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Outgoing Call Rings Once, Then Disconnects? (4 Unexpected Reasons!)

outgoing call rings once then disconnects

Have you ever tried to urgently call someone on your contact list, and found that the call ended up disconnecting immediately?!

Have you started witnessing this exact problem with all of the outgoing calls on your phone?

What can you do if your outgoing call rings once- then disconnects abruptly?

If this keeps happening to you, you’ll definitely want to keep reading this article and find out the reasons for your calls to keep dropping!

A very simple and obvious reason behind this is related to issues with reception on the receiver’s end.

However, we will explore a range of additional logical explanations as well. Let’s now take a look at what causes this error on your phone!

How Come When I Call Someone, It Only Rings Once?

The most likely reason as to why your outgoing calls drop quickly after ringing just once comes down to potential cellular network issues occurring on your end.

In some cases, it can be as a result of issues at both sides- both you and the call receivers.  However, this is quite rare.

There are several factors that can be responsible for triggering a glitchy reception and cellular data unavailability.

These can include:

  • Being too far away from the nearest cellular network tower.

  • Traveling in a vehicle, as the constant change in your location or the weak reception within the vehicle may cause your calls to drop.

  • Natural hurdles in your surroundings such as hills, uneven terrain, dense bushes, and tall trees can be responsible for obstructing or weakening reception.

  • Living in an urban jungle with towering skyscrapers and other huge modern structures can prevent or impact the transmission of radio frequency signals. Scientifically, this is called signal attenuation.

Note to remember – This may not be relevant in a contemporary context as most of us have mobile phones to perform the majority of what we need to do.

However, landlines still exist and some people continue to use them. If your outgoing call to a landline device rings once and disconnects, it is likely that the telephone wiring is defective.

So, it is a catch-22 situation until the phone cable or wire is repaired.

However, if this problem is occurring to every number you try to dial or connect with, the chances are that the issue is with your phone itself.

You can restart or reboot your phone to try and fix this. If rebooting your cell phone does not help resolve the glitch, the next step would be to reset the network settings.

How to reset network settings on iOS devices

How to easily reset network settings on Android phones

It is also possible that you may experience this phenomenon for only one particular person saved in your Contacts list or Call History.

Therefore, if you are struggling to get through to one specific phone number, consider the following as a possibility:

You may have been deliberately (or accidentally) blocked from calling them!

Being blocked means that you are blacklisted or added to the auto-reject list of the receiver’s phone.

As a result of this, he/she can no longer be contacted by you either by phone call or text message.

So, whenever you try calling this person, the call will be auto-disconnected after just one ring.

When you are blocked by an Android phone, you may get a busy tone when you attempt to call their number.

In the case of an iPhone, the call will most likely drop after ringing once and you will be redirected straight to voicemail instead.

What Does It Mean When An Outgoing Call Doesn’t Ring At All?

What Does It Mean When An Outgoing Call Doesn't Ring At  All

Now, what if the calls that you dial do not ring even once?

If the receiver’s phone is completely out of the network coverage area, they may never receive your call.

This situation- known as the dropped call- essentially means that incoming calls won’t ring at all for the person!

It is also quite possible that your outgoing call will not ring if you are calling from a landline device with bills overdue, or if your device has been experiencing poor network service.

This is because the device will be unable to connect to the person you are trying to call in the first place.

Another reason why your outgoing call may not even ring once is if a line is busy (or on Do Not Disturb) while you are attempting to connect to it. A busy connection will not ring unless it is free to accept the call.

Even after a certain amount of time has passed, if the receiver is still on another voice call, you will not be able to call back until after the call waiting period on the busy line is over.

Finally, it is recommended to check whether your phone is currently in Airplane Mode.

If it is currently in Flight Mode, you won’t be able to send or receive anything (including calls) as it disallows the transmitter and the receiver to send and receive signals.

So, if you happen to have unintentionally turned on your device’s Airplane Mode, your outgoing calls will not ring at all!

In Conclusion

We hope this article has helped you understand why you’ve been finding your outgoing calls disconnecting immediately after ringing just once (or why they may not ring at all).

Do you know any of any other reasons that might trigger this? Let the community know in the comments sections below!

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