving calls from invalid phone numbers by using your phone settings as shown below: 

Go to Settings >

Press Apps then System App Settings >

Press Call Settings then Advanced Settings>

Toggle the feature Caller ID On

While this feature is handy, please be aware that all of your call history and subsequent data will be sent to Google when using this.

You can also block these numbers individually by going to Phone > Recents and tapping on each invalid number to Block and Report calls as spam. 

Using a Call Filter App

You can stop calls from invalid numbers by using a call filter app. Filter apps are your best option against spam calls, and the call filter app will automatically detect and block unwanted calls from invalid numbers. 

With the help of filter apps, you don’t have to block any number. Instead, the app will identify the spoofed calls and will block the scammers before the call even reaches you. 

In Summary 

Simply put: whenever you get a call from an invalid number, it’s most likely either a spoof call or a genuine verification call. 

These numbers are used to scam or by telemarketing agencies to promote their service or product. 

One of the best ways to stop getting these calls is simply to ignore them. When you ignore the call, the call bot marks your number as “inactive,” and you receive fewer calls. 

You can also use a filter app’s blocking feature to stop these invalid numbers from calling you.

Receiving calls from invalid numbers is mostly nothing to worry about, but always proceed with caution before calling them back!

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